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  1. Why? Let them do what makes them happy.
  2. I agree. If Slash has no intention on playing the songs even remotely like they were written, I think it's best to stop playing them. Sadly.
  3. I have at least one source. Do you? "And for the idiots out there, no, this song is not about someone I used to know". -Axl
  4. So NOW can we finally stop saying Sorry is about Slash? Thanks.
  5. I disagree. Body position changes matter. And, he always sang the best stationary. I would love to hear him continue singing a powerful and balanced show day in day out. But I would say that is over.
  6. No, lol. He is recovering from sitting on his ass. Vocals will suffer now that he is walking again.
  7. did anyone else also think that Axl didn't like DJ's songwriting efforts for Guns which put Axl in a tough position? Or that he just tried to ignore his recordings? Just a gut feeling.
  8. I'm 99.9% he does not have any new vocal coach or anything. The only single reason why Axl sounds great now is the fact that with AC/DC he must rehearse with the other guys. With Guns he chooses to be lazy; he doesn't seem to rehearse much, at least never as much as with AC/DC.
  9. Not really, now he is actually rehearsing, because he has to.
  10. I'm sorry, but this is better than with Brian Johnson. There, I said it.
  11. Yes. The band had never sounded as tight as they did on TSI. Wasted talent yet again.
  12. I think Axl simply hates to hear what he should do from other people. This "parenting" irritates him and it is very counter-productive. I know I immediately stop doing something that I liked if somebody chimes in and tells me how to do it. It in fact kills my creativity. Maybe it's the same thing here. Maybe we should instead tell him to never fucking release another album ever again. And... voila!
  13. Oh really? Looks like they are doing Guns songs more justice in some respects than current GN'R. Brilliant groove, rhythm. I think something went really wrong with SCOM at some point in Guns, as they forgot all the beautiful small melodic moments that they played on the album and in the 80's.
  14. I quite like clean Axl, and here's the good type. Not Mickey type.