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  1. I need a new link... please!
  2. Axl and Slash sit down for a joint interview (10/1) - 20 points New live album and/or DVD gets released (8/1) - 20 points Band plays a UYI song that was not played in 2016 (3/1) - 20 points Axl rants against Donald Trump at a show (4/1) - 20 points Band, including Axl, plays a Velvet Revolver song (9/1) - 10 points None of the above happens (50/1) - 10 points
  3. You've got this fucking record already, why not move on with new music instead of a remixed CD, a director's cut and a red handed cover all with of the same album. It's time to bury that shit.
  4. Weren't there in the US plenty of tickets left for some shows, like the second NJ/NY gig, and they sold out the day of the show?
  5. Never made it through a whole BH album sry, not my kind of music. But that wasn't my point. His work doesn't play a role in RnR hystory, Slash's on the other hand? Well,I think you can answer the question yourself.
  6. Clearly a matter of taste but... if so, where's BH's SCOM, what's his PC, his WTTJ? If he's really that good as a songwriter, with which songs has he written rock history?
  7. There are 5 albums with Slash in the band for 10 years and one album without him in over 20 years and Slash is the one who prevents us from hearing new music? That's Soul Monster's theory... I'm fine with the rest of your post
  8. If there will ever be a new GNR album I doubt it will be Richard who'll blow our fucking minds.
  9. No offens, everybody prefers what he likes but... seriously...... it's beyond me how inanybody's opinion there is a better fit for Guns than Slash. I don't say he's the best guitarist out there because he isn't but like Axl he belongs to Guns. Without him I doubt we would know this band. What did I just read in this topic? Did somebody postBuckethead has far better writing skills? Really? WTF?! He is a freaking guitarplayer who probably can outplay Slash with his technical skills but who is the one who coveredthe other for years? Slash playing 3 CD songs per show as a goodwill for Axl isn't quite the same, so c'mon man. We wouldn't say what a beautiful TIL solo by Slash without Fink? That's right. I can well do without it But honestly, TIL is from the '90s. We don't even know if Slash hadn't done a take for it back in the day. Probably it would be exactly that what he's playing now... Again... no offens, but that's something I have to get rid of after reading this thread. I like Fink as a dude, but as somebody who played Slash's guitarparts he made me cringe with his weird interpretations of Slash's solos. Finks solo on Better is top notch, better than Slash's live but Slash's take on Better's solo isn't half as bad as what Robin did with the classic Guns tunes. That's my two cents. Now keep going on.
  10. Like you said, lets agree to disagree. We have such too different opinions to bring them down to a common denominator. But it's okay, it's a matter of taste and it doesn't make much sense to argue about it.
  11. Despitethis video you've posted has got nothing to do with This I Love it's a total matter of taste. It doesn't touch me in the slightest. In 2014 I've seen Zakk with BLS live and IMO he's nowhere near Slash as a guitarplayer. At least I had this feeling by the stuff he played. But if you want to compare Slash's TIL solo you have a lot of opportunities to do this with other TIL solos. That makes 100% more sense.
  12. Yes, Slash playsto many notes on Robins Better solo IMO, unfortunatly. The studio version of Better is better than live.