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  1. I read on another forum someone describing Theresa May as Margaret Thatcher's last horcrux.
  2. MyPearlJam Did anyone screenshot that?
  3. I've moved the Ashba Water discussion to the Unofficial Media thread for anyone participating.
  4. Would be an improvement for sure.
  5. Hi everyone I've cleaned up this thread and issued a warning and suspension where I felt applicable. I don't quite understand where the derailment sprung from but it is absolutely not acceptable for anyone to reference the PM discussion of a few weeks back to attack @killuridols or indeed any PMs between staff and members. Apologies to everyone who has had posts removed but I think it's best just to move back on with the discussion.
  6. Apologies for the 1D mention on a rock forum. Apparently one of them has a solo single out, I saw it suggested on another site that it sounds quite a bit like November Rain. I had a listen and I sort of get what they mean and just wondered what others thought of it? With the reunion this last year they certainly could be influencing younger artists more than usual. Don't shoot me it's a slow news week.
  7. I suppose because they are the only party that will appeal to a hardcore Remain contingent. Corbyn was never really Remain despite his weak claims for it. My local MP is a Tory, he gets elected because he's a decent local bloke who does a lot for the area, he votes against his party quite a lot so will never make it past the back bench! I don't really have a problem voting for him but of course in a GE that has wider repercussions. To be honest I don't want to see a change in leadership right now, whatever anyone thinks of May or the Tories that seems like a disastrous move for the exit negotiations, I really don't think Corbyn is up to the job. Neither do I want a massive Tory majority for the next however many years and Lib Dems I'm sure will gain seats but I think they will be Labour seats more than Conservative. Truthfully we are kind of fucked. Interesting, I was just surmising they would take more Labour seats. Having said that I place no faith in polling anymore.
  8. Actually I think the Lib Dems will do quite well out of this.
  9. Watch youtube videos. My eldest built one last year and this is where he got most of his info. Beyond that I can't help I'm afraid.
  10. I answered no to the first one and yes to the second - that's what I meant by my answers being contradictory, it doesn't really allow for nuance. There isn't a good or bad, just your opinion.
  11. That was interesting, seems I'm not too far away from you. I think some of my answers were slightly contradictory though.
  12. If you want a thread to specifically discuss Izzy's career it would be best to start one, if you do a search there might be some already that have fallen off the main pages.
  13. Oh I totally agree, I did write somewhere above that I know I would feel differently about this if I was younger. One of the few benefits of getting older is being able to look back on past experiences with a more rational take on how they happened. Perhaps not for everyone but I generally find it to be so. Wouldn't mind my teenage body back though.
  14. I think it would be best if we moved on from the Thomas Meadow talk, I appreciate this has come about via Del's tweet but technically TM is a banned member and we rarely allow discussion of banned members. I've removed the more recent posts on the subject as they go beyond the scope of discussing the tweet. Thanks