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  1. People love to actoutraged nowadays. It was an innocent joke, as the band members were grinning and laughing the whole time. Not everything has to be so serious.
  2. You know, i'm not saying that any of this is alluding to new music, but people need to stop shutting others down completely. If this year hasn't proven that anything is possible thenI don't know what to tell you. All these "Wrong!" posters need to lighten up.
  3. I'd love to see an album coincide with the next NA tour. Hopefully this teases the title and/or single.
  4. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Woah, so another NA tour's already in the works?
  5. I...seriously hope we don't see another SMKC album, at least for another few years, if ever. Reason being, if it happens sooner than later, it basically eludes to the fact that a GNR release is not going to happen. Why? If Slash does another SMKC album, he's going to want to tour on it for at least a year to promote it. If the NITL tour ends sometime next year, and Slash returns to the studio with the Conspirators, it means nothing is on the immediate horizon for GNR, album or otherwise.
  6. I just hope they don't get lost in "over thinking" things once the tour is over. Either A) Get Slash & Duff in the studio asap to record on/over whatever's already done or B) Live in the studio for a few months and hammer out an entirely new album. One or the other. If the idea is to somehow incorporate both, I feel like the wait could be a lot harder trying to sort that out.
  7. I think he just means that they're out there supporting a new album, as a opposed to Guns who are simply out there touting the reunion, which is still a pretty big deal. That said, I think his judgement here is a little pre-mature since they've only been out touring for several months after taking a 23 year break. If by this time next year we don't know anything more about an upcoming Guns album, Kirk's assessment will be correct.
  8. I'm more than a little sure that Slash is enjoying being in Guns again, but he's no dummy. His contributions to Guns on a recording level would more than likely be simply contributing to already existing tracks. And that's not even a given, but something Axl was mulling, at least at the time of that interview where he said it was an option. Slash has said multiple times that he's always writing, especially when he's on the road. He is likely keeping the doors open to more SMKC should Guns finish touring with no definite plans, studio or otherwise. He's not one to sit on his hands waiting for Axl's call. This isn't Bumblefoot or Chris Pitman, it's Slash.
  9. New album this year rumour

    I have a feeling that the "package deal" for Slash & Duff is a likely premise that will eventually (if not already) bring them aboard adding their talents to CD2. This is the best paying and most lucrativegig they've had since they walked away fromGNR in 96 & 97. If anything, I could see them taking part in recording simply to keep the ship in the water for as long as possible. I also think none would be opposed to adding a couple new songs into the live set to keep things fun and fresh.
  10. Yeah, the odds aren't exactly in our favor going by the way Axl operates. I'm just saying that one project won't necessarily impact the other. In theory, Slash could spend just a week or so in the studio adding solos or whatever else to existing GNR tracks and that will be that and it can move on to mixing. Unfortunately, it really depends on Axl's desire to make it happen. Who knows where he's at with that as of today.
  11. Not necessarily. Keep in mind, the plan for SMK was initially to record the next album in May before the Guns summer tour. Obviously that did not pan out. I think it's obvious that should Axl get Slash & Duff in the studio to contribute to the next album then that would take precedence for Slash.
  12. So fall 2017 at the earliest then forSMK. Hopefully Axl does the smart and obvious thing and gets Slash & Duff in the studio before then to get the next Guns album out ASAP.
  13. New album this year rumour

    Let's not forget Soul Monster (Leave Me Alone) which is also supposed to be a beast... I'm totally hoping Slash gets his hands on said tracks sooner than later and gives them more of a classic Guns feel.
  14. New Album Rumors Thread

    Yeah, this whole year has taught me to "never say never". If Axl wants to keep the momentum going & has Slash & Duff record while he's touring with AC/DC...I dunno...I just wouldn't placeANYTHING outside the realm of possibilities from here on out. Really comes down to just how motivated Axl is to get a record out sooner than later.