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  1. man axl loads up on the trim every 2nd night probably haha he's super private though, like angus from another band maybe how he likes it, we should respect that even though we're GnR diehards
  2. He's killing it this year, do we not now realize axl just gets better the more he sings lol
  3. better sounds raspy as balls lol
  4. that jungle literally reminded me of 90's perfect crime in indiana with the raspiness at some parts
  5. this is human kindness and if you're arguing about why he's doing this or supporting any other animal conservation cause, then you're just a dick waiting for other dicks to validate your dickiness.
  6. first time i've heard axl's head voice almost stop working during that last part of coma lol
  7. stream died right when my dick got hard from that bit of civil war lol
  8. holy shit, rasp on civil war!!!!
  9. agreed on the EQ being different, Axl must be a nightmare (in a good challenged kinda way) on the multi range songs
  10. 1. lower pitches are harder to hear as their soundwaves are big and long and can get muddled in the mix of a big arena/stadium 2. Axl sings much louder in his high voice, almost screaming during songs like nightrain/my michelle 3. the closer to the front of the stage, the shitter the sound, as the PA isn't set up for the front row peeps. PS. their live mixer is Caram, who produced and mixed chinese democracy
  11. Nightrain needs to be opener again, just once or something haha so epic... but until that day, ISE is an incredible tune to start with, and that low pitched burst of tunes at the start (ISE, MR. B, CD) seems to almost be axls warmup for the higher pitched songs later in the gig.
  12. only ac/dc, aerosmith and led zep can come close to GnR imo
  13. fortus and slash is a deadly combo, use your fuckin ears everyone! he plays cleaner and tighter than slashes growling jube's or jcm-800s but can mix it up and even venture into ridiculous buckethead/bumble turf when need be, all while keeping his own style. sticks to the nice pentatonic scales during improvs while making it not sound cliche or like mindless wanking, and uses chicken picking and shit as well.. overall a great guitarist and i never paid much attention to him until NITL (the mix for his rhythm playing was low in nu-guns), but he's killing it!