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  1. security alert

    Hi @snoman, just looks like something temporary relating to a google ad on the page. If you see one again, please click the "View Certificate" button and take a screenshot of it if possible - then I can be sure what's caused it. We don't have any security certificates installed here and the site doesn't serve anything overhttps...Thanks anyway tho@gunsguy. The scanner you used is picking up the certificate from ourparent server.
  2. Megadeth 'Dystopia'

    Kiko sounds great.
  3. RIP Abominable Homan

    Gah, that sucks that little bit extra! I hope his friends and family are doing OK.
  4. The good old days. I always had a soft spot for Pitman. The wobbly keyboard, funny hats and bondage outfits + his entirely questionable value as a band member were fodder for a lot of entertainment here over the years. The funniest part about him was the air of self-importance he gave off -he really, truly acted as though he were anintegral piece of the puzzle.When Eat My Silkworms (a joke fansite) came around, it was hard to tell whether he really understood the whole thing was satirical.To see him so ungracious in his exit is sad - I felt bad for him when it was sour grapes earlier, but it's just laughable at this point. I get that Melissa won't appeal to a lot of people, and I'll stillnever understand why we need 2 keyboard playersin GN'R - but early impressions are that she is a huge step up from this clown. Happy days.
  5. Poor mobile support?

    Yeah, it's the outerone (whole box) you want to be able to select... as GG says, tapping "cut" usually works, otherwise hitting backspace works just fine on my iPhone (using latest Chrome for iOS). I have an android device I can test with, but it sounds like you've been able to do that already. We tried installing a mod for a "cancel reply" button (next to submit reply) a while ago as another way to fix this -but ended up getting rid of it as it wasn't working properly. Hopefully the mod gets updated soon and we can try it out again.
  6. Poor mobile support?

    Strange. Do you get a blue highlight around the quote when you tap on it?
  7. Poor mobile support?

    You can tap and hold on the quote in the post box. It will bring up an option to remove it from there.
  8. I was listening to Bucharest 2010 tonight...

    Yeah, there's no question it's an entirely different vocal technique. I'm just saying that if you listen to the two back to back, it sounds very close to the real deal. Closer than Bucharest (to my ears) anyway.
  9. I was listening to Bucharest 2010 tonight...

    I don't know about that. I'm not in love with 2002 Axl, far from it. When I talk about "clean", I'm also referring to his voice pre-88. In my view, the Adelaide performance is as close to OG Axl as youcan get. For me, it's leagues ahead of the Bucharest DC. This is the Axl I'm talking about:
  10. I was listening to Bucharest 2010 tonight...

    It's entirely possible he did some damageagain during that tour - likely, even. I don't know about surgery afterwards. I think that he's recovered again but he can only really push it on the big screams (where he sounds even better now than he did in 2010 - JMO). Forcing the rasp out on the stuff in the mid range just doesn't work for him anymore. It's probably a combination of hurtingtoo much and deliberately working on improving his clean voice instead. I will say that I think his clean voice now is as good as it's ever been and he has good control over it.There are even some songs where it works better than the rasp in my opinion. Take the Don't Cry outro: Bucharest (end of September 2010) - super raspy, but lacks the tonal quality I like to hear: Adelaide (beginning of December 2010) - still brings in the rasp at the end, but the rest is much cleaner (and sounds much nicer) to my ears. Notice that it's clean, but sounds full and is well-controlled with vibrato. You couldyour eyes and think it was1986 in some parts.This is something I think we could see him return to: Fast forward to LA in December 2011 - this is clean, but it's not good at all. It ticks all the bad boxes. Thin, micky-like, does the "squeak" on the "heaven abOOOve you baby" and almost no rasp on the outro. They didn't perform the song at RIR, but I imagine it would have been similar. Moscow (May 2012) - Same story as above: Vegas 2014 - One of the widely-regarded bestshows in 2014. Although Axl looks like a beach ball, it's probably the closest to that Adelaide 2010 performance that I love so much: And here we are now. We've only had one performance of Don't Cry so far. It's better than the 11-12 performances, but it's still not as good as 2014 in Vegas. Sorry for the video spam, I just wanted to illustrate that there are moments where "clean" Axl can be awesome. Even better than raspy Axl on certain songs. Hopefully he can regain more control and thickness to that clean falsetto as the tour goes on.
  11. I was listening to Bucharest 2010 tonight...

    Just to add to my point - listen to that YCBM. He sounds raspy, sure - but also kind of like a cheese grater with no tone through the verses. It's gritty, but it sounds really fucking painful to pull off.
  12. I was listening to Bucharest 2010 tonight...

    IMO, nobody can sing like that and sustain it long-term. You have to appreciate what adding rasp to falsetto does to his throat - it puts incredible strain on everything. Axl's already blown himself out once before causing the drastic change in vocal style (and the introduction of "Mickey")between TSI and the Live Era re-recordings in the mid-late 90's. He's literally only got his falsetto left and if he loses that, he's roasted permanently. I think the trade-off he's got going now has as much to do with sustaining his voice long term as it does with his present vocal ability. There's no doubt he was in better shape in 2010, but I feel like there's more than that in play. He was more or less on the "decline" after this show (in September)... a month later in London he didn't sound anywhere near this good. He picked up again for the start of the Australian leg in December 2010, but the later shows and evenAbu Dhabi (IIRC)weren't as good. I've always been of the view that he must have sought some medical advice between Abu Dhabi and RIR (Oct 11) and he was told to dial it back or risk permanent damage. I just don't buy that he "lost" his voice in a 10month period where it was resting. It doesn't make sense.
  13. What's your site's URL again man? I always forget and it's so handy!

    1. SoulMonster


      Hi! It's www.a-4-d.com. After a long pause I am doing a lot of updating there now. I have added a toolbar with drop-down menus for easy navigation of the various databases. 

    2. highvoltage


      Awesome. Thankyou! Definitely the most useful, comprehensive and well-organised GN'R DB on the internet. 

  14. Gee, it looks "tiny"....
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