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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    This place looks different, and I don't like change.
  2. The Origins of your Mygnr name

  3. The Origins of your Mygnr name

    So I used to have this fruity story about how I my name was Raven but I was a cracker...all lies. I was 16 and wanted some mystical sounding shit to make myself feel cool, so I chose white raven. Embarrassing.
  4. Favorite candy/chocolate bars?

  5. First concert you ever went to?

    my first concert was the backstreet boys. don't worry, i cut myself now as punishment.
  6. i go see a movie in the theater once a week and man is it getting pricey. it's $11.75 here and i stopped buying their shitty popcorn a long time ago. i sneak delicious treats in my purse, tonight it's going to be beef stroganoff.
  7. Favourite Pokemon?

    Evee and his evolutions are easily the best. Jolteon and Flareon were my favorites from the original 151, but Umbreon and Espeon are just as badass. I was never impressed with Vaporeon.
  8. David Cross on when your friends start having kids

    freaking love that guy, and that bit.
  9. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

    it was homan and he said, "i forgot just how fucking gay being gay is." the fucking really makes it.
  10. i left you alone for ONE night... for some reason my most drunken experiences always end with myself in the nude or close to it. the latest involved me drinking in an irish pub til 5 in the morning(they stayed open late for us and kept feeding me all kinds of free shots) and then i proceeded to run to the ocean in my underwear and take a quick dip. 9 minutes of the most hilarious iphone footage the world has ever seen.
  11. Shit. GNFNR is done.

    i'm gonna miss the dirty section. i for some reason had the strangest fascination with the naked ladies on the beach.
  12. When did you start viewing Guns N' Roses forums?

    i'm lazy, suck it.
  13. When did you start viewing Guns N' Roses forums?

    i first joined this forum in 2003 when i was just barely 17 years old. i barely even knew how to internet then. i couldn't even post a photo...and now that's all i ever do, how the times change.
  14. Let's do 100,000 pushups. =D

    here it goes, i'm going to attempt to do one... wait a second. i forgot, i'm mad at this place. i will do no push-ups!!
  15. Aliens