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  1. No problem and thank you, man.
  2. Will they play Civil War?

    I know mate! Fans were like, god, I wish they would reunite and play the masterpiece of the temporary hired boys, Silkworms. Ok Im kidding, still I love nuGNR and Silkworms. And cant wait for the sequel for This I: Love. Rumours have it its a trilogy, with This II: Conflict, This III: Separation.
  3. As a matter of fact I was looking for a solution for my horrid lower teeth row. Then I remembered that Axl had similar looking teeth as in these pictures. So I dont really care about his teeth other than as a possible solution to my problem. But as WAR pointed out, they must be porcelain veneers. Might indeed be worth the trouble.
  4. Will they play Civil War?

    If they would be more plain fun and spontaneous, they would play all their weird shit, such as Silkworms and My World.  Im hoping for WAY WAY WAY more variation in the setlists in the future. Maybe salSh and Ffud will make this happen.
  5. I know some of you will slaughter me for such a thread title  But.  Do you think Axl has these kind of teeth implanted? http://www.cunningdental.com/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-in-1-day/ I am pretty damn sure he has something like this, as his teeth look unnaturally good and shiny (but great). Heck, I might even do something similar now.
  6. Momondo.com, skyscanner.com and Couchsurfing.
  7. An opinion is never an argument. It's an opinion. At the same time I'm not denying you could call the whole basis of the thread an opinion.
  8. I see this thread is going nowhere. It's alright. It wasn't really supposed to. Apart from the respect. Call me archaic, I like such little nuances. Oh! Add "fuck respect".
  9. Get real. Are you always this black and white? Are you one of those people who actually believe in the democrats/republicans two-party juxtaposition logic? Either you're this or you're that. No alternatives. I've told you before I don't like Jarmo's fantasy land. I came here to look for a normal civilised grown-ups conversation. I know, a Gn'R forum, I should be more realistic. So fuck everything that ever happened 2001-2014. Fuck all the people involved, including Axl. Hope it would've never existed. Silence 1996-2016, would've been much better. Fuck nuGN'R since we always have to compare all the lineups and hate on this and that motherfucker. Fuck Chinese Democracy. Fuck the partial reunion, they could've done better. Fuck everything we cared for. Fuck all Gn'R. Fuck Bumblefuck. Fuck everybody. Fuck it. Better?
  10. I am not crying, I am simply stating and observing. If somebody wants to be a dick, that's their personal choice. They can do that if they insist. People are allowed to express what they feel as you said, and I believe that also applies to me.
  11. No. That's just wrong information.
  12. The most annoying thing about the partial reunion is some of the fans, or "the fans" I should say. The forum is now lately filled with a lot of new users or old ones who seems to have awakened from their 20-year deep freeze state, immediately after the reunion talks. That's all fine per se. The arrogant and disrespectful talk though, is pathetic. I've followed this band almost all the way through the Chinese Democracy saga. Whatever Axl had against Slash or some other guys was not important. What was important was the present and that we, the fans, actually had a beast of a band with the new guys. I had become to know some amazing musicians. I've seen them enjoy playing their own parts on stage and seen them excited about the future of the band and where the new chapter of Guns N' Roses would take them. And certainly, after the 2002 shows, they started to gel and become an actual band. They hanged out together, had fun on stage together, even wrote music together. They really were their own great entity to me. The only person who seemed the most distant from his band members was actually Axl himself. To this day I don't know why it is so. It was the same thing in the old band or any incarnation ever. Axl did spend time with his band off-stage, too, but I had a feeling he was never quite *there* and really giving his time for them. Which is evident in any of the photos taken from around the world by the 2001-2014 band members. Axl was never short of amazing musicians. Brain, the best drummer they've ever had. Tommy, The Replacements player and rehearsal leader for GN'R for 18 years. Robin, a character and guitar player that split fans, but was interesting, entertaining character. Pitman, the sound engineer for Tool. Fortus and Ron, extremely talented guys and wonderful persons. Axl had every single chance in the world to put out even 5 albums by now with new Guns, who actually wanted to get this band go further and solidify themselves as a band, as the new exciting era of Guns in the eyes of the general fans. Merck Mercuriadis, the manager during 2005-2007 said Axl had plenty of opportunities to release Chinese way before 2008 and record with the band. He just refused. And I think everybody knows that. And I think many agree that after all this time, effort and love that we've given for the band during the new era, it not only seemed but was on some level, undeniably a terrible, terrible waste of talent and waste of opportunities. So much unutilised potential. It's the truth and that's just how it is. So the next time you hate on the Chinese era contributors, be very aware of why it wasn't successful. It had *nothing* to do with the band itself - most of them were into it and wanted to help and salvage the ship. This had everything to do with Axl. And do not assume anything will change with Duff and Slash back on board. Don't get me wrong - I hope the situation will change. It's just that the track record (or the lack of tracks or records) of the last 22 years speaks for itself. Be also aware that we long-time forumers have built a lot of emotional ties to these people who tried to keep Guns alive for a long time. They gave what they could. And I think it's time to give a big round of applause for all of their efforts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, guys. Thank you for all the wonderful moments. I will never forget what we had. I don't want to forget what could've been. But it's time to let go. Sadly. That said, I will be of course very excited to see Slash and Duff on stage again, and hope it will work out for them and that it's done for the right reasons. I don't however have any expectations whatsoever beyond a few live shows. Best of luck. All in all, let's try not to be so divided as fans. Even if Guns' history is so fragmented and being a fan of the band (whatever "the band" means anymore) is such a clusterfuck fest, let's try to understand each other a bit more. We are all here for the love of their music.
  13. That means youd never like Better to be removed from the setlist. Well, couldnt agree more. If they must keep jerking off Appetite, play only Rocket Queen and return to the newer stuff.
  14. Pitman shouldn't be there, I said it.

    Well it is a Guns N' Roses forum, so talking shit is just part of what comes in a free wheeling discussion. Have you tried Heretodaygonetohell? Maybe that's more your speed. Sure, because if I want a civil and normal friendly discussion about my favorite band, I also must like North Korea! You know perfectly well what I meant and therefore your suggestion is just provocation.