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  1. to be fair she didn't have context, all she saw was a guy yelling haha axl obviously cant respond or make a scene about the guard grabbing the dude either so she was just playing it safe.
  2. yay... i get to see Axl Rose in a hockey arena for the first boy, wooooohooo, yaaay, sick, awesome AND great
  3. terror attacks, poland don't get em cause they have no migrants lol the whole map is kind of a crap example though, the ONE attack in portugal on that map is an attack on the turkish embassy in lisbon, where they were actively denying responsibility for a genocide that the attackers thought they should claim responsibility for.
  4. one thing to consider, is that bigger bands get signed to these things called 360 or all exclusive deals nowadays, which means the promo company like live nation gets a cut of ALL revenue sources of GnR, and GnR seems like they could have signed one.
  5. hey god, its me, aaron, if you are real then this shits gonna be a new single and not some lame ass tour dates in california
  6. that was a rehearsal studio
  7. thats axl lol and he says 'lets play the songs' when somebody asks him what they should do ie. hes the boss
  9. i suppose i can agree he gave it a bit more, she sorta jumps around lamely like its a rave lol
  10. melissas a friggin rocket though with a veeeery good voice who actually lends to the GnR sound while meanwhile chris...he looks like a rapey upscale version of iggy pop and sounded very meh. Bumblefoot used to carry the BG vox in nu-GnR and everyone who shits on melissa probably wouldn't like to hear just duff and dizzy try to hit axl's octave.
  11. jesus christ, pitmans keyboard, like did he REALLY get any pussy or extra money from playing his keyboard on a fuckin bouncy spring lmaaaaao
  12. any requests for a GnR tune???
  13. I sing like axl but it started cause of AC/DC but i identify with his pronunciation and intervals and almost everything... i also play guitar and my dynamics are VERY slash-like imo but i never use the exact same runs or scales, but I love his right hand control and bends. Country playing is near and dear to my heart from skynyrd growing up, so i play more like that, but I love that very underrated part of slash's game, which is how fuckin southern rock he can sound. cover.wav?dl=0 (my cover of thunderstruck, shows the axl influence lol) oh and if anybody wants guitar/vox for a houseband thing, i am SO down and have all the proper recording gear
  14. thank you so much!!!
  15. oops, should be good now