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  1. For those who may not know, Ron is Axl's vocal coach. Wonder has he been working with Axl on GNR songs after all?
  2. No one's saying that Youtube videos magically erase rasp, just that it's not unreasonable to think your phone's microphone isn't picking up the frequencies, timber and tone of Axl's clean voice as it sounds live. Live I was very impressed. His voice sounds somewhere between Appetite and late 90's Live Era studio vocals. You can hear when he uses clean vocals over rasp, but it sounds good live.
  3. That vintage intro...
  4. It'd be cool as fuck if they came back on with a cover of Thunderstruck.
  5. I hate the boots but tbf I watched a video from the good old days (possibly Ritz?) and he was wearing them then... so it's not a new thing. He does look more bad-ass in the high tops he was wearing last year though. And the hats didn't really bother me until I saw him put them on at Slane... it looked weird.
  6. You guys are awesome. I don't have that kind of money for a guitar but I'll share etc, and if you want I'm willing to swap my boring LP for this
  7. Nah the whole thing beginning to end is clear as day. Axl's pretty high in the mix actually, can't hear Tommy for shit, DJ should have been muted.
  8. I actually have the full thing from years ago, I don't know why that sounds so low-quality but the stream was actually like IEM/soundboard quality.
  9. I really really hope they do a 'best of NITL' blu-ray, I don't know if you'll ever get a perfect night for the whole band the whole way through but there's been incredible performances throughout.
  10. Tbf whatever she does it works. The band sounds full/thick as fuck live. It's like the 3 guitar set up only without the messiness.
  11. I remember he did the same at Slane... such a cool moment. You'd almost not notice, it's like someone's chopped off one of his fingers but he just keeps going on, regardless.
  12. That's what I thought. At Slane it was pretty apparent that he wasn't singing Better in his WTTJ voice but it didn't sound remotely weak. To me it sounded somewhere between AFD and Live Era (late 90s voice). Not the chainsaw voice of the early 90s but it sounded good.
  13. Regardless of what people may think of Axl's vocals at Slane one of the things I noticed was how much he fed off the crowd. Everyone was really into it and it seemed to really get Axl going.
  14. Where was that Richard in Slane?! lol
  15. Literally sounds like a bad Axl Rose impersonator there.