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  1. The last time... My god, Axl must of been merry as fuck, the amount Howard was trying to flirt it up with Erin! He's punched dudes for much less.... It's a pretty hilarious call in, would be amazing if the "difficult negotiations" was more down to the fact of securing an interview ! Do we think, any chance? It is a special birthday, so...
  2. It's all very simple, he does a bit of rasp on Jungle and here and there, SO he still has that, I mean look at last year... He didn't damage his voice on the DC tour, it made him stronger if nothing else, hence a strong summer! Also he sounded at his best on the last DC date... It's about 3 things, Prep, Rehearsal and duration! Axl is going easy on his voice so as to not loose it over this mammoth tour ! It's a long strength and at 55 doing 3hr shows with those kinda songs, he clearly thinks he should be careful! It's a annoying these reunions shows didn't happen 7 years ago and by now we're on the next album but it's ok, it's a miracle they're even on stage! So it's not ideal but I'm pretty sure that's the facts! I probably could be pushing a bit harder but is either being told to save it or he doesn't feel he can sustain it! The DC shows are a full hour less and in some ways less taxing, he let Angus be frontman... Axl will sound like he did last year again, most likely with DC but I think the indoor gigs at the end of the year will showcase him better ! The voice debate is nullified, it IS there, it's a choice....
  3. Slash plays it before the Godfather solo..He added it a few shows ago Tribute to the late great Chuck Berry !
  4. THAT I'd paid to see !!
  5. just posted this! ha
  6. FULL SHOW ! Coma played...Be careful before you bitch ...Facts
  7. Obviously has plans to keep it going with Axl, since he keeps appearing at dates, even outside Oz! Good to hurry up with that AXL/DC dvd !
  8. Yea, London, I remember it well, it was to a girl not far from my position
  9. This thread gave me a good laugh! Top work folks !!
  10. Nice photo ! Looks late 99, early 2000 ...
  11. Oh My Word...Need to erase that from my retinas!
  12. Fucking great version! Sometimes he feels a run, often not! Worked here !
  13. I saw Tyler 3 times in a week (Download too) and last year at AXL/DC - cool band, should of been on 2nd ! The Kills, god, I mean, not like they're terrible musicians or anything, just didn't fit the gig in the slightest... STILL...we could of had Skrillex - Actually, I honestly probably would of enjoyed that more !
  14. UK / EURO Arena shows next year, most likely ! They only really did London and Slane! Time Axl came back to Scotland and showed some love to his heritage !
  15. How can you turn up to the Guns N Roses (partial) Reunion gig with low expectations...That's just not possibly surely, without lying to yourself! This is massive and folk are gonna expect a hell of a show ! IMO - they pretty much get it .