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  1. Nothing is better than Coma!
  2. Agreed, that was the only event shirt from the shows I went to that I didn't get.
  3. That crowd was insane...looked like so much fun! It really shows how lame our crowds are here.
  4. I love the Cult so I watched them both times, and most of AIC the 4 shows they opened...skipped the rest. I really hope they get the Struts for some shows again!
  5. Ha...my daughter is 10 and has seen this version of the band 5 times and Adi's once so she was actually psyched to see that shirt.
  6. I love Soundgarden, but they should play a different song. Axl can hit the Cornell notes that most other singers can't. However, most non die hard SG fans at least know Black Hole Sun.
  7. She's really a fantastic person...she hooked me up big time in LA in August. She's the real deal!
  8. Didn't he say he was done with Guns and the shows weren't fun or something along those lines a few months ago?
  9. Someone on Facebook said the billboard on Sunset is covered up now?
  10. This is what Im afraid of. I do some work with the Blackhawks on the side and have to work the damn fan convention that weekend. Please dont let everything happen that Fri and Sat!
  11. Where was this posted on the site? I hope they open some more shows this tour. I saw them again last Friday and they are an incredible band!
  12. I think the US shows will be almost the same as last year since they're hitting cities they haven't played yet. A few changes here and there would be a nice surprise. Just play some of the songs that were on the alternate setlist last tour...JUST DON'T DROP COMA!
  13. Ames, imo, has really gone downhill. They just don't seem to have the creativity anymore. Klausen is fantastic, but PJ has started using a lot of different artists in the last half dozen years or so.
  14. Metallica is doing these this tour, and it looks like they're numbered to 500...only difference is they went with quality and theirs are silk screened like gig posters are supposed to be!
  15. I'm certainly hoping for new music, but either way I'm psyched as hell to see at least 2 more shows this summer. Even if this is just a money grab, they're at least bringing a fantastic live show. They could've done what Motley did and just put a bunch of bombs, pyro and a fucking roller coaster on stage and play 15 songs and leave.