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  1. Jesus. Is it so hard to just say sometimes his voice gets tired and he doesn't sound as good?
  2. He still wears it occasionally, I think he wore it at a recent show for CW perhaps? I'll let mygnr CSI do the rest
  3. Currently catching up watching by @Kyles's and @Gibbo's streams side by side - great view and great audio all the time, love it
  4. @Gibbo for president. Seriously man that's one hell of setup, can't wait to tune in Have a great show!
  5. Maybe it's to help him grip the mic, I've seen him nearly drop it 2 or 3 times this year
  6. I take it there's been no announcements for the UK/Ireland shows?
  7. Ah common sense, nice to see you again.
  8. Beats saying "A field in County Meath!" Shame they dropped Coma, though I can see why with the curfew. Axl sounds good, that Don't Cry was stellar.
  9. The General Instrumental / Looney Tunes / McBob intro It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Welcome to the Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Live And Let Die Estranged Chinese Democracy Better Rocket Queen Catcher In The Rye / Sorry / TWAT Knockin' on Heaven's Door [DUFF] New Rose / Attitude / So Fine Out Ta Get Me You're Crazy (Lies) Nice Boys / Whole Lotta Rosie This I Love / Madagascar Coma / Perect crime / Dead Horse [SLASH] Blues Jam Sweet Child O' Mine My Michelle Civil War [FORTUS/SLASH] Wish You Were Here/Dust in the Wind (It's Alright intro) November Rain Nightrain *encore* Mama Kin / Down On The Farm / Riff Raff (Wild Horses intro) Patience / Don't Cry Yesterdays / 14 Years Paradise City With great difficulty I have come up with this. I don't think it's so far fetched for Axl to rehearse these songs and play whichever he feels like/feels capable of.
  10. Frank's got serious chops, love it. I could watch his left hand all day.