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  1. Personally I think it sucks. Axl tore 2016 a new asshole and it had everything to do with effort. In 2017 he's slipped back into the autopilot Mickey. So disappointing. And fuck him with his nonsensical excuse of "Different parts of the world like me to sound different." excuse. (paraphrasing there)
  2. I wouldn't be bummed. I still think it would be nice for Izzy to do a guest spot here and there but I just don't think he brings anything to the table in a live setting. And given the fact that the past 25 years of GN'R has been one big celebration of AFD I would much rather they all got together, Izzy included and wrote another freakin album.
  3. So is this the official closing night of the NITL Tour? What a ride.
  4. This is audience, but still great. Thank you! I hope you get to hear Don't Cry (Orig) at your show! You can probably safely predict the likelihood by starting by the first time they play it on your tour leg, then counting every other show.
  5. Probably a stupid question but is there any more of that Czech Pro Shot available?
  6. It's just this show: Philly.mp3?dl=0 This version has both sources.
  7. Of course Axl, Duff and Slash look bad. We only have one side of the story from a manchild and his mom.
  8. Ahh good old RIR 2011. That magical time when we told all our friends to tune in because we had seen the 2010 tour and knew that the rasp was back baby! We all looked like idiots in yellow raincoats that day.
  9. I honestly believe there were some medical reasons involved.
  10. You're supposed to drink your dinner. That's what.
  11. Who eats just bacon for dinner?
  12. Agreed. Just looking for variety.
  13. I wonder why they've settled on Sorry for the CD "first encore song spot". Wish they consistently rotated Sorry CITR and TWAT.
  14. My point wasn't that GITR is so cool or badass, it was that if you are wondering why they are silent now you need look no further than songs like GITR and Don't Damn Me. It's been a theme almost since the inception of the band that they collectively feel that the press will twist their words and start shit for exploitation purposes. The difference now is they are veteran and established enough that they don't need the press to promote this tour at all. So they've clearly made the decision to let the music do all the talking for them. I think it's a bit unfair to call them cowardly for this approach when it's clearly working in that the last year has been drama free. I actually respect them more for not taking Steven's bait and abandoning a strategy that's clearly working.