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  1. So if he's pro-Trump he can use his Twitter however he wants?
  2. Meh, it's his Twitter, isn't it there for him to share his opinions?
  3. I was talking to a girl today about seeing Guns this year and she actually said she was blown away by how much weight Axl has lost... but no fuck he doesn't work out...
  4. Or... any version but that god awful golden gods version :/
  5. Here's the thing, Finck's version is incredible but he's never had to perform it live. Slash has only ever performed it live. I can't pick between the two of them for that reason, not to mention Slash does something different every time. I wouldn't even consider Ashba's off-key 'solo'.
  6. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein But I'm sure if people keep complaining Izzy and Steven will magically appear...
  7. He's in damn good shape atm, and not just for a 55yo. I'm in my 20s and I'm pretty sure he'd outrun me.
  8. A best of 2017 (so far) thread wouldn't hurt, it's been hard to find good quality videos since N/A. Here's a few:
  9. Apparently Fortus looks miserable lately... I don't see it. (so nobody ever told ya baby)
  10. Jesus. Is it so hard to just say sometimes his voice gets tired and he doesn't sound as good?