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  1. An US arena leg would be absolutely ludicrous imo. They've been around the world, by the end of the year they'll have played US stadiums twice, SA twice. Something has to happen by then, or at the very least plans must be set in motion, publicly.
  2. You make interesting points and I agree with most them. I do think the work he's put in was driven by AC/DC and not GNR. I also don't think his GNR performances are the best he can do with those songs at this point, as I do think there's room for improvement. I am, however, pretty sure that he listens to himself, knows how he sounds and I think it does bother him. Fernando even said "yes" when asked if Axl knows he sounds like Mickey sometimes. I think Axl was hit hard by whatever happened to his voice after 2010, and that he is fully aware of all the criticism. I also think that the lack of released material is directly related to that as it is pretty pointless and buzz killing for an artist to release material you are already unable to replicate at the time of release. If there was a clear way to dramatically improve his sound on GNR material I think Axl would take it, even if it took work. There probably isn't.
  3. So here I am creating yet another voice or Mickey vs Rasp thread. Being stuck at work, I've listened to loads and loads of GNR live performances from 2010 to 2017. On some of them I can clearly hear how Axl's voice, particularly the rasp and how he is able to transition from low to high notes in rasp has diminished. I don't think Axl's voice has ever improved after 2010, he just worked to do better with whatever tools he has left in 2016. Refer below to four videos of Axl performing Madagascar from 2010 to 2012. I chose this song because I really like it and because it's a song that always has some measure of rasp in it, particularly in the beginning and the lower parts. From one video to the other, in chronological order, there are gradual, noticeable differences. 1) The rasp on the lower parts is increasingly forced and less natural. 2) the rasp on the higher notes gradually disappear, to the point of becoming full on falsetto and 3) the transition from lower rasp to high falsetto is rougher and more sudden as time goes by. In the last video, Axl even gives up on the rasp in lower notes, ending the "Can't find may way back anymore" with a good sounding but clean lower register. I don't think it's coincidence that this song was dropped from the setlist on later years. This was the example I chose, but listening carefully shows that Axl's voice and rasp is gradually fading over the years. 2011 is a maligned year because of RIR, but he had more of it left in the tank than he does know. Any of those performances would hold up pretty well in today's reunion shows. In fact, I got a little nostalgic as, imo, they have that trademark Axl voice we simply don't hear anymore. Lots of people put 2016 Axl above 2011-2014, and that's is somehow true. I just think that instead of getting some of the voice back, Axl has put in some work to make what he has left sound better. A lot of what makes his performances get praise these days is the fact that his clean voice sounds a lot more agreeable than it did in 2011, when he begun to be forced to use it. To be blunt, I don't think that Axl could sound like this on Madagascar these days. Then there is Axl/DC. I just think Axl has a much easier time sounding gritty when staying on one register throughout a song, both in lower and higher notes. Transitioning though, he simply loses it.
  4. All 3 of them are fucking legends. We give Axl a lot of shit, but Brian's voice has clearly deteriorated a lot over the years. What happened from 83, 84 at most onwards is similar to Axl's 2010-2011 decline. Just ax Axl, Brian still found ways around it to put on a great show, but he pretty much became stuck in the high pitched gravely voice and lost all versatilty as a singer, as well as range. Besides the hearing issues, when it comes to Brian smoking has probably did him in, as he was a smoker throughout his life. With Axl I have the impression there is more to it. Bon is not on their level vocally, but his style and charisma are perfect fits for AC/DC ad put him up there as a frontman. Bon and Brian are AC/DC, Axl is not, so he ranks 3rd, naturally. Still, Axl's rasp in Rock or Bust is just so reminiscent of the old days, 90's or 2010. It's thick, powerful and full, and not really as high pitched as usual. I wonder how difficult it is for Axl to reach for this voice and why doesn't he do it more often.
  5. It's almost as if he rips into the song with his old voice and suddenly remembers this is one of the mickey songs.
  6. And there are obsessive fucks who say this 55 year old guy, old enough to be a grandfather, who looks like this and does what he does on stage every 3 days is in "awful shape".
  7. Those discussions are a bit pointless. Prime Axl was a force of nature, an unstoppable one. I remember my dad (massive rock fan but into older stuff and filled with prejudice) watching the Freddie Mercury tribute and being absolutely blown away, in a "oh my god listen to this motherfucker" way. Axl was surely mind blowing, he could floor a stadium in any given single moment. In terms of comparing the best moments, I'd say Axl is a world class frontmanm for sure. Sadly, Axl is very inconsistent. Dips in form and lack of material really hinder his standing among rock gods. He's been vocally amazing in three distinct periods: 1988-1993, 2006-2007 and 2009-2010. His voice in 2001-2002 and 2011-2017 immediately removes him from any best ever discussion. It is a shame that his creative output is also questionable. Axl's fantastic years after the 90'uuts were kind of wasted with a single album of new material. 2017 Axl is not in any "best ever" discussion. He gets a lot of shit, but he is a very competent singer with unbelievable range. Still, he doesn't sound like his old self, except when singing for AC/DC.
  8. Highway to hell is a very high pitched song. It is firmly on what would be thhe "mickey zone". Yet, Axl delivers every single line of it with rasp and venom, and it sounds awesome. I'm absolutely sure that, were it a GNR song, it would be mickeyed from beginning to end.
  9. I"m gonna go ahead and throw this beastly little clip here. Now, you can throw in all the justifications - AC/DC is easier, another technique, another tone, less words, etc. Still, can we really listen to this and still think Axl is just physically unable to do a wee bit better with YCBM or RQ? I can't. While it's at a higher pitch for the most part, the rasp technique, the thickness, power, are very reminiscent of 2010, 2006 and the 90's. It's almost as if I could tell those voices come from the same places, places he doesn't seem to be willing to tap into with GNR (even Jungle and other songs where he still kicks ass, it's just not as powerful).
  10. The nodules are a strong possibility, it happened to Elton John. Elton had to find a completely different voice as his tone got significantly deeper after that. Rocket man is a song that really shows that. As singers age and hurt their vocal chords, have surgery etc. their voices usually deepens. Elton John dealt with that by singing in a deeper voice, but perhaps Axl's choice is to keep hitting the same notes he always hit, but to do that now he has to use falsetto. Still, the AC/DC performances kind of contradict this theory. I don't think Axl/DC sounds like 90's, 2006 or 2010 Axl by the way. I do think he fucked up his voice somehow after 2010, badly, and worked very hard to find a way around it with AC/DC - it shows during concerts that he is fighting a bit to get that voice. While it is indeed unrealistic to expect prime Axl at this point, I do feel that with a lot of vocal work and particularly a lot of study on changing his delivery a bit, Axl probably can safely perform at a higher level with GNR, something closer to his AC/DC form and, consequently, a bit more like his prime. Edit: with all that said, it's important to say that Axl in 2016 is a hell of a performer and a competent singer. His movement on stage and energy at that age are astonishing, and even though he carries a belly it surely took a lot of work and cardio to be able to perform like this.
  11. Your argument makes me even wonder if you follow the band at all. You make it seem as if his voice has been deteriorating over the years due to age and people were unable to understand that. That is not the case at all. His voice was normal and awesome when he was 48, and then gone when he was 49. It all happened literally over the course of one single layoff between tours. He went off sounding great after a great tour in 2010, and came back after a few months in 2011 with the falsetto thing (has been like this ever since, with ups and downs, but he sticks to this technique, which is not the one he used up to 2010). The voice change was sudden and not due to gradual aging. You don't become old in a few months, it's a gradual process. The voice change has been a point of discussion for fans ever since RIR 2011 and is something that rightfully detracts from the enjoyment of some of those fans, since Axl's voice is a massive part of what made GNR what it was. I had never been discussed or touched upon by Axl or anyone associated with the band. What happened between 2010 and 2011 is as big as mistery as those shitload of songs recorded that didn't become public. Add to that a reunion tour, and people think "well, if his voice is ever coming back it will be now". Then it doesn't, and then it kinda does, but he is singing with other band, AC/DC's material. A little confusion and discussion by fans is understandable, we were waiting to hear his proper voice again for nearly 6 years. So, the tour is a massive success regardless of Axl's performances or how I perceive his voice. There are also lots of threads solely dedicated to the enjoyment of the shows and all that, filled with positive comments. This one, though, is specifically created to discuss Axl's performances, specially why they fail to replicate even his best ones last year, with AC/DC.
  12. Yeah, there are fluctuations. He did sound bad in Japan, I thought he sounded great in Brisbane, at least at the same level of the NA leg, and close to Houston. There is a clear difference in effort to between shows, when he is not feeling it he sometimes even falsettoes the outro to Patience and the "and please remeber, how felt inside..." bit in Don't Cry. Other times those moments really bring back his old voice.
  13. So, before anybody gets pissed off at me, I thing the current shows are worth going to, and I had a blast in Sao Paulo. At the venue I thought Axl sounded awesome, and it was really a dream come true. With that said, looking up the show I've been to and watching those 2006 and 2010 shows posted here is a bit depressing, and it really highlights how far Axl has fallen. Remove the tons of sugarcoating and excitement from Slash and Duff being there and the truth is he is a far cry from his former self, and actually sounds just bad on a few songs. Some people will say they love Axl's clean falsetto (for me there's a lot of denial and wishful thinking in this), or that he still has awesome moments and puts on a show worth watching (I agree with this). What bothers me more than it being good or bad though is just how different it is. Some people might love current Axl, but he could be a whole different singer as far as I'm concerned. The voices are projected differently, have different tones and all that. It is a bit shit to wonder what could have been of this reunion had a 2010 Axl stormed the stage. It bugs me immensely that comedians impersonating Axl and a few cover singers sound closer to Axl on GNR records than Axl himself. It bugs me a lot that he somehow found a way to dig deep with AC/DC and sound remotely close to his old self, but gets nowhere near it with GNR. I really wish he had just a little bit more left in him at this point while reuniting with Slash.
  14. Yeah, Axl sounds exactly like he did through 2016 - his best since 2011, not quite as good as 2010. He brought this criticism on himself by fucking the world itself in the ass with AC/DC. If there are really technical issues that prevent him for repeating that sort of performances with GNR perhaps he should be open about it, dunno.