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  1. This sounds more like GNR than Chinese Democracy does. A lot more. I missed the story on this project, but I hope you are able to continue it to some degree. When I saw the tag line on the Insta, "new GNR songs," I rolled my eyes. But this is probably the closest sounding thing to '87-93 GNR I've heard other than '87-'93 GNR - music wise that is, the vocals are a bit off from Axl, but still very good. Eager to hear more!
  2. Sounds great, who made that LP? And which model were you using on the AxeFX?
  3. Nostalgia has become such a marketable product this century, I'd bet we'll see remakes within 15-20 years. EDIT: Though now that I think about it, KoToR is probably due for a remake/refresh before ME is.
  4. Anyone play this? If you're on PC let me know. I played open beta and have been playing since release. I've actually put quite a lot of time on the game, despite it having several frustrations. Matchmaking is not great, server stability is even worse, and there are (optional) microtransactions. But gameplay is excellent.
  5. Same. I paid the $5 to play the trial, did about 8.5 hours and I'm pretty sure I've done everything I can do. Overall, very positive experience. It's a new Mass Effect game with modern graphics, mechanics, and an intriguing plot. Some of the voice acting, some of the animations, character customization and oddly the game menus are surprisingly sub-par. I did think the intro sequence (2-3 hours of play time) was really great, I know some people felt it was emotionless and threw you into a plot too quickly, but I enjoyed it a lot. I will be pre-ordering soon. I am very excited and optimistic for the rest of the game. I don't think a day one patch will be happening. That's the buzz on the EA forum.
  6. Soon's the word?
  7. The R8 measured right above .9 at the nut, with "normal" shoulders - so yeah, it's a bit of a handful. As far as R8s go, .9 is on the smaller end, but not the smallest I've seen. It was just on the fence of too big for my style/hands. Normal R9 necks are generally around .9 also, with similar a bit less shoulder generally, but the shapes are not consistent and there are R8s that have smaller necks than R9s. The one I have is a V-neck, unlike the normal C and D shapes for LP necks. So it still measures around .9, but the neck shape has no shoulders, so it plays faster and feels smaller.
  8. Yup, Dishonored 2 is even better, came out in November. If you enjoyed the first one, get the second one now!
  9. An OD isn't necessary, there is plenty of gain (4 tube stages + diodes) and it's bright enough to cut through a band mix no problem. The only rare instance I've used an OD with it, is with the onboard boosts disengaged for some tone coloring and tightening - not at all saying the amp needs it, putting an OD in the chain just gives you access to a different type of tone. 90% of the time though I'm plugging straight into the head with nothing in between. If I needed to, I could sell all of my gear except my 68RI and this head, and still be 100% satisfied with my tone. It's just fun to try other gear. I have a few pretty good music stores near me in the DC area, but I'm lazy and rarely go to them. So I just wheel and deal a lot via forums, Reverb, Craigslist, etc.. Here's a picture of the R8, it had an amazing top, but it was just missing something abstract, good guitar though: And the R9, I actually switched the pickups out for a new set, they're uncovered zebra - this is an older picture:
  10. I have never played an actual Jubilee, I'd like to. I'm not sure if they're for me though. You can get some surprising deals on them if you go for the black tolex version from the original run. You're amp is a Fender, Deluxe or Hot Rod? I can't recall. Good for ODs though. Is the Nano Looper just a small looper pedal? My main amp is still my Gower modded '77 Marshall 1959. That's been my main amp since February 2016. I've been getting into guitars more since getting the amp. I've been through a few R guitars, and the R9 I have currently is the best of the bunch. Though, still not as good as the 68RI, but nothing is lol. And along the way I also got a pretty good deal on a 2007 LP Classic Custom, which I'm currently selling.
  11. So it looks like I drafted this post months ago and never posted it. This thread is way too low in the forum, so here's a bump: The DSL5C is probably what you want, unless you don't have volume restrictions. Then the DSL40C is the best value (used). Like SoundofaGun said, a JMP or JCM will really be too loud for most scenarios. With an attenuator and fancy audio gear, you can tame that volume, but it's expensive - and to be honest, a $400 DSL40C can do the job just as well as a JMP or JCM, though it won't sound exactly the same of course. The JVM can do lower volume, but I found that it sounds processed and compressed at low volumes... and it's a compressed sounding amp to begin with. The JVM1C is cool though. Yup, I owned one. Good amp, sold it for a slight profit, but months later wished I hadn't parted with it. I am thinking about the new Boss Katana series 1x12, for an easy to dial in/transport option for gigs and rehearsals where a 4x12 is not doable, or too much of a hassle. Anyone play one of these yet? Also looks like I'm gonna pickup a Bogner OS 2x12 for similar reasons.
  12. I've heard rumours of a sequel? I'd play it.
  13. I've seen mostly positive reviews, so this is a bit surprising. Either way, I won't play until there's a PC version, and even then I may not play. FF has gone from fantasy to steampunk to futurism over the course of the series, which is fine, any series this long needs a freshening up IMO, but I really prefer the earlier, fantasy-esque games. I do remember watching early trailers for XV, and thinking "this is the least Final Fantasy-looking game in the series so far." I just bought the HD X/X2 remaster, having an absolute blast with that. Probably won't do X-2, but the price was low enough that I'm OK with that. After 15 years.... I have finally gotten the fucking Jecht Shot right. And god damn, I forgot just how badass Auron was.
  14. /bump
  15. C'mon who's played? I know you're out there MyGNR Corvos.