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  1. What the hell are you talking about?
  2. I hope you're right and they'll send them out around April. I'm starting getting nervous because I bought mine from Get Me In. Ticketmaster will send them to the original buyer who has to send them to me outside of the UK. Get Me In send me an email that said don't worry about your tickets, they could arrive a week before the show. So I'm afraid they won't arrive timely. They wrote I can give them the adress of the hotel I'm staying so they can send them the tickets but I haven't booked a hotelroom since my flight departs early in the morning after the concert.
  3. It's just the direction. I think (if they ever release something) it will sound fresh. New songs, new ideas but stay true to RnR
  4. I would like a new album to be more of a hard rock/ blues based rock album with two Axl piano ballads on it. The most important part to me is it should be blues based hard rock. Songs like Nightrain, Out Ta Get Me mixed with songs like Dust N Bones and 14 Years. Another SCOM and then maybe a ballad and an epic rocker like Coma or Locomotive. Many angry Axl screams while Slash rapes his guitar!
  5. I don't think piano is a bad thing. To me keybords are more of a problem. I love 14 Years, Civil War and the Locomotive outro as they are. The piano parts are awesome on them. Axl's ballads are based on piano. They are necessary as well. The Illusions suffer from other things than from the piano.
  6. Steven has all the right to be part of a reunion since he was there from the start. Everyone who is part of AFD deserves it. What Steven said now and over the years is nothing compared to the things Axl said but he seems to be your saint and hero... Well, whatever...
  7. I would like to know how many people attended to this india show. Seems like a huge crowd.
  8. Short but underrated track IMO
  9. I'm not a fan of Metallica either. Just not my music, like most of Heavy Metal in general. I would say Black Sabbath and some Motörhead stuff is the hardest kind of music I like. I even rejected to go to their show when the big 4 toured a stadium 5 miles away from my home and a buddy offered me tickets.
  10. I let you know when it arrives.
  11. This is awesome and the live version really impressive. I didn't manage to get a physical cd or lp of the soundtrack. Never found it.
  12. I didn't even notice what I've ordered.