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  1. New G'n'R logo ?

    I remember seeing (around 02) a GNR logo with crossed AK-47's...it looked fucking bad ass. Never seen it again, might have been fan made. On topic: that Portugal version looks a bit dodgy IMO.
  2. Personally I always scoffed at the MLK Jr samples in what as far as I can tell is a song all about Axl feeling really really sorry for himself.
  3. This right here. I particularly like the Sabbath example, but so many of the truly classic albums were recorded in a day or less. All that tampering didn't do the songs on Chinese Democracy any good.
  4. No shit Sherlock. Don't you give me the wanker icon! Still suing.
  5. Ever since I was a little kid I used to say "you know I know you know I know you know, you know?" I'm suing both Axel and the Jets.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    And now we know that the cure is rough, unprotected bum sex. They were on the right track though!
  7. Performers at Trump Inaguration Ball

    Man, I've always detested the RATM "guerrilla" schtick. Sony records presents...
  8. Performers at Trump Inaguration Ball

    I especially like the bit about "crushing" people/peoples. I wonder if this was written by Jimmy "Mouth Of The South" Hart?
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Bareback? Sounds like another one of those "BUM SEX SCANDALS"
  10. Asking out a girl

    Indeed. Then you move onto the Bodyline series...she's putty in your hands at this point.
  11. Asking out a girl

    Came here to post "grab her by the pussy" but I see I'm a little late for that.
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Just read that Superfly Jimmy Snuka passed away. Another legend gone.
  13. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story **SPOILERS**

    After seeing The Force Awakens I just wished they'd have left the Star Wars "saga" story (I mean Luke, Leia, Han etc) alone. I know Ford wanted to be bumped off in Jedi, but to bringhim back after all this time just to bump him off (with minimal buildup or anything) fucking sucked. What was that shit with the pirates and monsters? TFA reminds me of Alien Resurrection in a lot of ways. I know in 1977 nobody had any idea what any of the stuff they talked about in Star Wars was (Clone Wars?), it could be considered gibberish and you could argue the same for this movie (how we have no idea about who Rey etc are yadada) but... I 'just figure I'm not "the target demographic" for this shit anymore, despite being an 80's kid and loving Star Wars.
  14. Hit Me With Jazz

  15. Besides the kick ass music, they swore, drank, smoke, shot heroin, dressed in leather and beat up women. Hey, I was like 10.