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  1. Fine with me, I'd also be fine with another series reboot. I finished Andromeda a few weeks ago. Overall, I stand by pretty much everything I said in my half way review. Finished with 93% completion in about 84 hours. That's a pretty good amount of content, so I can't complain about that. Much of it was unique (though not at all like Witcher 3, which BioWare compared it to), but not all of it was interesting. It felt repetitive, and certain plot points were reminiscent of ME:T. Combat, graphics, the loyalty missions, were all very good. Main story felt weak. I don't think the Angara (or Heleus inhabitants in general) were done well. The planets were too big, filled with too many fetch quests and not enough variety. We had 3 desert planets (Voeld is technically a desert) which I think is too many. Going from Shephard who always had an in control and step ahead attitude to Ryder who was basically tripping over himself was very noticeable. I think this was inevitable given the purposeful decision to take a "lighter tone" with Andromeda. But I preferred the slightly angst-inducing, but always thrilling ME:T style. I also really had trouble seriously liking any of the crew. I don't really dislike any of them, but I can't say I felt bonded with any. Crafting and all of the menus were pretty poor. Disappointing game, though still fun and probably worth playing.
  2. Speaking of... where's Snakepit?
  3. If you like your rig as it is @ZoSoRose, no reason to trade IMO. I've only played a 900 once, and I don't remember it. $600 is an good price, but again if you like your tone, I wouldn't do it. If you can play the 900 first and it's clear that you like it better, that's a different story. Rovim that top is nice, looks slightly a slightly less faded version of the "faded" tops. I don't like the pickup config, I prefer neck closed, bride open but that can be changed. Here $1,600 is a solid deal on a flamed Trad, I've seen better but not too often. Other details matter though for the Traditionals that can effect value: year/weight relief, tuning system, and electronics.
  4. This is a screenshot from when I replayed FFX a few months ago (I didn't even bother with the Thunder Plains dodging, I had Lulu Doublecasting Ultima at 1MP usage anyway ):
  5. Need pics ASAP I like the DR, I owned an older one from '93 that was absolutely killer. Shouldn't have sold it.
  6. That was my thought as well. I was really excited at the official announcement, but then I remembered it's CoD not Battlefield. Single player will be awesome, but I doubt MP will be as good as BF1.
  7. How'd you do the guitars?
  8. Hell yeah, I'd love an HD remake, but I doubt that will ever happen.
  9. Ah that's much much better than the X51 that showed up on Google. Definitely would agree to reuse those parts. I'd get a Z170 motherboard from Asus or MSI to go along with your CPU and RAM. Case and power supply look good to me, I don't think you need as much advice as you may think. You're pretty much set.
  10. Yes, but before you do that - I had the same issue changing my CPU cooler from liquid to fan-powered. My new cooling unit was about an inch bigger than my case... so I leave the side panel slightly ajar; it's leaning against the case and heatsink, been running this way for about 2 years. Luckily my CPU's heatsink fan brings heat out through the rear of the case and isn't directed at the side, so this is a good DIY solution. You may be able to do something similar with the GPU. You will want to monitor your temperatures for sure if you do this, but it's a much cheaper option than doing a new build. On the other hand, depending on what games/applications you will be using, an upgrade from the X51 may be almost necessary if you want to run them at the highest settings and get the most of the GPU, especially thinking 6-12 months down the road. The specs I'm seeing for the X51 aren't bad, but an i7 and some faster DDR4 RAM will have a better time handling newer games. I considered doing a new build when I got my 1080, and even though I ended up not doing it, I did run a few builds through pcpartpicker: Random tips from memory for self-building: Make sure your motherboard and CPU are the same socket type, and that your motherboard supports your RAM type Don't skimp on the case and power supply, doing so could result in poor cooling and possible power failures A fully modular power supply will generally be easiest to work with The "K" versions of Intel processors are easier to overclock Liquid cooling sounds cool, but IMO is tougher to maintain and more expensive than fan cooling without getting much benefit in terms of actual performance/temperatures Read through your motheboard's manual to ensure the correct RAM layout is applied (if applicable) and get any other details that may be easy to miss (this one is from experience ) Bring a friend! It's always more fun to have a tech savvy friend assist, and having two pairs of eyes on the parts/directions can't hurt either Honestly though, I know I just typed all of that up, but ultimately if I were you I'd sell/return the GTX 1080 and buy a used 980 Ti for about £250. You'll still be getting ~60 fps in most games and high quality image rendering. Then start thinking about a new PC when you get a 2K or 4K TV (or monitor).
  11. I'm probably going to get a DSL40C at some point soon. I am getting sick of lugging around my half stack, which is way overkill for most of the venues I play. I do prefer the newer DSL40C and DSL100H to the older DSLs and TSLs, especially when comparing the combos. The DSL40C will have EL34s and the older DSL/TSL combos won't. I also think the lead channel sounds way better on the newer series. I'd personally replace the speaker with a V30 or G12H-75, or maybe G12H-30; but some people do like the stock speaker. If you wait for the right deal (and they come up all the time tbh), you can get yourself a great condition DSL40C and V30/your speaker of choice for under $500 all together. Hard to beat that in terms of value.
  12. Very skeptical of this. I think the trailer and the concept behind the story are both very interesting, but this feels a bit too early for a sequel. EA churning the dev machine to maximize $ (ME: A....). Obviously they want to capitalize on the hoopla surrounding TLJ. Looks like the details we have so far confirm that they are improving on the first one and even innovating to some degree. Notably missing though is space to ground combat/vice versa. I'll probably end up preordering this, but will absolutely use Origins 24 hour return policy if need be. Hopefully this game will address by far the biggest issue from the first one for me: I couldn't fucking play it. Trial worked fine, release version would not connect to servers ever - I tried everything: resetting IP, adding exceptions to firewall, dropping firewall completely, hell I even forwarded a bunch of the ports the game uses. Didn't matter. I ended up buying Battlefront (release) twice, both times returned within 24 hours. Hope this is a better experience. But coming off of recent and not so recent EA dealings, I'm not holding my breath.
  13. Good plan. These patch notes don't address all of the noted issues, hopefully the patch itself will - but I'm not confident. The game plays like it's in beta testing tbh. At least BioWare is semi-acknowledging that the game still needs a lot of work.
  14. Metal crew still here?
  15. If you're set on the LP sound/look, I think the closest thing to get is a Japanese made LP. There's thousands of pages of discussion on the net as to which are best, and it partially depends on what you're looking for. The $1,200 - $1,300 price range should you get something just as good as a Gibson Studio/Standard, possibly better. Epiphone Elitists are made in Japan - but the others to look for would be: FGN, Edwards, Bacchus, Orville by Gibson, and Orville itself. ESP makes some too which are good, including the very expensive Navigator series. Some Burny, Greco, and Tokai models can be good too. Most of the major brands do offer Les Paul "style" guitars in that price range, so it's just a matter of going down to your local shop and playing them. I'd like a Strat actually. I don't get to play them often, but I played my buddy's American Standard Strat a few weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. I've never played anything from Fender's Custom Shop though. Did you get it?