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  1. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    OK, I've made it the default. Hopefully it's an improvement for people that weren't digging the excessive spacing. @nambis
  2. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    I made some adjustments to this tonight (fonts/padding) ... if a few people could trial the "MyGNRforum_1_1" theme and post if there are any issues with it, that would be great. I'll make it default shortly.  
  3. Deadpool (2016)

    Fuck yes. The early reviews are awesome. I've been looking forward to this one for a while!
  4. Don't know anyone

    Hello lawrence.
  5. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    @Wagszilla, that works just fine for me. ...You can drag the quote box anywhere you like within the post. Write your comment, then drag the quote wherever you like within it. 
  6. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    You can write the comment, then click and drag the quote box (from the top-left) to move it below what you've written.
  7. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    @Wagszilla, you can remove a quote from the reply box by hitting CTRL+right-clicking the arrows that appear on the quote itself. Sorry you're not a fan of the new update, can't really do much about the software itself. Having said that... I don't have any issues writing posts above quotes in the editor. The last editor was worse IMO. This should be fixed.
  8. Top Gear

    Did I read that right?
  9. What Are You Listening To 2016

  10. What religion are you?

    You don't anymore. "Nesting" a ton of quotes causes some pretty big formatting issues (especially for mobile), so they overhauled how it works. On topic - I was baptised Catholic, but am most definitely an Atheist nowadays. I guess by KK's interpretation you could see me as Agnostic; like Pappy I don't presume to "know" everything about everything.
  11. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    It's up to people to reupload them. 
  12. Stephanie Seymour arrested

    I know some guys struggle with this so I'm going to go easy: porn is just make-believe, and the people you're watching are actors. When you're watching porn with an incest storyline (which is quite a popular genre for all kinds of weird reasons), you're not actually watching incest. Sorry to break the news. I know it's tough feeling like you were lied to.
  13. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    This is it. The two layouts have been merged into one layout that expands and retracts depending on the size of your screen.  I've mentioned it to a few, but you can always try the "default" theme and see if it suits you better. Personally? I think the new layout is a lot better than the old one on mobile.
  14. Describe a forum member with one gif

     You choose.