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  1. Rob is the Fortus of Metallica.
  2. Her fanbase is growing rapidly tho, i've seen many instagram page dedicate to her, and she is actually interacting with her fans by answering question or simply liking her fans post. It seems like she already has more fans than Dizzy, Fortus, and Frank. So i guess GNR hiring her is actually not a bad idea at least on social media/millennial era fans.
  3. If she denied it then she's probably 33, iirc somebody here stalk her older Sister facebook then count her sister high school graduation year and their subsequent age gap.
  4. You can literally know it from that pic comments tho, she 38.
  5. Few years ago i little puked while watching some awards that categorize Coldplay and Gorillaz a rock band. Then i remember GNR and it's colleague were actually a "Hard" Rock band. Then it is really true that Coldplay and Gorillaz can be considered a Rock band? If not then what the example of a Rock band? I always think band like The Killers is more definitive rock band than whiny ass Coldplay.
  6. That's not new video right? I think i already see it last year. Maybe from Live Nation twitter.
  7. I recently listening some tunes from live era album, and lmao i notice Sorum can't do the rifling drum intro of ISE it's embarassing.
  8. I don't know man, for me 2 former Snakepit singer it's better than him, heck even Todd is better than him too. I don't know why modern Slash always going with singer with screeching/nail on the chalkboard type voice, that Japanese dude at Sahara song is an example of this case too, he has similar type voice like Myles.
  9. Yeah men, we just expect some generic Rock on SMKC, and they always deliver. Dang, the best SMKC song is Safari Inn, Miles is the Ashba of SMKC, the moment they started to sing/playing instrument, the song becomes auto unlistenable.
  10. Yeah men why everything has to be a pitch perfect candidate to be GNR employee? It's there a requirement that need to be passed? Like must be Hard Rock/Blues based dude, at least 10+ years GNR fans, or need to own all the record? it's just akin to normie jobs, you don't need to love it at start, but as long the salary and the benefits clicked, you can love it and understand it more by the times passed by. What you need is just being professional, competent, able to do what being asked, and didn't create any hassle. If we really need choose real GNR fans as an employee, say no more, we can call Ashba back.
  11. Melissa has that unicorn color scheme.