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  1. Buckethead Steve Rothery Guthrie Govan Terry Kath (RIP) Steve Lukather Mark Tremonti
  2. Amazing song. I wish Axl could still sing like that
  3. I hope this is a chance for Ron to try a little bit harder in terms of songwriting. Bumblefoot and progressive metal is an interesting combination, especially with Portnoy in between
  5. Gotta love this thread. CD is my favourite album ever recorded by any band, and I really hope we get to listen to the rest of the songs. While songwriting and performances are both excellent, the production is unique in a way that only Axl Rose could achieve
  6. He just got a brand new album out in January, so I really doubt he wants to go back to the GN'R loop of constantly touring the same places and never releasing anything
  7. Izzy has recorded and published more music than any other member of the AFD lineup lol
  8. I agree. Yet, Axl has been touring for more than 15 years with a second keyboard player, and has somehow convinced himself that the sub bass is fundamental for the band's sound... . Still, I would love to see Melissa more involved in some AFD or UYI songs, like YCBM or Rocket Queen. Those songs were taken to the next level with Pitman on 2002 imo, until he became Mr. Useless
  9. Richard's solo on CD is just marvelous. One of the highlights during every show imo
  10. With Melissa on board, Brain is a lot more likely to return than Freese. Still, Frank isn't going anywhere...
  11. His first few shows with AC/DC were arguably his best performances, he could do exactly the same with GN'R if he rehearsed
  12. Some bands care for their fans, and are constantly releasing DVDs, (decent) merchandising, and soundboard recordings of their shows. Since they know there are some hardcore fans out there, they try to add new stuff to the setlists and to organize fun stuff (take Marillion Conventions as an example). Some bands care for the music, and enjoy getting in a studio and releasing new music, always trying to improve themselves. And then you have bands like GN'R that can spend 15 years touring the same countries, playing the same songs, without releasing any new music. GN'R is my favourite band, and whenever they come to my country, I go see them and enjoy the hell out of the concert. Still, I would love if they just cared a bit more ...
  13. Unless you have the money to follow the band constantly while they're on tour, GN'R has become the most boring band by far (at least among my fav bands)
  14. A japanese friend of mine told me Axl was constantly cracking jokes during the soundcheck
  15. On his own, Slash usually writes 2 or 3 great riffs out of 15 boring filler rock songs. Get those 2 or 3 riffs, put it together with Fortus' "generic" rythm guitar, a few Axl ballads and a few Duff punk rock songs, and you'll get a decent album. I would prefer having CD II with Slash playingall over it (like CD had Ron displaying his shitty tone all over the place), though. Buckethead kicks Slash's ass as a songwriter (and as a guitarist too). Tobias/Reed/Rose is a great combo too