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  1. Figured I may as well move this thread across now to get it going. Not sure we have anyone here attending this show?
  2. Just spotted this. Appreciated.
  3. I had to go out for a half hour can someone give me a setlist run down from Estranged onwards?Thanks
  4. Is the setlist so far? Have I missed anything (I'm updating the OP) It's So Easy Mr Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to The Jungle Mr Brownstone Better
  5. Are there any periscopes besides Marco A? It keeps cutting out for me.
  6. Does that mean Guns are on soon? I've got go out in an hour and was really hoping to catch the start at least. I thought the timezone difference was going to work out well for me in the UK but I didn't account for actually having to do shit other that sit in front of my laptop.
  7. Morning guys Have they started yet? This thread is pretty quiet - I guess the timezone is not great for most people (It's almost 9am here).
  8. This should be interesting. Makes me think he is not part of whatever media agreement the band is adhering to or he just isn't thinking it through. A Reddit AMA is going to be 95% questions about the reunion, Axl,Slash and Izzy. It's naive if he thinks he can just talk about his book and drumming. I suppose he doesn't have to answer questions he doesn't want to but that's not really the point of an AMA. This could easily end up stirring the pot I think. I anyone can get him to drop by here that would be cool.
  9. This. The only GNR related story I'm really that interested in now is Axl's full take on the last 30 years or so. Although I'd probably need a whole shelf for all the volumes it would end up being.
  10. Let's stay on topic please. Whatever that originally was!
  11. I think they are probably aware that a first Slash/Axl interview will feel awkward - I would if I was them. Even if it was a pre-scripted softball interview there are some questions that can't be fully dodged and maybe one or both of them don't feel secure enough to discuss. There's also the stuff about Slash's divorce that he is probably trying to avoid being brought up too. That said I'm surprised they haven't done a print interview for RS or similar, that would possibly be a bit easier on them both. Beyond personal feelings it might just be about saving that 'big' moment for when it is most financially useful. After this year if they want to tour again or they put out music they will need further publicity - the initial reunion has sold tickets without the need for much PRinput from the band.
  12. They might be rehearsing, the next tour leg is approaching fast but the picture is an old one. Rehearsal pics usually end up coming from the wives/girlfriends of the band first. There probably will be some fairly soon - unless of course they are just going to wing it this time around.
  13. Fairly sure that picture is from one of the tour dates with some VIP fans. I think I saw it before.
  14. Happy New Year MyGNR

    Bit late also but Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all had fun!
  15. I can't hate on the idea too much because if I suddenly found myself with millions next week I'd totally be trying to get them to play an up close and personal gig for me. Obviously I'd invite this forum too.