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  1. #throwbacktuesday I think this question was the first or one of the first threads I made when I joined up here. I still don't know why Axl was recorded and none of the others.
  2. Yes we know!
  3. Shocking! We should run an awareness campaign. You need to find out when Len is next taking a day off and go for it.
  4. We all have some way to go in beating @Len Cnut with a whopping 114 days! Pretty sure you could launch some kind of career on the back of that Len. Also @RussTCB and @DieselDaisy with very respectable 59 days each. We are not worthy!
  5. It's never too late to start. Your ratio of likes to post count is quite high though so that's a sort of achievement.
  6. Go to your profile, it's on the left side and along the top.
  7. Apparently I have won 10 days in total the last being 6th April 2016 - this was mostly due to me updating the reunion picture thread I expect.
  8. This I think is the most likely explanation. Plenty of musicians that have worked with Axl have commented about his talent for picking up on promising snippets of things and turning them into something, sometimes years later. He probably has the musical equivalent of an eidectic memory. Pretty cool find. Edit: Just to add this is perhaps why Axl has rule that any music created live or in a studio by someone who is in the employ of GNR belongs to GNR (him).
  9. Thanks for posting, it probably belongs in the Slash section or The Jungle but if it's previously unseen footage I'm happy to leave it here for a day or two to give everyone a chance to see it.
  10. Congrats to you both. She is really gorgeous.
  11. I'll put this to the other mods and see what everyone thinks. Edit: We had a discussion about this and whilst we would like to have it pinned in theory there are more than enough pinned threads there already. Sorry to disappoint but I think the best course of action for the moment would be to bump it once a week and perhaps add it to your signature to draw attention to it.
  12. Presumably all the band (or at least the main 3) have a number of passes allocated to do with what they want. I imagine Axl controls a lot but he can't control every single thing even if he wanted to. If it was difficult for Steven to get more than 10 seconds of Axl's time then I wouldn't be surprised that the majority of people with backstage passes don't ever cross paths with him at all.
  13. I've moved this thread across to the Jungle because it's been done plenty of times and usually attracts robust argument. Coincidently I was thinking a bit about this at the weekend after watching The People VS OJ, as a British teenager at the time I didn't take that much notice of the trial or the extreme racial tensions in LA during that era. Given everything that went on following Rodney King then OJ I actually think Axl and GNR got off lightly, if OIAM had been released just a few years later they might not have recovered from it. Of course a few years later they may have had better sense than to release it, even Axl. That said, despite being a controversial song it's musical composition and structure is very good. It could have been up there with the best of GNR if not for the lyrical content.
  14. I said a similar thing to someone, more as a joke but there could be merit to it. Slash feasibly has more good years left than Angus, just from that perspective it makes sense to prioritise AC/DC if it's something he had really set his heart on doing. If there was solid evidence both AC/DC and GNR albums were being worked on it would be less of an issue which arrived first I think.
  15. Thanks I will try that.