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  1. Very cool, probably the best fan made video I've ever seen
  2. I'll be going to Madison square garden night 1, it's gonna be epic
  3. Metallica in 92 was a much stronger band. At that stage of the game GNR was bloated, spoiled and lazy . Metallica was still lean and hungry even at there peak
  4. After seeing that video I'm guessing a co headline tour with another large band or an arena run thru the states in the fall/winter .
  5. I'd bet the announcement is a 30th anniversary show in LA where they play appetite start to finish , maybe izzy and Steven are part of it
  6. Didn't see this coming
  7. I can picture her snorting a fat line of crushed up smarties , boofing a snickers bar, and than chugging a 2 liter of Mountain Dew as her pre show ritual ... rock n roll!!!! 🤘🤘🤘
  8. They certainly are milking it for all it's worth and oversaturating several markets , and charging the highest adverage ticket price of any other band around. (Even beating out greedy motherfuckers like the eagles and the stones) what has my favorite band become ? on another note I'm sure it will be the same old set list, and we definitely won't be seeing the garden...
  9. On the billboard post by Fernando someone that seems connected to the band commented something to the effect of "Beauty and the beast , mystery solved in 2 days , GNRdisney . So maybe some info is gonna be released in 2 days ?
  10. Fernando posted a picture of the Yellow GNR billboard , and than someone that seems connected to the band commented something like "beauty and the beast, mystery solved 2 days , GNR Disney " not sure if it means anything or not but if it does I guess we'll know in 2 days
  11. I think of Guns N Roses as entertainers now rather than artists. if we do get a new album I don't see it happening till 2020/21 at the earliest...
  12. This tour has been considered "the reunion" as far as the general public is concerned. I don't think having Adler or izzy aboard for a AFD lineup reunion would drum up too much interest from casual fans at this point. I would love to see the AFD 5 myself though, it would be a big deal for the die hard fans . My prediction is after this tour I can see an extended break and then probably releasing a new album in 2020 and a tour to follow with the hybrid lineup in arenas and stadiums in select markets.
  13. anyone have any info or see this pic before? anyone know who the other guy is?
  14. I found a picture of slash, duff and izzy that looks like it's from 97-01. Post GNR , Pre VR. There's a guy in the picture that's im not familiar with who I assume maybe was auditioning to be singer. How can I upload ?
  15. There used to be a GNR trading group on DC++ , this was before YouTube. Bootleg videos had so much more value ...