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  1. no man, all I say is I don't know. I clearly said we don't know how much money the guy has but that doesn't mean I can't guess. I don't think he has financial problems due to his business of the last decades. That's my guess, not my wishing, not a fact, just my guess. You are the one telling us it's true based on some random rumors. Of course you are entitled to believe what you want but I've learned not to believe everything I read.
  2. As far as we know it's not about GNR money. Slash married Perla in 2001? 2002? So it should be just about VR money and Slash solo money. But fact is we don't know how much money Slash had before he married Perla, we don't know how much money he made while being married with her and we don't know how much money he earned out of this reunion. And when someone says "What I heard is..." that's not a fact, so no need acting like it's a fact. Nobody's denying that a divorce is expensive. But we don't know his financial situation. Considering his success I don't think it's something that makes Slash a poor guy. So this rumor that Duff loaned him money, or Duff accepted smaller earnings sounds bullshit to me. Just because somebody's not denying anything doesn't make it true. No need to deny bullshit, even less when you don't talk much to the press in general.
  3. It's kind of funny and sad equally how people read some rumors and assumptions then base their opinions on them and post them here as a fact.
  4. Slash stuff by a mile Snakepits first WOF Contraband Slash Everything's great
  5. I would say it's time for a new record before new dates will be announced
  6. Neither Slash is able to safe Catcher. To me it's an awful song with or without him. I love Buckethead's part on Sorry. Great guitar work. And of course I really like Slash's take on it. Especially his first attempts. Like Ronin said, I think he would nail it in the studio.
  7. I like it when bands mix up there setlist. But this is a GNR reunion tour and I had no chance to attend a show in the early '90s. I want them to play their classics, I want to see them playing Coma life. I don't care if they'll play CD or Better and I hope they'll not play catcher. Other than that it's a pretty cool set, so why should they mix it up in their first tour. They already do some changes here and there, that's enough. It's a completely other story when they decide to tour europe a second time or if they release a new album.
  8. Are you guys working on a new Guns record and have you heard Axl singing new stuff?
  9. I can't understand all that bitching about the same set list. You in the states were lucky enough to see them and the best set list already... why should they change it? Just for you watching them on periscope? Fuck that! They'll tour Europe the first time in 2 months and I'll see the best set as well. They're playing the songs for those who are attending their shows, not for all that fucking people sittin' at home moaning and crying about the same set over and over again and don't even get why it's the same set.
  10. It's like when VR auditioning for a singer and they decided against Sebastian Bach.
  11. As awesome as the reunion is, no new music is awful.
  12. 1. Locomotive 2. Pretty Tied Up 3. Breakdown
  13. 14 Years Dust N Bones Sweet Caress Shuffle It All Spoonful In this order