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  1. Agreed on all points. Messages hints at this tone. But doesn't fully commit.
  2. The way they perform Yesterdays on this tour makes me think that they should shelve it for now and bring it back as part of an Acoustic Set on the arena tour. It would probably actually sound really good that way. And although Slash is fumbling through the solo I love that tone. It's the first time I've heard it from Slash since the AMA Patience with Don Henley.
  3. Exactly. The Arena tour better be the Skin N' Bones of the NITL tour. Or at the very least..the UCAP version.
  4. You're doing it wrong then. Many links popped up in glorious fashion for me. I actually think this was a phenomenal show thread for live links.
  5. Donald Duck was a nice surprise..yes...but i wish the poster had maybe soundchecked more with the band. I saw a Donald Duck post on the Axl/DC page and it was far more effective.
  6. It's only people talking after all. Let's face it most of us are drunk here anyway for show threads. I view it as a party. No bitching, just talking.
  7. C'mon man. It's good. It's the kind of thing that will be appreciated decades later by our children's children.
  8. No 2010 is gone. Axl tonight is sounding like normal 2016 NA Leg NITL performance tonight . Which is to say very good for NITL tour.
  9. I'm going classic Bitching for the London show. Axl's hats all night long.
  10. We are literally criticizing ordinary people who are just trying to enjoy their and our favorite band. What a time to be alive!! 😂😂🍻🍻
  11. I would like to take this opportunity to officially note that we've started bitching about the quality of the crowds. We are so fucking spoiled by periscope/Facebook live I blame Beta.. for everything.
  12. The band and Axl sound great tonight!
  13. Here's a shameless plug for one of my originals. As in everything I do, GN'R inspired. Listen to Fortunate 10 by Poison Dog #np on #SoundCloud
  14. I most certainly will!
  15. Thank you so much! Yes it's me on all instruments and vox on DNB and breakdown.