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  1. Who is responsible for this awesomeness?

    Also forgot to ask if you have an uncompressed version?
  2. First of all thank you for the excellent work! Secondly I've been putting together a similar project for the Latin American leg. I would love to collaborate.
  3. Any video of Sorry? Thanks. Here's a fantastic Estranged.
  4. Is this show still not even close to sold out?
  5. Yeah a bit lackluster of a setlist, but they performed great. Apparently there were a lot of issues today with the Brazilian tragedy and transportation issues. Maybe tomorrow some celebration of a successful SA Leg can loosen them up. Nice Boys would be a nice surprise.
  6. Yeah it seems like the band just don't like the way they sound on Perfect Crime and Slither. Maybe a Nice Boys could loosen them up!
  7. It's a good thing nobody cares what Del James says.
  8. From watching all these shows on the NITL tour, I get the distinct feeling that Axl is very proud of Slash. Remember, Axl's main motivation for securing the rights to the GNR name was that he thought Duff and Slash would kill themselves through their addictions and leave him to deal with infinite hangers on. Ultimately he was proven correct as only through cutting edge medical procedures and complete lifestyle changes are Slash N' Duff still alive.
  9. TWAT tonight? Maybe Perfect Crime?
  10. I'm glad to hear that. I had a feeling that would be the case. Everything sounds more full at the show.
  11. They didn't play Catcher or TWAT at either of the shows I went to so admittedly I'm going off YouTube videos, but I think Catcher and TWAT both sound a little empty with this lineup. I like what Slash is doing but I think the song is missing some of the three guitar attack that NUGNR had. Maybe Melissa could be doing more? I realize this would normally be sacrilege to say, but the NUGNR band was specifically engineered to play these Chinese Democracy Songs, and to be fair to Slash and Duff they're essentially doing the best they can with a cover. I'm patiently waiting for Madagascar 2016.
  12. I haven't heard a quality full one but between these two you can tell it was one of the stronger if not the strongest version of Sorry yet.
  13. Any video of Catcher yet? Sorry from the other night was great.
  14. Just watching that obese man sing sitting down makes me feel bad for anyone who bought a ticket to that show.
  15. Agreed. Definitely in the running for best vocal performance by a Youtuber /Periscoper NITL 2016 Award™!