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  1. I think its just a big photo or painting
  2. Am I the only one who realise tht Slash stache looks same like Axl's? Not all bad guy have to look bad in front of camera Cute hair No, its not fake Curious about tht guy too Seems Axl never sitting like tht in Every pic or video Btw Anyone still have Susan's pic with Axl on it? *Too lazy to search it
  3. I didnt know tht
  4. N' It seems He wished at 2013 too Ned Flanders too but at 2013
  5. Dunno about Ned Flanders
  6. Slash wished Izzy HBD last year
  7. Dat clothes 😏
  8. Fortus is the new Izzy You should go, You are lucky You can go to see Them, Some People cant go even though They want to Dont see Other member beside The Trinity if You dont like them, You there to see The Trinity Dont miss Your chance to se The Trinity, We dont know wht will happen after this
  9. Im gonna watch Them fight Are all introvert person really not like the crowds? Cause sometimes I like to spend My time alone in the mall
  10. Dat's a Daxl there Gonna change the words Lumikki met Him? Hey! Dont forget about Our ex avocado farmer! Wht is DV incident?
  11. I dont think its because of tht He didnt like VH1
  12. I wish I could listening to His Masterpiece
  13. Well We have different taste/opinion, Im okay with the Seeker but not okay when They put it before paradise city, I wish They change it with Their Song