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  1. New album this year rumour

    Let's not forget Soul Monster (Leave Me Alone) which is also supposed to be a beast... I'm totally hoping Slash gets his hands on said tracks sooner than later and gives them more of a classic Guns feel.
  2. New Album Rumors Thread

    Yeah, this whole year has taught me to "never say never". If Axl wants to keep the momentum going & has Slash & Duff record while he's touring with AC/DC...I dunno...I just wouldn't placeANYTHING outside the realm of possibilities from here on out. Really comes down to just how motivated Axl is to get a record out sooner than later.
  3. New Album Rumors Thread

    I have a feeling that if analbum comes sooner than later, it's going to be because Axl is acutely aware that Slash likes to play & record new music. It'll be gas in the proverbial tank of Guns N' Roses.
  4. New Album Rumors Thread

    Is the source Ivan from Argentina?
  5. I feel like some people (though aminority)really want to believe that Gilby was anoriginal member, contributed literally anything to original material,and wasn't brought on board to fill in for Izzy when he left them high and dry, only to be shit canned soon after said touring was complete. What idiots!
  6. Gilby...Certainly has a high opinion of himself if he thinks it's not a proper reunion unless he's involved somehow. And then there' know...reality where the rest of us live.
  7. Super Bowl?

    Ugh, good. The SB has served as an embarrassment for too many good bands (Aerosmith, Chili Peppers etc.) I'd much rather have Guns miss it to do what they do best.
  8. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Saw this the other day, was a fun watch. I give the Ultimate Edition an 8/10, theatrical a less than enthusiastic 6/10. After loving Man of Steel, I really wanted this to be a homerun. Hopefully Geoff Johns rights the ship for Justice League. Today they announced they have commenced development of the MOS sequel. Hopefully we get an inspired director & writer for that one!
  9. Hypothetical New Music

    I'm not really gonna bite on all the what the next album "should" be comments. However, it will LIKELY be Slash & Duff adding parts to existing "Chi Dem 2" tracks, with maybe an original track or two. And I'll be very ok with that.
  10. Hopefully Slash & Duff's inclusion on said tracks will lighten the "burden" of being the sole target of criticism. Hopefully they can find their way into a studio in between tour legs.
  11. Chinese Democracy Secrets

    No...No,you are wrong and you have obviously havehorrendous taste in music. Sucks I bet.
  12. Chinese Democracy Secrets

    Will always love this album. Just too many brilliant ideas on it to pretend it's not great. The lame thing is that even if it is essentially more or less a "solo" effort by Axl, it gets judged not for the music but because of the simple fact that Slash & Duff are not on it. Which would be like listening to VR (or really any of the myriad of solo efforts) and immediately saying "Pfffft, no Axl? Fuck this!!" Waaaayyy too many people had that attitude about Chinese Democracy, and missed out on some insanely good music.
  13. Getting a kick out of the slurring, barely coherent screams coming out of this guy. "Fuckin Dungeon of Dragons....Errr....Fuckin Slaaaaash!!!"
  14. Holy fuck Axl is killing Estranged.....Best live performance I've ever heard from the man.