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  1. mike patton needs to lighten the fuck up , he's still a pissy bitch in his interviews, saw him calling wolfmother crap cause they sound 70's, yet FNM and mr bungle sound like they're trying to be weird 70's music. maybe he's jealous that the only singer with a similar range to him can actually write hits in all parts of his voice.
  2. so you're saying 2010, 2006, 2016 and the whole AC/DC tour sound bad?
  3. ya want blood cover.wav?dl=0 let me know what you think or if you have any requests credit to and their house band for the backing track
  4. axl sounded like poop and now theres a soundboard. go listen to shoot to thrill from lisbon, then my michelle from apollo, and tell me thats good. the people in attendance thinks he sounds great because of hi SPL's
  5. i wonder if this is melissa's role
  6. i know he does at that point, but it happens in houston when he's in a chest voice the whole time as well, where no register change occurs
  7. you can hear his voice rapidly change pitches and tones in a digital-sounding manner, it sort of cuts out halfway through "all that i want- NOW i know you better"
  8. Hey, what the hell happened at 4:28-4:32ish in that Better video... listen to Axl's voice. happened in houston iirc as well. somebody lip synching lines? wtf
  9. its literally axl's voice. the only thing lol, if he sang good they could play a full cover set at frank tempo and they'd still be great live