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  1. I'm just surprised anyone still defends Trump...the hypocrisy lies with those people. Nobody defending Trump would defend Obama if the roles were reversed. So I say go Axl...we as a country shouldn't be quiet when our president engages in behavior unsuitable for the office of the presidency and nobody should be quiet about the ties this administration has to a country like Russia until the facts are known.
  2. None of this matters, Axl doesn't want Izzy or Adler in the band. It's really as harsh as it sounds. He has zero interest in playing with those guys and I understand many having zero interest in the hybrid lineup. Im more interested in seeing if Axl and Slash want to be the big names, the big stage presence, and be the ticket sellers then we need to see them show they are capable of producing a great album that lives up to their name and the bands name even in their 50's. This reunion is just a lineup change, and I think Axl wants to do something creative with these guys otherwise he could easily coast it in with the AFD lineup and make everyone happy. However he feels Richard and Frank are more up to the task of doing something with then Izzy and the time will come to put his line up to the test and I hope we see what they are capable of then. Axl values loyalty here and the band he has now is in it for the long haul in his opinion...I think he's afraid of Izzy leaving or Adler not willing to escape the AFD days, he obviously is trying to make this thing run without disruption. We'll see how far this goes, still early
  3. I'm hoping the Philly show gets released. It was a brilliant set, one of Axl's most complete performances, and just having an Axl/DC release would be great. I use to watch Rock Am Ring all the time because of how great Axl was. I think the same would hold true for this gig.
  4. i loved sin city during the European gigs. 6:00
  5. i like this look recently. Small jacket, black flannel and he looked much younger 1:38
  6. Actually Axl doesn't want Izzy or Steven in the band full time...simple as that
  7. Song works, the music shows the relaxed attitude needed to tame something so violent while the lyrics portray the dangers of this hobby.
  8. Maybe Axl is trying to make enough money on this tour to buy himself/Guns N Roses out of Interscope...what a twist that would be
  9. Axl doesn't like contracts haha his will be something like "release three albums in 7 years, 2 blu ray/DVD releases, make 5 tv/radio/magazine appearances, 100 live shows...contract is worth $20,000,000 over 7 years if terms are reached. If terms are not reached contract is void" then Axl will counter with "0 albums, 0 dvd's, 0 interviews, 400 live shows supporting Chinese Democracy for $100,000,000 over 1 year...and I get to be lead singer of AC/DC" i don't even know if his current contract with universal is still active...I thought he satisfied everything from them with the Appetite for Democracy release or maybe he owes 2 albums still and that's why they didn't want CD2 when he tried to release it in 2011 Bc they favored the off chance a reunion would happen. Either way I see Axl wanting to sign with Sony or whoever Angus is with in order to get that album out. I think he owes two albums and they didn't want CD2 in 2011 on the off chance a reunion takes place and they have rights to that album. Something weird like that...the Appetite for Democracy DVD satisfied some of the obligations
  10. Eh not a huge fan, especially after DJ and Stinson confirmed that they had no idea why he acted like he couldn't talk a few years ago. Incredible guitarist though, those last Vegas shows he really showed up. Especially on Prostitute, TWAT, & Yesterday's
  11. I also find Axl much more reasonable than he portrays himself. We had clues throughout the years that if a reunion happened this is how it would be. From all reports he knew this day would come despite what he tells TMZ. I think he has a full plan for this band but somehow with Axl we find that his plans get soured and if one thing goes wrong we get nothing....not sure if that ruins my reasonable argument but Axl is weird
  12. We had an effort for a media driven run when Axl agreed to be on Kimmel, but obviously something came up. Maybe Axl was going through the questions or prep and decided it best to not say anything at the moment. Maybe he hasn't found the words or is afraid of speaking too soon and being disappointed by the reunion himself. Maybe a documentary is coming and they can get the answers out there. I don't think any attention is on nugnr. That band produced nothing and there's nothing to really look back on expect for the what if's. what we know is Axl and Slash have the most potential to work together in the future and I find that Axl enjoys the build up...he likes people speculating rather than knowing and he likes surprising people, he wants to control who knows what and when. It's why we might never get anything from this lineup either.
  13. 3:08 on the big screen you can see him thinking about it
  14. I just don't see Axl being capable of writing a good song with his current vocabulary.