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  1. It's not about the talent or the's more to do with the outrageous ticket prices. It cost $100 to sit in nosebleeds and listen to your favorite band, or over $300-400 to have good seats. Most fans of the band have family and friends they like to go with but at over $1000 it makes it difficult to attend a show and have good seats. Throw in the fact that they are about to come around the US again and most of us would love to see the band play live again however we haven't seen any changes to the set we saw last year, so at the end of the day why spend that much money to see the same thing again. I think when you have these factors combined it feels like a cash grab, especially to those who grew up at a time when you could see an amazing concert for under $50. It just feels like they are rushing around the world to collect on this opportunity and personally I have no objections to this, but I can see why so many are disappointed or feel priced out by this tour
  2. If Bon Scott had made SCOM it would still sound like that
  3. Slash wasn't the same back then, he wanted to be on the road he didn't care about working on new material he simply wanted to be out touring but Axl had seemingly disappeared and Slash was going crazy waiting on him. As far as a new album goes it seems like a long shot. At some point Axl is going to have to get back in the studio and put vocals to whatever Slash and Duff have. CD would have never came out if the record company hadn't basically bought the record from Axl. The problem is that they wait so long to do anything and the expectations get higher and higher. I think if they can get one or two songs together and release one as a single then that would help tremendously in keeping people at bay from expecting too much
  4. Philly was the best show, Sevilla had the best voice but Philly Axl just knocked it out the park and he was standing, it was the best setlist and the band killed it. That's how you finish a tour
  5. I will say that it would have been crazy if they brought it back with Slash, but still glad it made its way back. I wish we got Civil War in 2010 though
  6. Yea he knows how it should sound but he doesn't want to sing it that way for some reason i could understand people not lurking how he sounded on it in Vegas in 14 but he didn't Mickey it, he carried the rasp for the whole song so to me atleast I think he's trying
  7. Melissa can do the "No I Won't" at the start...greatest contribution yet
  8. Mine will be Dead Horse when they play it in Rio at the end of the year
  9. those last shows he did were great! Never a bumble fan but he came through and nailed some of those solos
  10. Ok go start a dead horse thread...guarantee it turns into a vocal issue thread haha
  11. this video alone is reason enough for Axl to work on his vocals. You cant release pro shots of any of their hits besides Jungle Bc of this shitty level of vocal performance...try Paradise City here, You Could Be Mine, November Rain...he's going to get trashed by the "casual fan" just like he gets trashed in the video I posted. @AlexC you have to see that this problem isn't just a problem for the hardcore fan. People loved the 2002 version of the band, not one person that saw that lineup live said anything negative, but you have one bad VMA performance and the whole image is ruined.."Axl is done" "his voice is fried" i want this lineup to be relevant in music, I want to see them on stage at big shows with other artist and blow them away, but you release a video like that sweet child one and nobody can take them serious.
  12. It would if Axl had been productive the last 20 years, if Richard and Frank weren't involved, if the only new music we've heard about is Axl showing Slash and Duff old CD2 cuts. The truth is this lineup is an evolving of the 2014 lineup. now if you say do we really have a choice, then of course not. We will all keep waiting and be just as excited when something does happen, there might be some remarks like "finally" or about time but in the end we just complain until something's part of being a fan I guess
  13. Definately his voice can still get extremely high but it's much weaker than it use to be. I'd say Back in Black is an example of singing with more power that is protected by rasp where as rocket queen he's having to sing with power that stays clean. There's nothing to mask his voice in when he goes to a higher clean sound, it's either good or not and I'm not going to fault Axl for not being as good as he was on certain notes at 54 as he was in his mid 20's. Ill try another example however, the voice he uses at 2:43 here has been lost since 2010. And again I'm in the ballpark that says Axl can make any song sound good with the tools he has left bc there's still so much range in his voice as proven by ACDC but I guess you lose certain things to age or surgery, whatever the case was 2:43...that's a note you just don't hear him hit anymore and carry it so well.
  14. i just don't understand Axl...if he sang this in 2017 he'd Mickey the whole thing, but that voice at 1:28 is very much in his range and is a range he should sing the most in. It projects the best, it is clear, it has's perfect and simple. Now when you get to 4:52 you notice how high his voice gets and that's just not possible anymore...nobody is asking Axl to sing like this. My biggest issue with Axl's vocals is he hasn't adapted GNR material to his current voice, for an experienced and talented singer like him it would be an easy transition and prolong his career. and another more modern example of what his voice can do when he adjust his vocals to a power projection mode. It sounds so much better live than when he does that high falsetto and disappears into the mix. I find it frustrating Bc the day is coming that they release a live pro shot and people are going to say "he lost his voice" he has a voice but it's changed and he needs to find a way to adapt those changes into the set
  15. Axl sang one song without rasp on the AC/DC was TNT. Brian and Bon have two different voices and Axl nailed both. There was nothing he sang with AC/DC that was easier than songs like November Rain and You Could Be Mine has absolutely no reason to be weak... youre asking everyone to humble themselves and go into everything as not knowing anything...but that's a given if you're going to be a GNR fan. We never know anything. it's already coming up on a decade since the last album, the fan base gets use to having to assume what's going on. Idk what you mean by the comparisons people are making for Axl...the only person we are comparing Axl to is Axl himself. You have GNR Axl versus AC/DC Axl, one did over 20 private rehearsals and hired a voice coach in a 3 month period and even has begun talks about working on all new material while the other has spent the last 15 years charging people to show up to his rehearsals, while figuring out how to release the second part to a 20 year old album