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  1. It's like when VR auditioning for a singer and they decided against Sebastian Bach.
  2. As awesome as the reunion is, no new music is awful.
  3. 1. Locomotive 2. Pretty Tied Up 3. Breakdown
  4. 14 Years Dust N Bones Sweet Caress Shuffle It All Spoonful In this order
  5. Obsession Confession, Mother Maria, Crucified The Dead, Gotten, Watch This, Fix, Le Freak, Flying
  6. Slash by a mile for me. Fink's solo is good but Slash creates magic. Ashba bores me to death
  7. You didn't say this, but the poster I quoted first mentioned SCOM as an Axl song. Maybe Axl didn't just do lyrics and melodies but that song is far away from a typical Axl song.
  8. That doesn't make it an Axl song. Like I said before, Guns songs are a band effort.
  9. The only way SCOM is related to Axl are the lyrics and SCOM is way more than lyrics
  10. Nobody gets there aren't such things like Izzy songs or Axl songs in GNR. It was all a band effort and no single song would sound quite the same as it does when solely written by just one person without the input of the other guys. Only exception is My World.
  11. To the OP: No it shouldn't. If Izzy's back there is no need for Fortus.
  12. Bon remains untouched regarding ACDC, period. ACDC with Scott was never about shouting, it was about passion.
  13. I didn't expect that. Fucking capitalism.
  14. I can't speak proper english too and I'm not a german. You ain't necessarily stupid if you can't speak english perfectly when it's not your first language. But it's okay, I'm sorry for overreacting