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  1. Definitely hear it, yeah, never noticed before. Cool though. Now he just needs to do the screech
  2. Rocket Queen rehearsal

    I know it's not a popular opinion, but I love Frank's drumming. Especially what he does during the breakdown in the middle and Slash's solo.
  3. Actually his response was "I have no fucking idea, guy"
  4. The stupid thing is he actually does look fucking great right now. Best shape he's been in for years. Instead of photospopping maybe just use a recent a picture...
  5. @amaninjapan You're a legend Enjoy the show!
  6. Huh you're right, for some reason I thought the old plane was a 767 too, I guess they did upgrade. Wonder how much it's costing them?
  7. I think it's the same plane (you'd have to compare tail numbers to be sure) they've just changed the red paint / engine cowling for blue I guess.
  8. That melody at 4:25 should have been on the studio version. Just beautiful.
  9. 5 points:Band starts a show withsomething other than It's So Easy or Welcome to the Jungle (5/1) 5 points:The original AFD lineup (Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven) play one song together (15/1) 10 points:The original AFD lineup (Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven) play an entire show together (50/1) 5 points:Tommy Stinson joins band for a song (8/1) 15 points:Band plays a new song (9/1) 5 points:New album gets released (10/1) 5 points:New live album and/or DVD gets released (8/1) 5 points:Band, with Axl, plays a song from TSI (5/1) 5 points:Band, minus Axl, plays a Velvet Revolver song (6/1) 5 points:Band, including Axl, plays a Velvet Revolver song (9/1) 10 points:Axl and Slash sit down for a joint interview (10/1) 10 points:Axl fronts AC/DC at some point in 2017 (12/1) 10 points:Axl visits MYGNRFORUM and answers questions (90/1) 5 points:A member of GNR management visits MYGNRFORUM and answers questions (20/1) My personal prediction of points by the end of the year is 570.
  10. Eh, she has a specific job in the band and she does it well. Her keyboardy stuff sounds pretty good on the CD stuff (the intro to Better), and her backing vocals are fantastic (take PC for example). That's my thoughts on it anyway. If she were a douche like Chris Pitman (and as useless too) then I'd have a fault with her too.
  11. I'm not trying to be an ass, honestly. It's just that like I said he's incapable of mastering the basics of music, and it's almost.. insulting to watch. I don't know if I could explain the difference, but take for example Robin Finck. Robin's style was sloppy, intentionally. I've seen Gary Moore do the same thing; sloppy, screaming bends. Gary Moore was also capable of the most incredible precision playing you'll ever see. DJ was just... bad. I don't know. Running out of ways to explain it I guess if you enjoyed his playing, good. But he's still not agoodguitarist.
  12. Are you trolling or..? There's a right and a wrong way to play - he plays wrong. It's not style to play bends that are either flat or sharp all of the time. There's a reason why pianos don't half notes in between each key. Yeah I'm going to go ahead and assume you're trolling.
  13. It's not about technical, like I couldn't give a shit if he's incapable of sweep picking and the shredding that Bumble could do. It's that he's not even mastered the basics that you'd expect of a guitarist who's been playing for a year or 2. His bends are way off-key (consistently), his phrasing is awkward and unoriginal, he will not move out of the basic pentatonic scales, he can't figure out how to go from one end of the scale to the other end without just playing every note in order, his tone is absolutely horrid - you can't just keep adding distortion and hope no-one hears the bum notes. Seriously your average teenager who's been playing for 2 years could easily do better. I've been playing guitar for 15 years but even friends who aren't musical in any way have noticed how horrible his playing is. I don't know whether he can't play well, doesn't practice, doesn't care - I don't know, but he should not be playing guitar, and not for a band like Guns N' Roses that has always been fronted by incredible guitarists - Slash, Bucket, Bumble, etc.
  14. Haha I actually enjoy his version of TIL. I think Better is his best CD solo, but I love his improv on TIL. And for the record I think Finck's original solo was perfect. But for that reason there's nothing Slash can do but do it his way. Honestly I know the TWAT solo off by heart, I've played along to it as Slash plays it and it's just weird. He takes Bucket's licks and rearranges them, with some Slash noodling in between and lots of wah-wah. It's got none of the flow of the original solo. It's really messy. As if he's heard it once or twice and then tried to play it himself, only half-remembering it.