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  1. C'mon, of course it's going to take a long time. When you've got 80,000+ people piling out of a stadium, or a large venue like Werchter, it's probably going to take anything up to 1 hour. But after the show, who cares? You will be on such a high, it will all be worth it...
  2. @Millions_of_SpidersI phoned the Stadium this morning and they said small handbags are fine.
  3. I know someone who's got EE for tomorrow and her email said check-in was from 3 pm but I don't have any other details, I would call the Stadium on 020 8522 6144 or Ticketmaster.
  4. Oh, maybe it is, I'm not a FB guru unfortunately. But the details are the same, Back Room Bar, etc, from 7 pm. Turn up and we will be there, one of the guys has made a GNR playlist which the bar has agreed to play for us to get us in the mood (as if we need any excuses)!
  5. @Paranoid AndroidSorry the link didn't work. Do a search on FB - 'Gn'R London - Fan meet up'.
  6. It will be well signposted, and there will be plenty of stadium staff to ask, don't worry!
  7. The fan meet-up tomorrow night is in the Back Room Bar, which is in the side road adjacent to the Hard Rock Restaurant. Basically we're going to take over the whole bar! Venue: The Back Room, Hard Rock Cafe London Address: 148b Old Park Lane{"action_history"%3A"null"}
  8. Yep - a whole hour! It was a nightmare. Hopefully the stadium has sorted the problem out since then, from memory I think there was only one way to walk to the Tube station though. Thanks for the info re tickets, I'm still nervous though.
  9. I still haven't got my GC ticket for Saturday...phoned TM and they said my tickets had been printed and they would call me back with more info - I haven't heard anything yet... Btw, it took me a whole hour to get from the stadium to the tube platform after Axl/DC last June. My friend, who was travelling to Ashford, said it only took her 10 minutes max to get the train...
  10. ...and a poncho and maybe wellies. The forecast is rain/thunderstorms, especially during the day and you will be in a big field...
  11. @Healy52003Also, a fan meet-up has been arranged in the downstairs area at the Hard Rock on 15 June in the evening. There's a Facebook thread - not sure if I post it on here?
  12. Jungle...Love that scream...
  13. Dammit! I'll stick with the Periscope.
  14. Still got the scope, although it is a bit grainy. That busy video screen really detracts from the band imo. There's a lot to be said for being at the barrier, you don't get to see too much of the backdrop!