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  1. This is when Google translate is needed
  2. I knew tht because I was there. Blame the promoter
  3. We will See
  4. So cute~
  5. Well He wrote a new song, but He invited Matt instead of Steve
  6. Probably after see Axl tacocat tshirt, She likes it N' decided to check another clothes like tht
  7. Right, His legs N' arm looks so skinny
  8. Slash's Father comment on Slash IG
  9. Good luck Steven, Cause that is impossible
  10. Just like People said on the old thread, Axl likes to collect Slash hair in a jar N' He put it on His Slash shrine What He said?
  11. @Eddie Money I think They mentioned about You?
  12. YISS!! N' Axl intentionally touch Slash back with His arm They fly/are to/in Singapore now! 😩 @tifalucis Notice Us @Dexter ! Please come to Indonesia!!!!!!
  13. This is a cool Story, its funny to read about when Axl comes Everybody goes quiet I guess its good to have Mellisa in the Band now. DJ N' Richard chasing Girls, Tommy passed out, classic Axl shaking His head when They carried Tommy *Im pretty sure Tommy reminds Him of 'Someone' * as always Ron being nice N'I dunno why Axl said He didnt believe tht the Boys can make new friends out of likes