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  1. Oh man, if Axl reunited with Robin, I'd be so excited.
  2. He was looking for a blow alright.
  3. I'd never heard this before. Great performance. Cheers.
  4. I do too. Flawed masterpiece in my eyes but I've still listened to it more than any other record I own. I don't care for that version of TIL. Loses the flavor of the original. Different strokes!
  5. I'm becoming convinced that classical music is the only music worth listening to.
  6. After spending so much time listening to Guns N' Roses music and knowing Axl's general artistic personage, it's hard for me to say any one song is about any specific one thing even in germination. It could've been conceivably have been written about Person A, inspired by Person B, and sung with the emotion of a Moment or Person C. To muddy the waters here, I love the alternative album artwork because it stimulates my artistic imagination and I wonder if it gives clues into Axl's original motivation. Both alternative booklets sport an Asian woman, the thin model Bai Ling smoking a cigarette and something of a Chinese handmaiden in the other. It would seem to suggest the song is about, or at least uses the metaphor of a lost love. Am I to interpret the standoffish model smoking a cigarette to mirror the worldly wise Seymour or the delicate handmaiden to mirror Ms. Everly? It could conceivably be both or neither. I've also wondered if the opening two verses are Axl, in a way, singing to himself, reminiscing on his lost youth and halcyon days gone by. He could be singing into a mirror or into the warm glow of cathode rays that reflect a much more recognizable image. In the end, to me, much of Chinese Democracy's greatness lies in it's abstraction and what it means to you. The fact that we are all discussing this topic is a testament to it's brilliance.
  7. its something so beautiful it makes everything else appear to be an obscenity
  8. Psycho Hitchcock guy was alright No idea why he used Little Acorns for like 10 seconds in Hateful Eight
  9. Fuller face in late 2001, larger jerseys hide bigger stomach. Look at other pics from the VMAs and onwards, they are not of a guy with a six pack. He wore a smaller white jersey at Pukkelpop for example that fit more snug. Whatever I don't care.
  10. This tour is a cash-cow money making machine but Axl still has artistic integrity. Not in his lifetime.
  11. I don't care, he's a male rockstar, I'm not trying to fuck him. But he very clearly gained weight from early 2001 to late 2001 and he is pretty chubby now. I'm not interested in tearing the guy down either, it just is what it is.
  12. I read awhile ago on HTGTH that the sports jerseys look was specifically due to a stylist according to Jarmo. Even though they were en vogue at the time, it provided a cover for and exacerbated Axl's weight issues.