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  1. Because maybe if they waited 2-3 more years, ALL of the songs could have gotten minute long ambient synth intros.
  2. I don't think it's humanly possible for me to roll my eyes hard enough at the idea of Chi Dem's release being "premature".
  3. I think Chip's confused. Perhaps before his injury the plan was for more *guest* spots, but if you think the original plan was for Steven to be up there playing Coma, Better, TIL etc., then I have a bridge to sell you.
  4. all these gnr subjects suck right now

    I also think the best indicator as to whether a Guns album is seriously comingwill be if Slash begins recording another SMKC album next fall like Myles predicted. This will eat up at least two years between recording and touring on it. Slash isn't one to sit on his hands waiting, but if he believes a Guns album is coming I see him delaying the next SMKC album indefinitely to stick with Axl.
  5. all these gnr subjects suck right now

    This. Honestly, a GNR reunion with Slash & Duff really does deserve it's own giant world tour before we start getting antsy for the next album. Once things wrap up in September, then I think it's time to start looking forward to new music. Though, if by some miracle it happens/is announced before then I certainly wouldn't be disappointed. : )
  6. Pretty much this. I think there's too many issues regarding what the next album will sound like & what it "will be" ultimately. On one hand you have the baggage of all the other unreleased Chi Dem era tracks. On the other hand, you would have to complete the miracle that would be Axl, Slash & Duff heading into the studio with everyone else and writing totally new compositions. Just don't see that happening, despite the success on the touring front.
  7. I think based on his comments in the two interviews he did this year, Axl clearly *wants* to put out another album eventually. His massive problem seems to be follow through, and taking the real deal steps it takes to make it a reality. It always seems to be this vague hope that maybe, someday, it'll get figured out.
  8. Honestly, who the f*ck knows? The only caveat this time around would be that I would imagine they would have all the support in the world from the label, as a reunited Guns record would absolutely sell pretty damn well. At least, as well as a rock album could sell in 2017/18. They'll have to "rebrand" the touring machine eventually if they want to keep this thing going, and big bands tend to drop albums to do just that nowadays. So color me cautiously optimistic.
  9. He's not wrong. Only maybe 2-3 surviving grunge era bands can pack stadiums in 2016. Pearl Jam & Foo Fighters come to mind. Not many others. I suppose if Kurt didn't eat a shotgun they'd still be popular the same way PJ are.
  10. This. There's some bands like Aerosmith, AC/DC, The Stones AND Guns, who despite not being what is considered mainstream could put out an album and have it eaten up because theirsound is that iconic. For example, Aerosmith's 1993 album Get a Grip had absolutely no business going 5x platinum at a time where grunge ruled the world. Same with AC/DC and 2008's Black Ice, which also crushed it sales wise. If Guns stuck it out and put out an album in 96/97, I still think it would have done very well. Having said all that, I think there was more to it than simply musical differences that drove the band apart in the mid 90s. I think it was part of the control war, but certainly not ALL of it.
  11. People love to actoutraged nowadays. It was an innocent joke, as the band members were grinning and laughing the whole time. Not everything has to be so serious.
  12. You know, i'm not saying that any of this is alluding to new music, but people need to stop shutting others down completely. If this year hasn't proven that anything is possible thenI don't know what to tell you. All these "Wrong!" posters need to lighten up.
  13. I'd love to see an album coincide with the next NA tour. Hopefully this teases the title and/or single.
  14. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Woah, so another NA tour's already in the works?