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  1. Chinese Democracy Secrets

    No...No,you are wrong and you have obviously havehorrendous taste in music. Sucks I bet.
  2. Chinese Democracy Secrets

    Will always love this album. Just too many brilliant ideas on it to pretend it's not great. The lame thing is that even if it is essentially more or less a "solo" effort by Axl, it gets judged not for the music but because of the simple fact that Slash & Duff are not on it. Which would be like listening to VR (or really any of the myriad of solo efforts) and immediately saying "Pfffft, no Axl? Fuck this!!" Waaaayyy too many people had that attitude about Chinese Democracy, and missed out on some insanely good music.
  3. Getting a kick out of the slurring, barely coherent screams coming out of this guy. "Fuckin Dungeon of Dragons....Errr....Fuckin Slaaaaash!!!"
  4. Holy fuck Axl is killing Estranged.....Best live performance I've ever heard from the man.
  5. THIS. I don't care if it's Slash laying down guitar over tracks that or already "in the can" or what. I just want to hear his guitar over Axl's vocals on a new GNR record. Hearing how much "better" he makes the Chi Dem songs sound live only bolsters my enthusiasm for this.
  6. Ticket Demand?

    Man, some of these 2nd shows are selling pretty slowly. Some proper promotion from the bandcertainly wouldn't hurt.
  7. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    I think The Black Keys would be a great opener. Axl's a big fan too.
  8. Rehearsal at Venue in Lisbon Video

    If he can keep this intensity through the N.A. tour we're in for a helluva summer!
  9. Incredible. Only on the friggin internet could you dig up fans whiny enough to deem Slash and Duff being back in Guns N' Roses and stadiums selling out across the U.S. a continuation of the last tour(s).
  10. Ticket Demand?

    Yup. Chicago is a confirmed sell-out now. Haven't seen demand like this for a rock band where stadium shows are being added in a bunch of the major markets in a looooong time.
  11. 7/1 officially sold out on Ticketmaster!! Can't wait!
  12. Some of these pissy "critiques" are unreal and utterly nitpicky. I just watched the TWAT video and Slash absolutely crushed it. Having such a blast watching this all unfold.
  13. They 100% bring out the best in eachother. I think that fact probablyfueled their feud for so long too. Neither wanted to believe it.
  14. I've really been digging Melissa. Herbackground vocals and keys really stand out, particularly on NR, Coma & Better. Love her enthusiasm. Pretty cute too!