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  1. I bought that shirt in Vegas and LA and I love it!
  2. Thats ridiculous...there is so much good happening on that stage to let a drummer completely ruin your night!
  3. Rolled in a tube...it wasnt wrapped in craft paper so it had a few creases on it.
  4. That's very cool...I wish the US company's customer service was that good!
  5. Damn, that sucks...sorry to hear that! I usually never order shirts from shows I didn't go to, but I love the Mad Max movies so I ordered the night two shirt from that run and the Valentine's Day shirt.
  6. They sent my litho separately...just got the two shirts I ordered today. They have a size tag on them and not the GnR brand pressed on the back like the US shirts did, but I believe all shirts had that on this leg.
  7. Got the Aussie stuff I ordered last week from that site today...definitely legit. They also threw in 2 can coozies for free.
  8. Damn, I wanted to try to get that shirt for my daughter...she loves elephants and GnR
  9. Dammit, I turned it off because I couldn't listen to that guy sing anymore and I miss My Michelle!
  10. Aussie/NZ merch available here: https://bandtshirts.com.au/band/view/324/Guns+N+Roses
  11. There are a lot of people complaining aboutthe venue, sight lines, traffic, concession lines...sounds like everything but the concert itself was a shit show!
  12. I think if they did it, they would probably have to do arenas, multiple nights in big cities. The hype eventually wears off, and it's difficult for most bands to fill stadiums year in and year out, especially with the prices they're charging. Either way it's beyond unlikely after Steven's recent interviews.
  13. I was also at the Cincy show. The only numbers that matter are the ones released by the promoters, and those numbers are impressive.