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  1. Two shows at Soldier Field?! Holy crap that's ambitious. Hope it's true!
  2. Airfare and hotel help for Vegas?

    Yeah, you're not wrong. Thing is, we have our 1 year old at home and I'm lucky I convinced the wife to go with me for two nights as it is.  It's about a 125 cheaper to fly out on Monday...But that ain't happening. 
  3. Airfare and hotel help for Vegas?

    Okay, got two round trip tix from Chicago for Fri though Sun for $744 through Expedia.  Been checking every day for the last two weeks, and for the life of me that's the best I can do.  South West is still over $200 more than that.
  4. SA 2016 tour?

    I mean the band has basically lived in S.A. since 2010, so I'm glad North America is getting shows first this time. 
  5. SA 2016 tour?

    Hahaaaaa S.A. has to wait for a change. 
  6. A page for grown up, adult, whiney brats. Wonderful. "It's not a reunion unless..." Shut the f*ck up already.
  7. Reunion Setlist?

    If we get any of the following: Pretty Tied Up/Breakdown/Bad Obsession/Coma I will be thrilled.
  8. An announcement has to be fairly imminent.
  9. Billboard, who was right in literally every prediction they made in their article that broke Coachella, said that summer 2016 was for a U.S. stadium tour. This shouldn't surprise anyone. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/6828129/guns-n-roses-reunion-coachella-stadium-las-vegas
  10. Tom Zutaut is scum, plain and simple. Dude has done everything he can do tarnish Axl and GNR since he was banished.
  11. But soooo, soooo Axl nonetheless.
  12. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    Yeah, it's pretty dope so many forum members will be under one roof at the same show. I would think the first couple of shows with Axl and Slash standing side by side would be cause for something like this. Stoked!!
  13. Airfare and hotel help for Vegas?

    Yeah, came out to around 280 when all was said and done. Which is still decent for The Strip I suppose. Plus their pool looks wicked : )
  14. Who kidnapped Steven Adler?

    I'm guessing someone (Slash/Duff/Axl/Management) told him that if he wanted to be a part of it and have a guest spot, his best chance was to keep his mouth shut and not say a word to the media. Good for him for staying quiet this long.
  15. Airfare and hotel help for Vegas?

    Staying at the MGM Signature. 190 bucks for two nights, not too bad!