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  1. Seriously? That was a complete shit show. There's no reason what so ever that they couldn't have played, but Gene and Paul refused.
  2. I got it but just skimmed it. The editing it terrible. There are misspelled words and extra spacing all over the place.
  3. I bit the bullet and bought the LA 2 print on Ebay for $169...felt sick doing it cause I'm sure I bought it from one of the douchebags who bought arms full of it 2 mins after the gates opened!
  4. I do some work on the side for the Blackhawks and they told me they heard Guns was working with the United Center about booking a show later this year...take it for what it is, but its something.
  5. The first night was completely sold out
  6. Still looking for an LA 2 litho if anyone has an extra....there aren't any on Ebay anymore
  7. I actually took the patch off and am having a guy paint the GnFnR logo on it
  8. Wonder if the leather jacket actually has the GnFnR logo on the sleeve or just the generic black GnR patch on the sleeve like the one I got when my wife ordered me one for Christmas. Funny why they would have that jacket pictured, but ship a completely different one.
  9. It's really not a very good song...I hope they don't play it.
  10. That's awesome! I won one of the SA VIP bags
  11. My wife got me the leather jacket from the website, but im a tad disappointed...it has a black and white patch with the band name on the sleeve instead of the red GnFnR logo on the pic on the website...
  12. I saw Pearl Jam at the Gorge 3 times...it is a stunning venue! It's in the middle of nowhere, but well worth the trip. I'm very seriously considering going to this one.
  13. Dammit...no Coma scopes?
  14. Has anyone recieved the new sweater yet? I wear XL shirts and got the yellow sweater last year in XXL and its so small i can barely breathe in it...just wondering if the new one is small like that one.