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  1. For all those asking when the last time Angus appeared onstage wearing long pants, he and Malcolm joined The Rolling Stones onstage on what I think was the Forty Licks tour.
  2. Weird, I actually rate Cross Purposes pretty highly (and don't count Eternal Idol as a Martin album)
  3. Modern Day Delilah is very decent.
  4. Yeah, I do. The Next Day came out on my birthday, and it was a really extra special album for me in one of those weird times of your life style of things...it was just pure joy. Blackstar was like a punch in the guts. I've bought every album pretty much as it came out since Black Tie/White Noise, and I missed Blackstar...I thought I'd just pick it up the next weekend and then the news broke David had died- the album was sold out everywhere for weeks (and I don't have iTunes/whatever). Don't get me wrong, the album is fucking awesome, parts of the title track sound like they're off Diamond Dogs (in a "non rip off" fashion) etc etc but it's a really heavy album...still can't really comprehend that Bowie has died.
  5. I'll take Bible Black any day of the week I should mention that bitching aside there is an undeniable pleasure I derive from hearing Tony Iommi play pretty much anything, and add Butler and even the reduced Ozz I'm not immune to the POWER of Black Sabbath. I'd have liked 13 a lot more if it was more it's own thing, I almost love The End Is The Beginning until you get to the end and it's a half baked Dirty women. I really don't get why they would do that? Iommi always comes up with amazing riffs, even the direst of Sabbath albums (sorry Powerage, I mean the Tony Martin ones) there was still that to enjoy.
  6. I like how Ace makes no great effort to hide the fact he is a bit porky, has thinning hair and is basically old...Gene and Paul could take a leaf out of his book every now and then. I wouldn't cross the street to see KISS with Tommy and Eric. It would be nice if they could sort of put aside the KISS thing and just do something together as Stanley, Frehley and Simmons. I think Criss may be too far gone.
  7. Strongly disagree, and I'm more of an Ozzy guy. TDYK has at least two songs that are as good as anything that lineup had done before, songs that stood up to the back catalogue...and the album went in it's own direction. 13 on the other hand...honestly, just about every song just blatantly sounds like one of the old classic ones, but nowhere near as good...and the EP is a real drop off in quality from the album IMO. No way 13/the End stands up there with the eight 70's albums, no fucking way. I wish they had never done the album.
  8. The lyrics from This I Love are like horrid teenage poetry that should never be shared with anybody, ever. Dude went from say Locomotive, to that?
  9. Fuck no.
  10. 801 live (1976) Phil Manzanera- guitar Eno- vocals, synth, tapes, guitar Bill MacCormick- bass, vocals Simon Phillips- drums, rhythm box Francis Monkman- fender Rhodes, clavinet Lloyd Watson- slide guitar, vocals
  11. I know
  12. This thread is turning into the Paul Stanley crimes against music/fashion thread In defence of 80's KISS (which is pretty much indefensible, I know)
  13. You're not Robinson Crusoe on that one man. What a heartless, boring, unengaging piece of fucking shit that movie is...I can't say enough bad things about it. Harley was good, and I actually quite enjoyed Leto's Joker too (being convinced I'd HATE IT) but I just wanted every other character in the movie (besides Bats) to fuck off and die ASAP.
  14. Strongly agree with DD here on The Force Awakens. Sure felt like a bewildering sequel to ROTJ, with no explanations. I felt pretty ripped off that they bring Han and Chewie back, have some STUPID space alien/pirate crap, and then the next thing you know, bump Han off. They brought him back for THAT? It was cheap. Star Wars does need George Lucas, that's what I was thinking as I came out of the cinema.
  15. There's real emotional weight behind all of the duels in the original movies, I don't care if Obi Wan (Alec Guiness) didn't do a triple somersault and weild three or four laser swords- give me that over the ridiculous, platform game end boss level fight between Obi Wan and Anakin in ROTS for example. Having the New Order build another, bigger Deathstar (that is apparently infinitely easier to infiltrate and destroy) was fucking retarded man. Like, the other Deathstars worked so very well, didn't they?