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  1. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool haha that was clever
  2. I would release a new record that would consist of 4 brand new tracks, the 4 best tracks from the 96 sessions with Izzy and then have Slash and Duff pick the 4 best of the intended CD II, I think this could be a really strong effort but probably wont happen.
  3. That backstage thing from the Troubadour and then experiencing it live 1 week later at Las Vegas (both shows) and ofcourse when Steven joined them for the 1st time!
  4. We are the misfits... and were gonna getcha!
  5. They should bring back the Ritz version.
  6. Contraband is far superior to Libertad, sorry it has some nice tunes but has too much fillers!