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  1. 1. lower pitches are harder to hear as their soundwaves are big and long and can get muddled in the mix of a big arena/stadium 2. Axl sings much louder in his high voice, almost screaming during songs like nightrain/my michelle 3. the closer to the front of the stage, the shitter the sound, as the PA isn't set up for the front row peeps. PS. their live mixer is Caram, who produced and mixed chinese democracy
  2. setlist for 2017

    Nightrain needs to be opener again, just once or something haha so epic... but until that day, ISE is an incredible tune to start with, and that low pitched burst of tunes at the start (ISE, MR. B, CD) seems to almost be axls warmup for the higher pitched songs later in the gig.
  3. Is Guns N' Roses your favorite band?

    only ac/dc, aerosmith and led zep can come close to GnR imo
  4. New album this year rumour

    fortus and slash is a deadly combo, use your fuckin ears everyone! he plays cleaner and tighter than slashes growling jube's or jcm-800s but can mix it up and even venture into ridiculous buckethead/bumble turf when need be, all while keeping his own style. sticks to the nice pentatonic scales during improvs while making it not sound cliche or like mindless wanking, and uses chicken picking and shit as well.. overall a great guitarist and i never paid much attention to him until NITL (the mix for his rhythm playing was low in nu-guns), but he's killing it!
  5. Izzy's legal name

    i think slash is just a stage name and izzy actually changed his.. slash doesn't seem like he'd go and change his birth name because everyone calls him it lol, but uses it all the time because its more recognizable and cool sounding for fans
  6. Chest voice vs head voice

    damn ive watched this a few times already, powerhouse of a performance
  7. Monster Truck would be great but not high profile enough yet to be a standalone opener for guns IMO, could still see it cause 'loyalty' haha slash loves em
  8. Chest voice vs head voice

    I do agree axl is the KING of delivery, and those shows prove it, but I'm just sayin I hear a bit of a difference in his vocal TONE... no doubts he can control what he wants to do with his voice/technique, but I feel his voice is changing more in a damaging way than previous tours with his 'familiar' guns songs
  9. Chest voice vs head voice

    yup, he did it as professionally as you could tackle it and there were still issues with the higher songs like hells bells, thunderstruckand FTATR... no straining on the bon songs for the most part, if they tour again and drop thunderstruck and some BIB material and play bon deep cuts or new music LOL i can see axl doing this for a long time... but the brian stuff is damn near impossible to stay consistent on, even brian had damage like 2 years after joining, compare back in black to razors edge.. night and day
  10. Chest voice vs head voice

    1:30, 1:43, 1:50, 1:54voice cracks ALL in the first verse haha, im NOT disputing it sounds great but thats proof of vocal straining! for example, this is truly an incredible display of power and tone, but when he screams ALL, you can hear weirdnessin his voice that never used to be there, and i swear it reminds me of the razors edge era brian johnson when the 'elmo' tone came out in his voice from all the straining.
  11. Chest voice vs head voice

    conservation is key, and I think he'll just gradually get better and better as long as it's GnR, and if he does AC/DC again, it'll be shorter shows and tours with 100 percent screaming chest voice. also, Axl is pushing a LOT more air than he ever has from 2000-2012.. when he does the 'rasp' it's much clearer, louder and tonally pleasing and healthier sounding than that crap nasally 90's thing.
  12. Chest voice vs head voice

    please realize Axl has done vocal damage from that small chunk of AC/DC shows... listen to for those about to rock from the final US leg, it gets worse and worse every night and he noticeably didn't go as hard in SA as he did USA this past summer
  13. GA Pit the week before the shows

    they'll only go DOWN in price if the show is a week away or less, they may even rise until then grr.. also say fuck it and spam fernando on instagram the day before and of the show, they've been really cool and given several upgrades per show
  14. i literally just went on this website asleep or something, do NOT remember posting in this topic, but see y'all there!