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  1. He sang it studio perfect! It was brilliant. It's no wonder he rerecorded CD in 2010
  2. One if the best songs off CD, let it take This I Love in the set. One of my favorite melodies and lyrics from Axl. Id like to see this one return
  3. They emptied the tank on UYI bc they knew the band wouldn't be together much longer for whatever the reason...if they were more in control and had a vision past what bar they were drinking at that night then they could have released one polished album, but the way things were going it seemed likely that this was it.
  4. Axl has a very good support system around him. Everyone encourages him, they all likely tell him how great he sounds. The fans have responded overwhelmingly positive to Axl on this tour, the reviews have been fantastic. For a guy like Axl the support is everything and so vocally speaking I wouldn't expect him to change anytime soon. I wouldn't call it getting away with Mickey vocals but there's no reason for him to rework all the songs he struggles with in order to make the show the end of the day the only thing that can change is the reviews get better, the support system says he's great and so what's the point. A lot of the positive reviews might have less to do with vocals and more to do with his attitude on timing. But I'm sure Axl knows he doesn't sound good on alot of the probably bothers him quite a bit. If he gets a global event to perform on for tv or whatever then he might see some of those critics come out to get him, but I think there has been a conscious effort to avoid that for the time being
  5. these examples of a bored non effort performance by Axl should have given us his famous Mickey voice...but it didn't. The Mickey voice isn't an effort thing, it's a style choice. He chooses to sing the songs with his head voice that produces that sound. instead 2010 Dublin still produced some of his best vocals bc he's not exerting any energy and is singing in the voice (chest) he used that whole year which remained natural to him until something happened between the last show that year and rio Axl wouldn't be able to pull off vocals like this again unless he put in a serious effort with vocal coaches and retrained himself to sing these songs...I'm afraid even then it would never sound as natural as it did in 2010
  6. No he cannot sing like he use to. If there was one gig in which he could have given a weak performance it was Ireland in 2010...instead he just sang the way he knew how, it was natural for him to use rasp and to use a chest voice. There is nothing natural about the way he sings now, it's miles from his natural low voice, So that means he lost his natural chest voice and had to resort to a head voice. He had no reason to make this switch...he wasn't cleaning up his voice for an album, or anything else. All we can do is speculate about what caused the loss of his 2010 voice. It won't return. I want to say ACDC was a return to form, but even that wasn't natural for him anymore and took a ton of vocal work to accomplish.
  7. I'm still waiting for a Axl and Melissa duet on Street of Dreams...perfect song for two vocalist
  8. Axl will say bs but something on CD had to be inspired by being abandoned by Slash. Madagascar broke off from something bigger than itself. And I think the metaphor goes that Axl was abandoned by something other than a singular relationship such as with Stephanie and that's why the lyrics refer to "they" instead of "you" like the rest of CD...he's referring to a group that abandoned him and left him to fail. So the song is about finding a way back through this new found freedom of abandonment
  9. Lyrics in Madagascar seemed directly pointed at the old band...I think Axl wrote it in his most reflective mood after Slash left
  10. No that's just how Axl screams...Bach talked about it before. He said Axl screaming and Axl hitting high notes is the same thing. He's never seen anything like it before. He sang High Voltage beautifully on the whole tour, nothing he is doing is damaging. He's very much in control of the song and that scream is simply him letting the roof off
  11. The stage is 10x bigger too, more room and he can't let Slash steal the show! Haha
  12. The Seeker is loud, the mix is perfect and Axl uses a voice that is clear and projects loudly. Of course people love it, it's from a sound standpoint the best part of the show
  13. I think if you told Axl to sing SCOM like Brian Johnson he'd kill it
  14. Finish the show with no solo's...just go back to back rockers If that's the case I guarantee Axl will finish the show. He'd rather play at 3am than 9pm
  15. Axl wearing his rasp jacket