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  1. Yes, that was fan-made edit done by Evader.
  2. Let's say this does happen. What do you realistically expect? The old buddies get together and develop blue collar work ethics and put out another amazing album? Because
  3. Chinese Democracy
  4. I don't know and don't care. I wish I didn't know about the rest tbh. It's largely about his detractors, personal demons, and the process of making an album. It's all very abstract - for better and worse, but I'd argue his best writing happens to be the most direct songs.
  5. "Is Treasure of the Sierra Madre good", he asked...
  6. I think Better is about Axl coming to grips with his romantic projections onto other people. The Chinese album probably was inspired in parts by Everly and Seymour but I'd expect Axl would take that emotion and use it a little bit more in the abstract. Then again who knows, we're just dumb fuck fans.
  7. I doubt they'll get a FA corner. They have 4 CBs they supposedly like on the roster. They'll draft 1 in the 1st or 2nd but then that'll be good.
  8. Well, people are paying $200 for a 20 year old tour. It's New™
  9. I actually disagree. Very Best Of's were en vogue at the time, a logical extension of bands who had Greatest Hits that extended to more than one album. The release was scheduled for Holiday 2005 with the planned release of Chinese Democracy for 2006. It would've been the first step in re-igniting the fire in the GNR money train. It would've been good branding by using the 2006 logo and helped introduce the new band. Who knows what happened exactly explaining why it wasn't released.
  10. You want the AC/DC logo? What do you want it in, an avatar? Need more info doggggggg