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  1. Oh my God, one of the best GN'R songs imo. And all of CD
  2. I love CD and it's probably my favourite GN'R album, but this current lineup needs someone who can bring the best out of Axl, Slash and Duff, not someone who will be putting together guitar solos from isolated bits on Pro Tools. On Topic: I'd love the current lineup to just get in a studio together and re-do some CD left overs with someone who knows how to make an album sounds great (idk, Steven Wilson would be interesting, doing heavier songs like Sorry, and beautiful stuff like Prostitute or TIL). However, if they just add new stuff to the songs that are already recorded (like they did with Ron or Frank), Axl could do a great job finishing the songs he already did , which would probably be a faster process. Still, you never really know when it comes to GN'R. To expect any new music is just contrary to the rules of logic.
  3. Tommy, Buckethead, Robin and Brain The 2002 lineup was something unique
  4. He's great on Shackler's Revenge, but completely ruins the rest. Finck/Buckethead are in a different league
  5. In 2008, I thought there was no way the release of CD II was taking more than 5 years. Yet, here we are, more than 8 years after the release of CD and stil no signs of any new music coming soon. I'm not happy about GN'R, not at all. I'm glad I got to hear Coma with Slash, though.
  6. Axl Pitman x2
  7. Buckethead Steve Rothery Guthrie Govan Terry Kath (RIP) Steve Lukather Mark Tremonti
  8. Amazing song. I wish Axl could still sing like that
  9. I hope this is a chance for Ron to try a little bit harder in terms of songwriting. Bumblefoot and progressive metal is an interesting combination, especially with Portnoy in between
  11. Gotta love this thread. CD is my favourite album ever recorded by any band, and I really hope we get to listen to the rest of the songs. While songwriting and performances are both excellent, the production is unique in a way that only Axl Rose could achieve
  12. He just got a brand new album out in January, so I really doubt he wants to go back to the GN'R loop of constantly touring the same places and never releasing anything
  13. Izzy has recorded and published more music than any other member of the AFD lineup lol