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  1. Thanks for all the tags people. It's nice to be appreciated. Seems like whatever minor disagreement was going on has self resolved so I'll leave you too it.
  2. I've added them for you. In the future you need to click on 'Share' under the video and copy the embedded link then paste it here.
  3. Hope you have an amazing time. I know you have been looking forward to this. Everyone else attending have a fantastic night too.
  4. Unfortunately unless you are an existing subscriber who wins tickets. I'm guessing it will be full of celebs mostly.
  5. Cool. Anyone here a subscriber already? This would be an amazing prize to win.
  6. This. As interesting as the discussion may be it's way off topic for a show thread so please everyone get back on track. Thanks
  7. I'd forgotten you said that. Gold medal for you No way was I going to hang outside there until 6 am though!
  8. Sorry Google adsense is responsible for those. If a particular ad is really annoying there may be a way of reporting it to them, whether they take any notice is another matter of course!
  9. This is another awful attack, the people and the scene especially the Imam were very restrained in not harming the guy until the police got there. With attacks and counter attacks it's starting to feel more like we have an unofficial civil war going across the country. I understand the man already suffering a heart attack died, I hope the other injuries aren't too serious.
  10. Sorry you missed out, no idea why they did that.
  11. Finally back home now and fairly knackered. Had a fantastic weekend and it was great to meet a few forum members @Amir @Axls Rocket Queen @Sekh-met @nina901 sorry to all those we ended up missing. The show was really good and I loved all of it, objectively speaking re the voice argument there are a few songs that have shades of Mickey but I never felt like Axl or the band weren't putting full effort in and any imperfections honestly didn't matter at the time. I like what Melissa adds both musically and vocally, she seems pretty talented however I will admit to not being keen on her close ups via the screen, anything that distracted from the main three sort of took me out of the moment a bit. Not really a complaint just a personal feeling but I understand why they deserve a small bit of limelight for their efforts. I was a bit shocked at how many people (mostly seated and back of GA) got up and left after SCOM was played. That song was clearly the highlight of many peoples night judging by the reaction but I'm stunned that they pay so much for tickets then leave halfway through. The two rows behind us practically emptied out! The London stadium is a great venue and the coordination leaving was pretty good, we managed to get to the tube about half an hour from leaving. Me and @Gracii Guns got to the pop up shop this morning and bagged a free t-shirt which is really decent quality and a great design. The people running it were really nice and handed out a load of very posh water (eat your heart out Ashba) to the queue because we were all melting at that point. A few Nightrain folk who had lanyards won sets of used skins signed by Frank from the recent run of shows, regardless of anyones opinion on drummers it was nice to see the winners so thrilled. There is probably more stuff but I've run out of energy to type loads. Glad to see so many people here had a great time this weekend.
  12. We made it to Tap East finally. If anyone else is around we are in the far corner of the bar and Grace has her shirt on.
  13. The hat and jacket together is too much. That's why we love Axl though, he is and always will be a touch too much!
  14. I suppose because London is very residential. Also to manage easier the flow of people leaving. London in general is a bit tense at the moment.