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  1. You Guys should mix match the outfits make it more weird or cool
  2. We wish Slash should learn tht from Joe
  3. If Slaxl was like this too or this without wiping N' spit
  4. They could learn from Tyler/Perry
  5. Depends If tht Person loves Starwars Fans N' didnt know who Izzy is, then He/She will choose Han Solo but the majority in here will choose Izzy anyway Izzy nosebleeding for You
  6. Not too much clothing
  7. More bowl hair Axl Maybe You Guys will love this
  8. Yes She is Japanese, I didnt realise tht, I guess since I read lots of manga, the order didnt really bothers Me
  9. I forgot if I already post this pic or not but whatever
  10. I love this one
  11. Wonder if Axl will hold the banner if I throw Him Slaxl banner
  12. Right, especially Izzy, Axl N'Slash
  13. You're not alone~ Im UYI Girl Dont watch the vid if You dont like it, just listen the music Maybe He dont want to mention Wacky world of Izzy Stradlin on His post cause it will be weird N' too long Never thought tht this thread will be big N' irritate some People For @killuridols We didnt bitter N' competitive to the WT *You know how much I like tht thread, thts My Slaxl sanctuary* Also My jokes is just a joke, I dont have any malicious intent on My jokes I cant speak behalf some People here, so maybe if You find theres some people here are really like wht You said, Just say to tht Person. Dont say tht all people here/Wacky Thread bitter about Women Thread I hope You understand Lets move along!