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  1. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Not really...just take a photo of a mirror ? hehe
  2. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Yep, nice to see each region thought of and consider with little changes here and there...
  3. ...Getting butchered... (Izzy what's the lyric againStaddlin)
  4. Fair BUT imagine being a 1st time goer to a GNR gig and you didn't get to hear that masterpiece live ?? You would be very disappointed, irrespective of what your opinion might be of the song...
  5. TIL (old unreleased snippet)

    Which I don't get! What's to loose at this point ?
  6. Request That Metal Show Axl interview

    Can we get a re-up on this please or a Wetransfer link?
  7. I would LOVE ONE ! It's my birthday guys !!
  8. TIL (old unreleased snippet)

    The backing sounds exactly like a slightly sped up "We Will Rock You" - Anyone concur ?
  9. Haha The Tache years ! HAHA ! do u all think it eventually got the chop? Beta do it in his sleep? Or maybe it was Pitman and therefore he got the corn and the boot !
  10. Also, Same Channel and Camera - November Rain from the show...WISH Axl sang it a bit more like that now... Loving him right now but would like NR a bit more rough and raw
  11. Yea, it's definitely evolved from being a nice little moment in the set, to being back as the main thing A lot of songs at one point we thought we'd NEVER hear again...Since 2009, we've heard a lot of those songs !! Now, Locomotive, Breakdown, Perfect Crime,etc WHERE ARE U ?!?
  12. Fair play to your opinion but what can be agreed IS - from what I've seen (and luckily was there) - Those 2010 double O2 shows in London were some of the best from the Nu-GNR era, along with Duff making his first appearance, the band sounding pretty awesome , Axl was just on fire !!
  13. Not what a lot of us were saying when we thought NO reunion would ever happen ! There's no point pretending 20 years didn't happen, so I chose to pick the good bits out... Did u go to any of those shows? Did u enjoy ANYTHING (if so) ? I'm just as happy where we are now as you guys but I'm not gonna dismiss everything he did, especially cool moments from those years like this...
  14. Yes, love this one and Moscow too, might be the best since 1993 (vocals wise) - This O2 performance is overall great and really nicely filmed for the time though ! Never heard him do it since but 3:09 is godly !!!
  15. Aye man...but you should skip to Axl's outro vocals !! This was a highlight of his vocals more than anything, plus a fairly unique look for him at the time, he barely ever was seen with his hair just like that, during the 2010 tour !! I was there and it was the first song post encore and I remember seeing him come out and was quite shocked !