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  1. I don't know about that, I watch almost any periscope I can and at the very least always check the videos the next morning. I've also been to two shows on this tour and have tickets for a third. This show is a tour de force. Production values are phenomenal, it's pretty much a super group of highly trained seasoned professionals doing what they do best with some of the greatest material ever written. That's why the press has been so great and ticket sales have been very strong. If you imagined the flip side whereas night after night the sound was shitty, the entire band was out of shape or otherwise fucked up, the band was not getting along, arriving late, etc. I think we'd all be having very different discussions. So basically no one is denying that the NITL show is fantastic night in and night out even with Mickey creeping in. Having said all that there clearly is room for improvement and it's not lame or whiny for people who choose to keep tabs on the tour as a whole to express this opinion. So yes we know that the show is great. Everyone should see it! But as a whole, the tour does seem to be losing a bit of steam and could probably use a shake up in terms of songs.
  2. That doesn't mean she's not a fan. Just an idiot.
  3. It's diminishing returns at this point. I really hope that they shake up the setlist when they get back to NA.
  4. If they had been soundchecking a Chi Dem song I had a "stadium wide piss break" joke ready to go! 😉
  5. Attendance was really poor at this show huh?
  6. No. My point was no equal pay because he HASN'T done equal work. Look, obviously going out promoting the Illusions in '92 and '93 with Gilby took a toll on The Big 3. I think we can all agree that those two years bonded these guys a little bit more than the Original Five from '84-91. Also Izzy actively distanced himself from Guns until 2012 when Axl needed him to appear for certain contractual obligations and izzy demanded outrageous fees.
  7. That was my entire argument! EQUALLY. GTFO $250,000 plus travel per appearance.
  8. But has anyone ever heard it? No. It's easy to just sit there and make music in your house. I know plenty of people who can do that quite well. Keeping a worldwide brand relevant? Nah not so fucking easy.
  9. You misunderstood me. By "less work" I mean putting work into the GNR brand. Since 1991 he has done zero. By comparison, Axl has kept the name in the forefront of popular culture for the entire time, Slash has solidified his Slash™ brand through a steady stream of new releases while always paying tribute to his GNR roots. Duff has saved his own life and become a respected author all while fronting Loaded and mending fences with Axl. Izzy says "they didn't want to split the loot" GTFO. You know what I'm saying? Home fuck?
  10. I don't know man, call me a GNR conspiracy theorist, but based on my own ears I believe Slash when he said that Izzy played far less guitar on the final cuts of the illusions than he's given credit for. I've read the same tweets as you guys and I think he wants to do less work and receive equal pay. I say give the dude $250,000 plus travel expenses per appearance. Do 2-4 songs and everyone is happy.
  11. No one here is doubting that Izzy is awesome and a crucial part of the gnr sound. What I'm arguing is that Izzy is by far best suited in 2017 for a guest spot role. If you look at my original post it's all I've ever said.
  12. You're making two different arguments my friend. I'm talking about reality and you're dealing in hypotheticals. Could Izzy play CD live? Probably not. Could Izzy hypothetically play Izzy written parts in an alternate timeline in which gnr never broke up? Maybe.
  13. I do not wish to discuss NuGuns. I feel dirty enough after having to watch London '12 to prove my point that Izzy didn't play shit on guitar in Axl's solo band. I'll be in the shower until Tokyo.
  14. I certainly can't hear anything Izzy may be playing in the London 2012 show. Looking at his hands he's never playing anything other than 8th note open/bar chords even if he were to be audible in the mix, which to my ears he's not. He never played on Locomotive on the album. I also disagree vehemently that he could contribute to any of the CD songs as even a third guitarist let alone the only other guitarist next to Slash, and honestly I don't think he would want to anyway.
  15. I absolutely think GNR has evolved. The band that plays the NITL tour is a completely different beast from Appetite era Guns. I understand that people would love to hear the original five take the stage and do a kickass show that sounds as rocking and modern as current GNR and blows everyone away. I would too. However it's not 1988 and I'm skeptical that Izzy in 2017 could or would even be interested in pulling that off. I think guest spots is the role most suited for him at this time. Slash is currently in god mode, Duff is as solid as ever, Axl is doing his absolute best. I just don't see how Izzy fits in to that. You are putting words in his mouth. As far as I know he's said nothing about wanting a reunion with his old friends. He has however mentioned the loot.