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  1. To me Axl's voice sounds really good live, even on You Could Be Mine and other songs. I mean songs his voice sounds annoying on when I watch them on YouTube. I don't think it has anything to do with the volume and it's not the "live experience". It just sounds better live and it doesn't translate well on cellphone recordings or periscope. The pro shot recordings from Coachella made this clear since they sounded way better than the audience recordings of the same songs
  2. That's completely bullshit that it depends on the volume.
  3. What a memorable night. Sound was very good and the band gave everything. That was by far the best concert out of the three shows I'd visit during this tour.
  4. It's the decision of the promoter because he takes the responsibility. Was there thunder and lightning in Costa Rica as well?
  5. What a great gig motherfuckers! SLASH.WAS.FUCKING.ON.FIRE!
  6. Pfffft, it's like German people can't spell greek names like Αθήνα (A-thi-na), Athen in German. Or Thessaloniki (Saloniki). It's Hanover in English language and Hannover in German.
  7. Fortunately the european leg including the Tel Aviv show ends only 5 days before this event so most likely Axl will be in good shape. So eventually this will be the first real pro shot show since the reunion
  8. I like his drumming. Especially on Locomotive, the Coma outro, the ballads, YCBM and some others. I still prefer Stevens drumming. With Steven on the drums the Illusions wouldn't sound as bombastic as they do and that would be awesome. But that doesn't change my opinion that Matt did a good job.
  9. Cut Slash's input out of AFD and UYI and see what's remaining. If you still think he's not a primary songwriter as well for Guns you're entitled to your opinion but I don't have to agree with that. Just because you don't like Matt's drumming it doesn't mean that everybody feels the same. Like I said, most casual fans don't even care. Others payed attention to GNR because of the Illusions. About Axl, I don't know what's going on in his head. Would you think he calls Slash out of the blue to reunite? But it happened. Maybe he missed the way they were working together after all this years where Axl had to manage all and everything and didn't even do it successfully. In fact, it doesn't even matter what I think because I'm talking here about possibilities and not about something that's actually going to happen. My point still stands... Axl, Slash and Duff are very well capable of doing a great record on their own. That's my point. I don't say they'll do it, I don't say Izzy wasn't important to Guns.
  10. That's exactly my point. It didn't work with and without him. Nobody's denying Izzy's importance but in this period the band had bigger issues.
  11. It's definitely not 1/2 of the songwriting team. That's bullshit. And no, it's not true either that most people hate Matts drumming. Most people don't even care. The harcore fans prefer Steven's drumming but that doesn't mean they hate Matt's. They tried to make an album in the mid 90's. Duff and Slash were in a very bad shape and they had a singer who wasn't around. Nobody had hear him sing for years. They didn't talk to each other, nobody knew the direction of the new music, they were looking for a second guitarist... eventually they were forced to work with Paul Tobias... There were completely different circumstances by the time. Doing a record just wasn't possible, with or without Izzy who was there for a short time as we know. It's like Bono said. Some people here love CD, some love VR, some love Slash's solo stuff. Some love all of that! A record by Axl, Slash and Duff would be killer!
  12. I think the longer they stay together the more it's possible that we might see Perfect Crime someday. How great would that be ... at first a new record and then Perfect Crime, I would pee my pants. Unfortunately it's more likely that none of that will ever happen.
  13. I don't even care much about Fortus in the live shows. Yes he overdoes it at times like during the first Nightrain solo, which should be much more laid back and like almost everytime he steps to the lead guitar he is annoying, but overall I don't mind if he plays rhythm. Of course I would like to have Izzy instead but as long as they're just touring I don't mind Fortus at all. He's there and while he's playing his rhythm parts he doesn't affect the sound in a bad way. Frank on the other hand is disturbing. He's drumming like a mashine but even out of time at times. It lacks soul. He's good enough for a coverband or a garage band but it's not enough for a world class act. It's obvious Axl sticking to Frank is more of a political than a musical decision.
  14. The post 1989 KOHD versions aren't that good either IMO.
  15. My short review. I was seating in the upper deck and the sound wasn't quite good. No comparison to Munich. Frank was way too loud in the mix and that's definitely something that doesn't affect the show in a positiv way. There were volume changes throughout the songs and all in all it was just a bad sound up there where I was seating. The crowd around me was pretty boring but the crowd in the standing was amazing. Way better than Munich. They seemed to be really into it. They probably didn't have any sound issues. I had no issues with Axl but Slash didn't have had his best day I think. He was awesome on some songs like Estranged, SCOM, NR and PC but not that good in some others like TIL, Yesterdays and KOHD IMO. Those songs I enjoyed much more on Tuesday. All that, and the fact that the stadium was pretty empty when the show started (there were people still attending the show during RQ and Civil War) is why I liked the show in Munich more. That said, it was still an amazing show with Axl giving his best and Slash mesmerizing the crowd. It's one of the highlights when Slash plays his Godfather solo that leads to SCOM. Other than that, people are stunning everytime during WTTJ and LALD that Axl still has such a power. His screams are crazy!