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  1. I saw the Who at Desert Trip last year and they fucking rocked!! Loved it! Its gonna be an epic rock n roll night! GNR + THE WHO!
  2. This was great!
  3. Where are those emails?
  4. They could split de loot 5 ways for 3 special AFD 30th aniversary shows
  5. They should do like the Rolling Stones, where they give you 5 picks and the most voted gets played...
  6. I was backstage with him for a few minutes in August 2015 in one of his solo shows and he knew, he said to me "in a couple of years" when I asked.
  7. Perfect Crime has been on the alt setlist for so many years and never played I dont understand why they still print it on the setlist, is it a rib on the fans? LOL
  8. They need to get 117 and Like a Dog!!!
  9. So the ALT list is: Prefect Crime Catcher in the Rye Sorry Your Crazy I Used to Love Her There Was a Time
  10. You Could Be Mine sounds great!!
  11. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollll hahahaha
  12. 1. Right Next Door to Hell 2. Pretty Tied Up 3. Locomotive 4. Down on the Farm 5. You Aint the First 6. Bad Obsession 7. Think About You 8. Perfect Crime 9. Coma 10. Dust N Bones 11. Yesterdays 12. Youre Crazy (Lies) 13. Nice Boys 14. Back Off Bitch ENCORE 15. Double Talkin Jive (extended jam)
  13. LOL the video is funny but terrible at the same time!
  14. DVD 1: Full Troubadour show + documentary + extras from both Vegas nights. DVD 2: Full Houston show + Extra songs that werent performed in Houston plus Adler´s appearance.