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  1. Man that Nightrain fucking rocked!
  2. This is a nice announcement! I mean, we finally get a soundboard from this tour. But yet for some reason this thread is so full of bitching. Yeah, Izzy isn't in the band... since 1991. Get over it, he is not coming back.
  3. Dizzy probably misses it too. And that's about it. I think that it is too much of a mood kiler when you are there on the concert. Kinda like Sorum's drum solo
  4. So why are you posting on a GNR forum?
  5. Well maybe to, you know... enjoy the concert?
  6. What was he saying before that? I couldn't quite understand
  7. "One more you irish motherfuckers" LOL
  8. Can't find it right now, but it was an Instagram story. It said something about being in Live Nation and GNR.
  9. I think it's tour related. Maybe some special thing for the Appetite anniversary. But I don't think that it is new music. The video is all about the not in this lifetime tour, then you have the Fernando tease at Live Nation...
  10. Not really. In the US GNR tour were second only to Beyonce. Worldwide you are right, but with 16 less concerts played than Coldplay and 32 less than Bruce Springsteen
  11. Or maybe he is just aging. Famous people do get old too you know? Is not 1992 anymore. I think that obviously Axl is not in his prime, but he stil puts a great show and way better than most singers.
  12. GNR Behind The Scenes I guess
  13. It's just speculation about the Axl interview in the China Exchange. The video says that Axl confirmed that a new album is coming when he said that he has material that he showed Slash and Duff and that they liked it.