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  1. only over like the last year and even then he's not out of shape what are you smokin haha
  2. slash works out yo lol i think duff just eats better and has a faster metabolism
  3. but he knows them, we don't. they lived and toured together, just cause they don't hang out anymore (even tho him and slash did last night) doesn't change that lol. im gonna be bold and say that the reason steven even said "i will only play if izzy is there too" is because AFD5 is happening.
  4. they're all old friends and know how steven is MUCH better than us lol no way would they take that as a threat
  5. I think we're just too used to canned statements rather than how Steven will just go off talking and say things how he thinks them, on the spot lol he didn't shit talk guns, he seemed grateful, and the push down the stairs comment isn't something that anybody who actually knows the guy would interpret as bad! he's probably already said this same shit to them lol
  6. I think an Axl/DC studio release should be accompanied with a live abum of various Axl/dc performances like they did with their 'Live' album... would show off the new lineup and acclimate the older dacca fans to axl's voice a bit more proper with a physical sort of release of classic tracks, and could cull the very best VOX from the whole stretch of shows they did with him.
  7. The 'speech' he gave re: passion and gord downie and all that shit they did during one of their last songs was the cringiest thing I've witnessed at a concert lol. I'm in a college course pertaining to live sound and we used that same exact billy talent song (also live from a local festival) as an example of adjusting a mix on the fly, and the performance was from like 2011.... which means that hes repeating the same 'heartfelt' speech every fuckin show for like 5-6 years now haha damn axl rants> billy talent and their preaching
  8. melodies but i really don't think the lyrics! maybe a co-writer at most on a few songs but i expect a young/young/rose billing
  9. yup, and as SHITTY as it sounds, i've been a GnR fan since I can remember being a wee tot from my dad playing WTTJ, (im 22 now lmao) and i started playing guitar around 7 and got turned onto angus's style.... ACDC needs to record with axl ! and its just a dream come true that i think FUTURE generations to come will appreciate more than a 2017 GnR album... give the GnR album a bit of time THEN complain errybody! Axl will KILL it with ac/dc and the historical way of album writing for acca dacca is ANGUS/MALCOLM for lyrics then BRIAN changes a bit he doesnt like.... imagine that same process with AXL... damn he has incredible word choice imo and his melodies are VERY ac/dc oriented pentatonic ascending deals anyways
  10. random af but i saw wolfmother open for GnR (i think) at rock on the range in columbus, and i was just FUCKED on magic mushrooms and it was the coolest 30 min. set ever. wore off by GnR and i almost fell asleep by PC lol, good thing toronto was the shit. you could legit hear andrew stockdales voice as the translating factor to drugs it was just fucked, plus visuals were high and "the joker" was fuckin wild i thought i was stuck in a 70s psychadelic album cover
  11. not related, it all depends on if he applys pharyngeal pressure to his head voice and makes an NG noise behind his nose.... im serious.
  12. man axl loads up on the trim every 2nd night probably haha he's super private though, like angus from another band maybe how he likes it, we should respect that even though we're GnR diehards
  13. He's killing it this year, do we not now realize axl just gets better the more he sings lol