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  1. As lame as it is that we're likely to get an AC/DC album before a Guns album, it's hard to be completely bummed about this. Sounds like Angus is doing the brunt of the writing, perhaps even lyrics too. Could be cool I guess. But damn do I want a GNR album with Slash...
  2. I think that's a healthy attitude to have. And lets not forget how amazing the shows have been up to this point. In my dojo anything more, be it an album or full AFD5 reunion, it will just be even more icing on the cake.
  3. Yeah, it's not exactly something that gives you good feels when you can so clearly see what motivates these guys at the end of the day and after all the tough talk. I think they, especially the big 3, look at Guns N' Roses as their baby and their rightful legacy. Almost like Slash & Duff have been reunited with their estranged kids coming back into the fold like this and reclaiming what's rightfully theirs after all these years. Sure it would probably be nice to take their buddies along for the ride, but not at their own expense. Which I guess I can understand, especially after all these years. And yes, I would not rule out a full reunion of the AFD5 just yet. Part of the "good thing" about corporate rock acts like The Stones, U2 & Metallica is that even they need to re-brand eventually to keep things running. This often comes in the form of a new album...or a full reunion of sorts. Would be awfully cool if the AFD5 did something similar to the Up Close And Personal theater tour to celebrate AFD30. Just spit balling, but there are many possibilities for the future.
  4. You're not wrong. I think a lot of what Slash, and to a lesser extent Duff, said to the media for a good 15 years was more about them simply posturing for the sake of keeping their credibility as relevant musicians in tact. At the time, they needed to justify whatever project (VR, solo, etc.) they were promoting and often came at Axl's expense, tearing down him and his venture to keep GNR running...without them in order to legitimize their efforts. It's one of the reasons we didn't see this reunion until 2016. It was ugly, often unfair...But it made sense for men trying to keep their careers afloat. And yes, it was probably mostly hot air. You have to figure that Slash, in 2005 at the height of VR's fame, went to Axl's house for a reason to make peace when that tour offer was on the table. I think it's fair to say that Slash would have returned to the fold starting in 2001 when he showed up at the House of Blues show and on. So when it became real in 2014/2015 he was obviously all in, probably regardless of the rest of the lineup around him, other than maybe Duff. So I digress, is it a fairytail ending that hardcore GNR fans may have wanted with the AFD5 riding into the sunset together? No, not exactly. But the ride ain't over yet, and I think those throwing tantrums in this thread are cashing in their chips a bit early.
  5. My two cents: Without knowing the details, which none of us do, I can't say this is all that surprising. I'm a little surprised that some people here are seemingly stunned that GNR, one of the biggest rock acts of 2017, would run like a corporation, which presently it very much is. Is it ideal that they aren't particularly motivated to risk their bottom lines (millions) to include their old buddies, whose inclusion wouldn't really affect ticket sales, if at all? No, certainly not ideal from a passionate fan's perspective, and also probably not ideal from said ex-members perspectives. But it is what it is, really. Been that way with Guns since contract negotiations were going on in mid 90s. Hardly anything new, not matter how stung some people are about it. Once bands reach Stones levels of success, contracts must be formed and parterships must be made. Ronnie Wood wasn't given partnership in The Stones until the late 90s. Does it suck that Mick Taylor is reduced to guest appearances, if at all, now that he wants back in? Sure, he helped craft some of their best works on their most famous albums. But it's the nature of this business, love it or hate it. Again, it's just how it goes and it's not always pretty. Hardly something to take some foolish/pointless stand as a fan, as if it matters one iota. An Axl & Slash reunion, not long ago, seemed like an impossibility. It's happened. I understand you love Izzy & Steven too but all this whining kinda reeks of fan entitlement.
  6. I have to be pretty thick skulled to not understand what DJ was doing with that goofy press release announcing his exit from Guns, especially when you consider the bombshell announced not even 6 months later. He seized the opportunity to both save face, while also grabbing a bunch of headlines. It obviously worked, because DJ Ashba is a household name now.....Said no one ever.
  7. Gene Simmons = BIGGEST CUNT IN ROCK
  8. Obviously not. Ultimately we do not know what this billboard is promoting until we know. Until then, it's called speculation.
  9. Same here. Could be hinting at more surprise shows on the strip. The proximity to Tower Records is also interesting. Hopefully it's some slow burn type gorilla marketing that ends up leading to some kind of release.
  10. Could be. I'm just noting that there's an obvious difference between the one shown in the photo in L.A. than the ones that were advertised as recently as a month ago, most notably the yellow background the lack of song lyrics "Patience" & "Welcome To The Jungle". Could mean nothing. We'll see.
  11. Right now, I think the safest bet is that this is promoting an upcoming L.A. show. If more of these start popping up randomly in other big cities, we might be seeing the start of promotion for some kind of release. We'll see!
  12. Thinking this billboard is promoting anything in SA is, I'm sorry, pretty dumb. They might as well promote the upcoming Dubai show in f*cking Chicago. As far fetched as a new album is, I'd put that ahead of this billboard promoting an SA show(s).
  13. I certainly hope, if this is promoting an upcoming release, that it's *NOT* for a greatest hits. I think this tour certainly deserves an HD blu-ray release, short of a new album, of course. So that would be cool, maybe including some interviews and extras.
  14. The simple bullet logo would work well for a greatest hits too, but who knows? Could be part of a larger "bullet on yellow" theme that could be revealed later on. At this point, the sign could be promoting anything until we get some kind of clarification.
  15. Agreed. I think this past year has helped Axl to embrace the past and GNR's history, instead of seemingly running from it like he did from 1998-2014. I just know that after this year I'm going to "never say never" again when it comes to GNR. I'm rooting for a new album, however unlikely it may be.