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  1. Watched Part 1 & 2 so far. I loved Twin Peaks as a 90s teen and I wasn't disappointed with this, it felt nostalgic but still fresh. Still not sure fully what is going on though (as ever).
  2. We have a thread in AG for this.
  3. I don't think any shows should be cancelled. These people want chaos and disruption, they sadly achieved that but we certainly shouldn't give them more of what they want.
  4. This is so sad, all those young kids, some of them probably at a first ever concert. There aren't adequate words really.
  5. Has no one else watched this yet? C'mon someone must have!
  6. I'm not sure we would have reached this incarnation if Duff hadn't filled in those few dates for Tommy. I think it's been a gradual progression/thawing of feelings. Would Slash have joined without Duff? I think probably not but I'm not 100% sure.
  7. He won't see this. I already told him how to ignore you.
  8. Posted about this in the documentaries thread but I think it deserves it's own thread. It was released yesterday and is a true crime case from Baltimore. Interested to hear what others think after watching it. Episode 2 onwards takes a grim turn and it's tricky at times to keep up with the cast of characters and the timelines but it unveils a disturbing conspiracy. I was impressed at how many bystanders have devoted their lives to trying to get the truth.
  9. Maybe they hired Sean Spicer. I imagine he's been looking for another gig recently.
  10. Hover the mouse over a profile pic and it's at the bottom of the box that pops up.
  11. Anyone started watching The Keepers? A new Netflix Original documentary in a similar vein to Making a Murderer, it went online today. First episode starts off slow but the second ep takes a new turn and it's grim watching.
  12. Possibly true but a tad disappointing if you were hoping for Izzy!
  13. Cue everyone rushing for tickets only for the special guest to be Billy Joel...
  14. I believe men on the whole have a higher suicide rate than women. I think it's in part to do with the general difference in care taking roles, I imagine a sort of pragmatism taking over eg. my family will inherit and be financially sound without perhaps acknowledging a husband and father is more than just a provider. Not saying that's what happened here, we can never know but perhaps if someone can rationalise that they will be taking care of their kids and spouse (financially) long after they are gone it makes it easier. It's very sad and I don't think we can ever fully understand what tips someone over the edge.
  15. I hope so, that would be awesome especially as an album would likely follow at some point. Not going to hold my breath though