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  1. New theme is up and running - if you notice any issues, please post them here.
  2. Just to update - we are still running on our old theme (skin) which is technically not compatible with the current forum software. This means you may see weird errors popping up from time to time - generally the theme is the cause of these problems. We have a new theme that is compatible with the current forum software; there is still a bit of work tweaking it before it will be loaded up on the forum. This should hopefully take care of any residual issues following the upgrade. Thanks for your patience, I'll update once again when this is all done.
  3. I haven't waded through the 4 pages and I'm sure many others are asking the same thing... where's the source? I suspect the noise11 articles are simply going off the same shit we've already heard - the Brazilian journalist that tweeted in September or October. Beyond that, we have a statement from Angus that says "not sure" as of August. That's it, effectively. I do expect this will probably happen, but I don't trust any of the "sources" we've had so far. I also think Angus has to consider his own mortality here too - he's starting to sound sloppy as he gets older and his fingers lack the authority they once had. He's still "got it", but will we be saying the same thing in 2-3 years' time? If we see another album and tour, it could well be the last.
  4. The "custom title" feature comes through a non-standard plugin that hasn't been updated for a while. I wouldn't expect to see that feature return anytime soon unfortunately. An admin can change it for you manually. I assume it relates to the new "Leaderboard" section. As far as I can tell it awards the person with the most-liked content for the day. That's right - I'll be going through the list and making tweaks this week. I put it off on Sunday afternoon (to go drinking instead) since everything looked more or less functional following the upgrade.
  5. That's in my top 3 'DC songs. No way!!!! Interesting but not altogether surprising tidbit - it was Fairfax media (subject of the "blackout" after their Brisbane review) that wrote that article.
  6. I believe StrongVPN is marketed as a Netflix compatible service: https://strongvpn.com/ PIA (privateinternetaccess) used to work, got blocked and now works again (usually): https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ The reality is that it is Netflix cracking down on the VPNs by blocking IP addresses from known VPN providers. VPN providers can only do so much to mitigate this - buying new IP address ranges isn't cheap and it's very easy for Netflix to block them again. I'm not advocating piracy here - but once they clamped down, I cancelled my subscription and went back to illegal streaming. The Australian Netflix library isn't very good.
  7. Soooo tempted to just do this. Gah!
  8. Slash came out and played it with Wolfmother during their opening set.
  9. They tuned Nice Boys down to where Rose Tattoo play it so Angry could keep up. In 2013 (last time they did the duet) they played it in GNR tuning and little Angry was too drunk to know what was going on, much less hit the notes. Just got home, might post a little review of the two shows tomorrow if I'm not too lazy! EDIT: Nice Boys in 2013 - you can hear Angry throws Axl at first by singing in a different key.
  10. Guys this is THE show to watch. DTJ now, Axl sounds even better than last night. My jaw was on the floor the first few tracks. Still early days but that was no ordinary Jungle.
  11. Killed it. I was so far away which made it hard at times, but the performance was easily one of the best they've turned out in 15 shows for me. Axl really was fantastic! Angus was awesome, would have been nice if they hadn't fucked up both songs in parts but the crowd was so mental that nobody gave a shit.
  12. Anyone getting together for beers before the show?
  13. Yup! Leaving work in 4 hours! I'm pumped! Thanks you lot. I haven't been posting much, but I still read every day.
  14. FUCK bro. I need to change my underwear!!!!
  15. PS it is going to be over 40 degrees (Celcius) on Saturday...