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  1. I havent followed much of the Euro tour. Was Axl goin Disney for the most part?
  2. Damn. GN'R fans truly are crazy huh? I remember a few years back, Team Slash (or those who wants them to reunite) vs. ADF(Axl Defense Force). Axl/NuGN'R apologists will say Slash is not part of the band anymore, to "deal with it", etc. Fast forward a few years- ADF accepted Slash back and now targeting Izzy supporters. So does that mean a few years from now(or even tonight), Izzy will be back?! And next will be ADF vs. Gilby fans?!
  3. Drum solos are great when done right! Have you guys not seen Dale Doback's drum solo at the Catalena Wine Mixer event?!
  4. Weird with NuGNR, Izzy appears here and there. But now that 3/5 original members reunited + AFD30, he wont be. I really hope he will show up. Adler, I have higher hopes.
  5. Guys, was AFD released on July 20 or 21?
  6. Entered thread expecting it to be about his weight. Lol
  7. Just wondering how big they get.
  8. Good movie, but not great as I expected. I prefer 2, my gf prefer the first. In the first 2, theres emotion, and you can sympathize at the point of view of the humans and apes(especially Dawn). Here, though it is still present, it just felt flat. The story is simple too. The ending isnt as epic as many reviews are saying. Theres more "war" and excitement in the first 2. Its not a bad movie, in fact, its very good. Just not the blockbuster of the year as many critics are saying. I enjoyed Spidey more. The CGI is superb though, one of the best. The music is still good, though 2 is still better. I give it 7/10.
  9. Aerosmith Bon Jovi GN'R Those 3 are my trinity... 2 more.... hmmm... Red Hot AC/DC And some of you dont have GNR in your top 5?!
  10. They are touring worldwide for now so GN'R will be a current household name again. And when everyone know they are back and satisfied, they will release a new album so everyone will buy one! DONT JINX ME!
  11. I can see many here attend multiple concerts. I am envious, but I wanna know, did it get boring after a while? Or is it still exciting? I asked this in a particular show thread, @RussTCB said he got bored on the later shows. @NorwegianGirl said she doesnt get bored, and just as pumped up on the 12902124th show. Wondering how the rest of you crazy fans feel.
  12. They shouldnt do this special event if theres no changes or no Izzy/Adler. Atleast play AFD only songs.
  13. I didnt follow much of the actual concerts in Europe, but how was Axl's voice? Stronger than the NA/Australian/Japan leg? Or same? which country got the craziest fans?
  14. Im not kidding here, but my gf's older bro was a drug addict. In prison now. But gf said waaay back, he used to let gay dudes butt sex him for $$$, and he aint gay(not that I know of), and got a wife and 2 kids. I guess they become desperate.
  15. I wonder who sucked the best.