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  1. Moot point since we won't get either.
  2. I don't know about the rest of you, but I FOR ONE am still enjoying discovering new layers in Shackler's Revenge! Who needs new music?
  3. I mean...Live Nation promoting this is pretty telling, and a bit of a spoiler. Why would they give a f*ck about new music?
  4. I have. Aaaand YAWN.
  5. Prob this. I'd like it to mean new music somehow, but the realist GNR fan who's been around for longer than 5 mins knows that's just not gonna happen. If not new music, my second hope would be some sort of AFD5 show(s), but with the recent Fortus & Melissa interviews should tell us all they ain't going anywhere. Barring those two, this likely means more shows. Meh.
  6. And just think, if Axl and management didn't slap a gag order/interview embargo on Slash & Duff we might just have some clarity as to where things go from here. God fucking forbid.
  7. It just might mean they're gonna keep tacking on new legs of the NITL tour, as long as it's selling well, and financially it makes sense for Slash to stay on board. We've all heard rumors of an arena run in the states this coming fall. Maybe that's all this means? I want to believe there's plans for new GNR music, but until we hear something concrete...
  8. New albums basically serve as way for big name touring acts to slap new paint on an old house, and kinda "re-brand" things to sell tickets. It's no secret that the vast majority of money is raked in through touring, but even that needs to be "shaken up" now and then. The reunion stigma is soon going to wear off and they'll need to go back to the drawing board eventually. Consider that Axl has *at least* 1 more album worth of vocals already recorded from the elusive followup to Chinese. I would imagine it would be fairly easy for Slash & Duff to strip most of the guitar and bass parts and "rebuild" them in their style, requiring little to no studio time for Axl. Not saying that this is what Slash is doing in the studio right now, but again, I would think this would be pretty easy if the idea is to get an album out sooner than later.
  9. Glad this was unlocked. However unlikely, keeping discussion limited to the social media thread for something potentially this interesting seems....odd. Anyway, I would say if he is somehow recording for Guns, it adds some credence to the theories that Slash will be re-recording/adding parts for whatever else Axl already has "in the can". It's also possible he's simply laying down ideas to send to Axl for entirely new tracks, though I would probably bet on the former if, again, if this is somehow related to Guns. Mostly because I just don't see Axl hitting the studio to record an entirely new project with all he already has done.
  10. You're not wrong, it could be anything. Just seems like the obvious thing for Guns to do during the down time, since there still seems to be a good amount of talk and buzz regarding the next album in the wake of the reunion's success. Though, striking while the iron's hot hasn't exactly been one of Axl's strong points post break-up. 2002 and 2006 come to mind. Hopefully having the media and vast majority of the fan base rooting for him this time will make a difference. Not to mention the assumed full support of the label and industry as a whole right now.
  11. You might be right in your thinking, but that doesn't sound like a very "Axl" thing to do as far as scrapping it all and starting from scratch, other than perhaps his vocals. Chinese was re-recorded an unknown amount of times and many of his vocals recorded in 99-00 still ended up on the album, along with guitar bits. IRS, TWAT, Chinese, & Catcher come to mind.
  12. Yes, I'm well aware that this has been brought up in the Social Media thread, but...but...How the f*ck aren't we talking more about this??? So Slash has been spotted a couple times in the past week hanging out and recording in an LA based studio. Sure, nothing has been officially announced as to what he's up to/recording. But I also do not imagine GNR or Slash would broadcast it if he was in fact doing studio work for GNR's next album. Last summer, Axl let it be known that he showed both Slash & Duff the other half of Chinese and that "they liked it". Could this be Slash putting his touches on those tracks? Slash giving what would have been the second half of Chinese a more "classic" Guns vibe certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. And hell, I'm sure they sound pretty good as they are.
  13. A studio is an odd place to visit just because. Maybe he's checking out their setup for possible Guns recording? Probably not, but I suppose anything is possible.
  14. So DC films just poached Joss Whedon to direct and write Batgirl, which will exist within Affleck’s Batuniverse. That’s just huge, he’s Marvel’s biggest writer/director. Whedon, Matt Reeves for Batman, and possibly Matthew Vaughn for Man of Steel 2. Looks like a very positive course correction to me... Now just officially sign Mathew Vaughn to write and direct Man of Steel 2 and my ass is sold on the future post Justice League. And while we're wishing, Jordan Peele to re-write and direct The Flash.
  15. Doubtful. I honestly believe that the release of Chinese Democracy (and the long road it took to get there) burned Axl out completely in terms of taking actual steps towards finishing and, get this, RELEASING whatever else they have. You'd think having Slash back in the fold would be a 'no brainer' as to getting him to record on those tracks, like, yesterday and putting out a record to support the rest of the touring. But alas, unless they're doing some top secret recording right now it doesn't seem like it's going to happen. A lot of people say that Slash won't stick around if there's no new music. I tend to disagree. He's likely making better money than he's seen since he left the band in 1996, and not only that, he has his "legacy" back now that he's a part of GNR again. Something I'm sure he was missing and resentful to be missing out on these past years. He'll likely stay as long as they keep announcing new tour legs, unfortunately. Unfortunate because he's involvement (or lack therof) could be the key to getting an album sooner than later.