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  1. I cannot recall exactly their scoop but something to the effect that Silkworms was still in play and being worked on. Also that was peak Axl at that Versace gig.
  2. GN'R is first and foremost a "let us do what we want" band. It depends on what sound they would want to go for. This is all moot because new music isn't happening.
  3. In general, the 2006 leaks were the golden era of the GNR forums. Besides that HRS and his ilk trolling the band at every point. I miss Eat My Silkworms. I also miss the fake album covers and track listings, the new members who were 12-16 being baptized by fire by the old members, and The best moment was Axl calling Madison a cunt though. By far.
  4. They've had This Is GNR on Spotify for awhile now This coming from someone who though an updated YouTube channel logo (seriously they never used it before) could possibly mean something.
  5. I've always wondered if Down By The Ocean is beat for beat similar to Izzy's Box. If Axl just added a touch of Axl-ness, it could take that song to another level. Izzy's box. heh.
  6. These are true facts. COD2 and COD4 are awesome games.
  7. Jesus christ what awful tripe. 45 seconds I'll never get back. Fuck.
  8. Jay that seems like a lot of bullshit tbh Seven has that line from Brian and maybe the duo jam from Rio.