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  1. No, that's true. Too bad you can't get to it. There were some pretty funny things there, iirc. (Your mod superpowers are a bit underwhelming )
  2. From my time here, MyPearlJam was the best, I agree. @Gracii Guns Remember we had that special section for members during a short time, before Downzy took over? There was a thread in there like this one, I think it was called MYGNR Hall of Fame or something. I don't know if it's still accessible for you. I got acquainted with lots of other fun threads back then, like the sneakers at a wedding and Chris who'd eat his glove.
  3. @bucketfoot and @solstar took the first things that came to mind. So here's the Kinks
  4. This was a difficult one, but a long time ago, I always used to listen to this when I went to sleep. So not just one song, but a whole album.
  5. This one's easy. It even starts off with 'Wake up!'
  6. That is a great song! Cyndi Lauper
  7. I like lots of your guilty pleasures. I would never call Get in the Ring a guilty pleasure though. @bucketfoot I seem to have missed that song. It's Alright and Stay Another Day is all I seem to remember from East 17. I think a good deal of songs I love listening to, would be deemed guilty pleasures, but I don't care. Sometimes a song can be just fun. Like this one: The video is hilarious too.
  8. Great too. I once posted the Pulp Fiction dance scene in the Dance Thread
  9. Little Green Bag by the George Baker Selection. Reservoir Dogs - what else?
  10. Don't you kids check out the booklet anymore? It's 'There all alone' I agree about the lonely tears calling you though. Another one is Scraped: Don't you try to stop us now. I just refuse. Don't you try to stop us now. Cause I just won't let you. It fits better in a boyband song. I always found it funny that a grown up man would sing a thing like that. Feels more like a teenage thing to me. And then the whole Gonna call the president etc of course. Love IRS and I like the rest of the lyrics, but that chorus is so odd.
  11. So awful... Heading over there in a few days I guess I should consider myself lucky I'm not there now. You can't prevent such an attack, but it seems like Sweden might get military on the streets now too, just like we've been having for over a year now.
  12. I think the issue with Madison wasn't her view of Axl or GNR, but how she treated posters? Apparently she loved swinging her ban hammer Yes, Axl hasn't done that. He doesn't interact at all (Not that I'd prefer him being an asshole to fans online. I'd rather he keeps quiet then.)
  13. Of course he was allowed to call her out on it, but like that? Really? How would you feel if he came out and started lashing out at random fans because they blame Axl for Izzy and Steven not being there? Because God knows he's being bashed constantly by some. Would that be okay too? If he came out to 'defend himself' and call a bunch of posters derogatory names? I wonder if some of you would still be applauding and cheering him on then. Jesus. It would've been disrespectful and inexcusable if he'd done that to anyone, but bearing in mind this is someone who devoted years of her life to the band, well, that makes it even a bit more bitter to me. She wasn't fucking up the band members, was she? When did she do that? She was just giving the information she got at the time. Nothing wrong with that. If her information was wrong, maybe you know, they could've communicated it like civilised human beings? As for her being entitled, yes, I think she deserves respect, same as every other human being.