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  1. Just A Man. Ricochet is pretty fucking awesome too.
  2. I always thought that Come Together performance was a fucking abomination...and I like Axl and everything.
  3. Patch and Kayla. Victor Curieokies! (Jen Aniston's dad) STEPHANO DEMIREZ!!! OMFG
  4. Chris Pitsman is a fucking dickhead and an embarrassment to the GNR name/brand/legacy. Shame.
  5. It's so true though.
  6. She babbles madly and incoherently, hoisting her habit above her knees with one hand, spreading her pussy lips apart with the other, pissing wildly on my expensive rug in some hellish, otherworldly dance.
  7. Scraped (intro and all) and Rhiad (the live/original/leak version).
  8. Ugh. He was great in the 80's but I really detest Zakk's playing (not to mention the gay, pretend biker schtick) these days...and Blasko makes me wanna puke too. Was hoping (against hope) for something special, this isn't very promising.
  9. Axel Rose Timmy Stuson (inspired generations of bass players with that one bit where you can hear bass on that one song on CD) #dementedone Trent Robin
  10. My all time favourite artist. Made two lists cause I got to the end of one (being very judicious) and was only up to 1995. Part one: In The Heat Of The Morning The Width Of A Circle Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing Blackout Look Back In Anger Ashes To Ashes Let's Dance Time Will Crawl Jump They Say We Prick You Part two: Seven Years In Tibet Survive Seven Slow Burn Everyone Says Hi New Killer Star Love Is Lost Boss Of Me God Bless The Girl Blackstar
  11. Mostly it's stuff that is probably against forum rules to discuss.
  12. To be honest I don't know. Certainly at the time the album came out, I didn't know half the stuff I do now about GNR (no internet)...but that one just shines.
  13. I can't bring myself to hate Phil or his band. No, they aren't a stadium filler or deserve to be...but I take no delight in his ugly behaviour and exit from ACDC. Lord knows I've done some really dumb shit in my time, I'll give Phil a pass. No matter what, he's still a bona fide legend of rock in my book, false teeth and all.
  14. His work on Stadium Arcadium is inspired.
  15. GNR fan since the ass end of the 80's, bought this live album in that horrible, GNR deprived time and fucking hated it. I fucking hate it. I love Guns N roses, but it's a shit live album. You're Crazy is head and shoulders the best thing about it.