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  1. Eventhough it's my least favourite album (by far), Axl on TSI? is imo at his peak vocally. I also love his vocals on CD, really dig his approach on most of the songs (and the 100 layers of Axl's vocals make it all even more interesting to listen to). Axl on Oh My God is also great. Definitely one of my favourites studio efforts from Axl
  2. Fish is amazing! His solo work is really impressive too, but I just love the H era. I got to listen to Gaza live a month ago, and H almost started crying at some moments of the song! You could try live versions, he's amazing in concert (The Invisible Man, A voice from the past or This Strange Engine are great examples of what the man can do live). I highly recommend FEAR, which is imo up there with the best they've ever done since Fish left (along with Brave). It really is great to talk about a band that has so much material and keeps trying hard to impress their fans, unlike GN'R which is the complete opposite
  3. I'll go completely off-topic to say I'm glad I found a Marillion fan on this board! They're probably my favourite band! CD is my favourite GN'R album , and I personally think it is quite similar to Somewhere Else in terms of what's being discussed on this topic. Strong and personal lyrics.
  4. I honestly don't think SOD is about Slash... unless Axl has a secret crush on him
  5. Gotta love these academic pseudo-scientific discussions about the instrinsic qualities and the nature of Axl's "Mickey"
  6. Hearing that outro with Axl singing on top of the piano was one of the highlights of the show when I got to see them in 2010. A beautiful song by Axl
  7. The latest proof that Axl can nail pro shot performances. Go for it Axl!
  8. You're welcome. Differences between music preferences are, indeed, hilarious.
  9. What you find repulsive happens to be interesting to others. If you compare CD to UYI, it isn't too familiar sounding, that's for sure... yet, it manages to be far more interesting than UYI.
  10. I agree. Axl was so good in 2010 I didn't even care about Ashba. Last year, I had a hard time trying to even hearing Axl's vocals, while in 2010 he was just incredible.
  12. Saying Richard has no talent ==> Nonsense
  13. That ending was awful
  14. Live @ Tokyo, 2009