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  1. Lies is more or less 2 EPs mashed together. Couldn't really call it an "album" with a straight face.
  2. DOOM - Campaign Trailer 4th Feb 2016

    Bought it during the Steam sale.... the campaign is fucking brutal, epic, punchy and ridiculously fun. The violence is beyond gratituous, I've really enjoyed the absolute shit out of this.
  3. I'm new here

    You forgot Tommy Wiseau.
  4. The Mummy Franchise

    Jeez, you weren't kidding:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Monsters_(2017_film_series) If it's in the vein of Van Helsing and other post-00 "monster" movies, it's going to be unimaginably bad - maybe even worse than DC's Extended Universe.
  5. Ironic that Trump's supporters are the most thin-skinned of them all. This thread being the perfect example.
  6. This thread is hilarious. To the outraged "imagine if it was Hillary or Obama, you'd all be reacting differently" crowd - Imagine if Hillary or Obama had said all those horrible things Donald Trump hassaid about Mexican people? What's any less appropriate about this? It's not "inciting violence", it's a freaking pinata. It was a gesture of solidarity with the Mexican fanbase and in my eyes, entirely appropriate given the commentary those people have had to endure for the past 12-18 months.
  7. Getting auto signed out, and redirected

    Clear your cache and refresh until it goes away. I can assure you - this process works if you do it.
  8. Speculation: Was Axl in mind before Brian left?

    They have never been a close band. It's the "Young brothers" and "everyone else" as far as that goes. They're friendly, butwhen they're not touring, they don't hang out. As for the OP, I don't think Axl was in anybody's mind until he asked his people to get in touch with Angus to offer his services.
  9. Damn, really wanted to see it last night but the times didn't suit. Saw Dr Strange instead.
  10. Titanfall 2

    I bought it on PC last week; still need to commit to the 30GB download. Probably going to do it at work. From what I hear, the campaign is a lot of fun - but you apparently need to have *some* idea of the Titanfall lore if you want to follow what's going on. The first game was multiplayer only, they added campaign to the second since a lot of people wanted it.
  11. Troubadour Live: Sweet Child O' Mine

    Totally man. I looked around for the original upload, but I had 30 minutes to eat lunch and throw that together. Sorry.
  12. Troubadour Live: Sweet Child O' Mine

    I fixed it you guys, you're all welcome. Axl sounds fan-fucking-tastic!
  13. Troubadour Live: Sweet Child O' Mine

    My eyes enjoyed this significantly more than my ears did.