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  1. Dat first pic is new to Me
  2. True Hope this one isnt really tragic N' ended with Slash N' Axl officialy become Husband N' Husband Wife
  3. @Frey That was a good one Slash is His real true love N' Soulmate across time N' space but He always deny it because Him N' Slash are "No Homo'' People
  4. Izzy left GNR to pursue a career in accounting, and met his fellow Goo Goo Dolls companions, Wayne Rooney, Rory Bremner, Clive Anderson, Mr Rossi and Jefferson Airplane. They released their debut album, Now Thats What I Call Music 30 in late 2009, which was a complete and utter failure, selling 3 copies, but due to the recession, it went to Number 1 across the world. Izzy lol’d.
  5. Someone with good humour should make Slash N'Steven Bio on tht site Izzy is the best one
  6. The Bass Guitar Duff fell in love with a bass guitar just like his father, but killed it, so he could play her in the band Guns N' Roses. That is how the song I Used To Love Her came to be. Afterwards, Duff fell in love and had sex with many more Bass Guitars. In Guns N' Roses While in Guns N' Roses, Duff found another love,doing Axl Rose, Heroin, and Alcohol, which made his Bass Guitars jealous, and when confronted by them, he said, "Hey, at least it isn't Crack!" These affairs went on for sometime. Since his Bass Guitars left him, he decided to take up Rhythm Guitar in Loaded Too bad theres no Slash biography But theres Buckethead biography
  7. Its joke site
  10. No idea We need CSI investigator here
  11. Seriously Slash Just date Axl already! He's waiting
  12. Dat first pic? Is dat really Her? If You want to be Slash GF, You have to dress like Axl @Ratam No. "This" s a bad obsession. *But I like this bad obsession of Slash