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  1. MYGNRFORUM *not* closing

    A big thank you to everyone who helped save the forum. This forum is more then just a place to find out the latest GN'R news. It has its own unique charecter and thats what makes it fun coming here
  2. If this user had a life, would he still be making pointless threads? :xmassrudolph:
  3. Nevermind or Appetite

    I liked nevermind and it seemed like Axl was a fan too. Thats good enough for me. Different times call for different styles of rock. There both classics.
  4. If my memory serves me correct I think the first leak of IRS came out on april fools day so its not that unthinkable
  5. ROCK IN RIO 3

    Defenetly my favorite live performance of street of dreams
  6. I cant believe Trent Reznor did a video for PETA. I thought he was cool
  7. Richard Fortus Guitar Solo OSAKA

    Badass! Long live 007 Fortus
  8. Izzy to be at MSG in NY?

    I hope hes at the NJ show so my friend cant say its just one original member on stage.
  9. Best band going today.......GNR

    You cant forget Nine inch nails and Judas priest. Ever heard of dragon force or Sonta Arctica? There is plenty of great rock out there if you look hard enough. Oh and Audioslave doesnt suck its just a super group and people expect more from them. I dont listen to Tool so I cant say
  10. WWW.GUNSNROSES.COM - New Official Website Online!

    I just noticed gnronline doesnt say official site anymore. I believe its done with.
  11. Is it safe for me to take photos at a GN'R show?

    I think im going to play it safe after all. If I get kicked out I might not get to see them again for a long long time. Seeing the youtube video again from 1991 really helped me make my decision.
  12. Im most likely going to the show in NJ and I would like to return with some pics but im afraid I might piss Axl off and ruin the show for everyone. Do they still care if I take pics? This is my first big concert so dont yell at me.
  13. The Blues

    I enjoy the rock in rio III version the best. Axl sounds very lively. Plus when he says ok nevermind to the sound guy it fits the song perfectly.
  14. *(Have We Heard A $1,000,000 Song, Yet??)*

    That last verse in catcher in the rye must be worth somthing. It brings the song together