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  1. So... finally saw GNR after all these years. It was a great experience, I had a wonderful time, best time I ever had on a show, that's for sure. For me personally, it was extraordinary, but I guess nothing really out of the ordinary to report here. As far as some of you people bitching about the crowd. Belgians are quiet and reserved, but where I was (around third row behind the golden circle), lots of people around me sang along with most songs, not only the hits, everyone was really into it and there were some mini moshpits a few times. I guess it really depends where you end up. I was in the pit last year with AC/DC, and from where I was standing, the crowd last night was much more lively than AC/DC's crowd, even in the pit. I did notice there were lots of older people and men in button shirts in GC though. GC was really small, and people there had a lot of space. We kind of regretted not getting GC for this one, but they were much more expensive, and all in all, we had a great view, and were among people that were into it as well, not talking, not holding up their phones all the time. Only complaint I had, was I almost got into fight with a girl who rudely wanted to take my place during Jungle, very annoying, and I got really pissed. But with some help, we succeeded in shoving her out of the way and I was able to enjoy the end of Jungle. I got highfives from some people around me and a guy said I was a woman with balls. That was a first, but yeah, don't mess with me when I finally get to see Axl and Slash after 25 years. When I got out of the crowd, I was amazed that the crowd was so huge and even people quite far from the stage weren't talking or anything, but were still into it. I did notice many drunk people nearer the drinks stands. I'd almost forgotten that's what a festival is like.
  2. Yeah, I bought the white one, but most people just buy one of the black event shirts. I like the white though, it's something different.
  3. I think you can only watch it in Belgium.
  4. Wolfmother on now. Three more hours to go!
  5. I might not have a Dali, at least I have a Magritte now 😊
  6. No need. I know they're fantastic. (Not all of them, mind you, that's another fanfic thing floating around.) I just don't get what it is that makes people jump on people that enjoyed a show and want to act as if they're morons that don't know any better. It's one thing to give your opinion and not like Axl's voice, the setlist, Slash's improv or whatever else, but why break down people that come here to share the experience they had? I'm now replying to you, but I'm not just talking about you, by the way, I've seen more posters do that. It's like those people you enthusiastically tell about your holiday, only to have them shrug and say that it's overrated and boring. Why on earth would you do that? They just came back from a show and they thought it was great and want to share. Oh, and him saying Axl sounds fantastic is his opinion, you saying he doesn't, is worth just as much. It's all just opinions.
  7. You're just being a bit silly, that's all. Thousands and thousands every show think he's fantastic, lots of examples in this very thread from casual fans on GNR Facebook and The Guardian site, and great reviews. Are you honestly saying they're all fanboys? Or are you going for the 'they censor all bad comments' approach? When I've gone to a show next week and I'm writing up a raving review, don't come to me saying I'm wrong and it was average, because I'll tell you to fuck off as well.
  8. Must be censorship or just all fanboys. Or deaf people.
  9. So is Double Talking Jive, so take that for what it's worth
  10. No, they've not played it a couple of times now.
  11. You said it! Completely agree
  12. Seeing SoulMonster back posting
  13. Not new, that's Andrei Gilott (sp?), I believe. The one who picks up girls for the afterparties. At least, that's what I think. I'm sure the posters at the Women thread can confirm/deny
  14. Could it be the ID number of the owner? I don't know how it is in other countries, but we have that. I don't know if it's called a social security number or something? Maybe ask @Rovim if he knows, as he's from Israel, I believe.