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  1. It's a rare 10/10 from a music website not too popular here
  2. Buckethead

    #267: Thoracic Spine Collapser Preorder up for the vinyl edition of "The Album Formerly Known as 'Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot'" Pikes #1-265 are $2 each in the download store until August 1st And lastly there's a new signed 8x10 portrait available
  3. Buckethead

    #266: Far
  4. ChiDem is Axl's baby, I'm sure he's proud of it but wishes he could have took all the time he desired to make it what he envisioned instead of taking all that Dr. Pepper pressure
  5. lol you nerd My personal favorite:
  6. Buckethead

    Very different..curious why this would need to be done instead of repackaging the original album
  7. Eddie Trunk will find some way to be involved with this, maybe get another interview with Axl if at all possible. Stadium bands doing club shows can lead to very cool things happening.
  8. Buckethead

    Compared to the previous sale, the only two albums that are newly $2 are Glacier & Poseidon.
  9. That'd make for a nice 24x36 poster, with the date information removed
  10. Buckethead

    A Real Diamond in the Rough vinyl preorder is up, a signed edition & a standard edition
  11. Buckethead

    #265: Ride Operator Q Bozo
  12. Wish they did a song like Outshined, Spoonman or Burden in My Hand instead. It likely would have gone over better with Axl's vocal delivery.
  13. Buckethead

    Preorder up for Shadows Between the Sky on vinyl:
  14. One of Chris's most underrated vocal performances: