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  1. Oh really? Looks like they are doing Guns songs more justice in some respects than current GN'R. Brilliant groove, rhythm. I think something went really wrong with SCOM at some point in Guns, as they forgot all the beautiful small melodic moments that they played on the album and in the 80's.
  2. I quite like clean Axl, and here's the good type. Not Mickey type.
  3. I remember hearing from some source that he had terrible problems hearing himself that night, and you can hear and see it when he struggles with his earpiece constantly. In 2006 Axl describe the show as a "catastrophy, heheh :D", which could be true vocally, but then he went on to say something like 'the band was young and not quite ready' which is a ridiculous thing to say. the only thing lacking here was Axl. The band was incredible, incredible, incredible. God I miss brain. This band was tight!
  4. I never saw this interview about Tommy and single parenting. Or there was no interview? Interesting. So Tommy is not married/in a relationship anymore? I thought it always sounded and seemed like Tommy and his wife were a great match. Maybe I was wrong. (Well, after all, they made a song called "Match Made in Hell")
  5. Pretty sure Axl didn't want to get rid of anybody. Bumble walked, things started to fall apart and this allowed for originals to enter. Though I do agree Tommy's explanation for leaving was the weakest. Seemed like he was almost pushed away. Or left out of courtesy to Duff. Which is likely of course, since they're friends. Official explanation is that suddenly under the reunion rumors Tommy just feels like, after 18 years of service, that yeah, Guns get too much on the way of my own tourings and creativity. Sure. Whatever. Sounds unlikely as hell. But what do I know, I'm only a bitch boy.' Get off board or fuck off' ? : (
  6. oh, you mean those remixes that Brain started working back in, dunno, 2009? Good luck on that waiting! Pretty sure they were finished ages ago but will neversee the light of day just like 90% of existing Guns material. In light of current track record. Just trying to stay realistic. I *hope* they release everything ever done, but I'm not waiting for it.
  7. Right. What do you know? You're one of these people who seemed to have apeared here only after hearing about the "reunion". You haven't been part of the ride. You don't know anything. This hired hand shit talk is really disrespectful.
  8. hahahahaaa! Incredible performance. Yes, I also love Axl's vocals in 2010. London O2 Arena 2010 was also insane. Also Prague. And so on.
  9. I'm betting it won't turn out great. most likely it will lie andmanipulate things to be one-sided. And what are the odds they will completely or almost completely skip the whole CD era. It's probably a 2-5 minute part. "Oh btw this Chinese D thingiehappened, but who cares about all the interesting dynamics during then, but here's Duff the bridgemaker in 2014 and..."
  10. I recommend you check his work and enormous resume. Josh Freese is one of the best-known drummers in the business.
  11. Well, Pitman does have a point. For now it seems likeit will be fun for a while and then it's just another lazy oldies but goodies tour. If no albums in sight, this band could be done in 5-7 years, as everybody is getting bored in the band of lack of creativity and hindering it with touring endlessly. and again dont get me wrong, as i said it's fun now. But this can't go on indefinitely. everybody will be fired or will leave out of boredom.
  12. Haha. Well I supposes this fits here, here's my It's So Easy (maybe not asdrunk:p) http://www.smule.com/p/368586468_288746596
  13. Why? Fortus is on Chinese Democracy the album, and he is far far too talented to stay only in rhythm.
  14. Fede as in Federico or Fedex or Fed-eh (as in "I'm fed up" + -eh). Just like you pronunce Spanish... aren't Americans reasonably aware of Spanish style of pronunciation? lol. anyway, yeah.
  15. I believe it is an inherently bad idea to let Slash play lead on ALL Chinese songs. Richard already knows CD material by heart, Slash more than likely not, and he can't do these virtuoso solos. Fortus can to an extent, based on the last 3 shows. So, let Fortus finally play more lead. Simple.