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  1. Wow, is there a ticket to that position in the stadium??
  2. Great interview, the end is CRAZY !! Stevie, lol...He thinks he's been listening to Bon Scott on "Back in Black" "The greatest song of all time" LOL...Trunk tries to correct him...
  3. Looking for anything first night London in June PM if you tickets. Looking for crazies to hit up hotel for autographs too
  4. A New AC/DC album with Axl is way more likely than a GNR one at this point... Live DVD coming too apparently...Hopefully soon
  5. Black is slimming and the angle really matters...He didn't suddenly drop 20 pounds ! Axl's doing fine but when you him from the side, you'll see the pork ! He looks like a park ranger here from Indiana
  6. After that recent Adler interview??? WAKE UP FOLKS !!! NO HOPE IN HELL OF THIS !
  7. Great stuff! What went wrong before? Was it related to only your GNR content or something else that triggered the copywrite strikes? Welcome back !
  8. Axl just not going for the notes with vigour at the moment...Not cause he can't...He's just on coast mode at the moment....The level is alright but hardly lighting the skies up when you know he was 15% better just a few months ago...Hope he raises it back up for London and Euro Tour !! The angry British press might help there ! Source : I've watched every single show since they got back together. It's easy to tell.
  9. *Axl
  10. Check this link
  11. OOOO....Her comments on Axl !! New Zealanders don't hold back SORRY ! I mean Aussies
  12. So Angus is pretty much travelling with the band now ? COOL! Bring him to London But 4 covers in a row is unacceptable for me - 2x AC/DC, Wish You Were Here, Layla - Overkill...Lost the crowd.
  13. There was a time, I think...
  14. In other news...Has Ax dropped a few pounds?
  15. Not really...just take a photo of a mirror ? hehe