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    Janet Jackson and Debbie Harry
  2. New Axl Interview!!!!! KROQ Today

    Fuck, anyone know what this means: Windows Media Player cannot perform the requested action at this time. Can someone post the transcript?
  3. izzy cried during 'patience'?

    Looking forward to seeing him 'bring the boys around'..
  4. First clear pics of Axl

    Yeah it is a nice pic. Im glad that Axl has come back out and seems to be looking good and enjoying himself on stage. Its nice to see.
  5. First clear pics of Axl

    Great pics. Axl looks to be in great shape again.
  6. First clear pics of Axl

  7. New Axl Picture

    Its getting much too late alright, release the CD already!
  8. New Axl Picture

    He should be nude. Then he wouldnt have to worry about criticism
  9. New Axl Picture

    God I wish he'd lose the beard.
  10. Is Izzy Back?

    Izzy was not the core of guns n roses. If anything Axl and Slash were. Good songwriter yeah, but he was hardly the core.
  11. When will Axl hit the stage

    What's the capacity?
  12. new GN'R merch

    Thanks for that ground breaking revelation.
  13. new GN'R merch

    God I hate black T Shirts, theyre so ugly and cheap and daggy. Wouldnt be caught dead in one. Can't they make some in white for a change?
  14. How do you do a tour without something to promote?

    'nuff said.
  15. Hope this dont hapen again this tour .... lol

    What was the mess up? All I couldnt hear anything, then he says the only one in the game that's lost is you, then it ends...