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  1. LOL Tequila and not songs titles for a new album, only uncle Axl
  2. (Check Original Post) (I'll re-link it here) THIS (vocal) performance still wows me so much, a lot because it was SO rare that Axl would come out for an encore (or anytime at all) without a hat on, or bandana! Only did this a couple times all tour... Totally nails the end half of "Don't Cry" in particular! Anyone there at this gig? We have to thank bumble a lot for getting this song back to his, it really was his thing !
  3. When do we think Axl last laid down a vocal track?? Like what year
  4. Did they run out of money when they got to booking London ??? Yikes ! Saw Tyler at AXL/DC last year, not offensive but a simple MEH
  5. Haha, bets on how long before he or his doped up team notice?
  6. Nikki is a very smart guy and I think his opinions mean something, he's lived life , that's for sure !!
  7. Well there's ever reason man ! Nobody is gonna tour Europe in Stadiums right now !! It's cold, nor can they, as football and sports are in full swing for another couple of months and WHOA! What do you know, that's when the tour starts. That, coupled with significant rest is the ONLY reason for the break, i suspect !
  8. I'd love to see it too, angles can do everything but so cool that he even attempted it...The mood must of just taken him ! Imagine him doing it now ? lol
  9. Wow, is there a ticket to that position in the stadium??
  10. Great interview, the end is CRAZY !! Stevie, lol...He thinks he's been listening to Bon Scott on "Back in Black" "The greatest song of all time" LOL...Trunk tries to correct him...
  11. Looking for anything first night London in June PM if you tickets. Looking for crazies to hit up hotel for autographs too
  12. A New AC/DC album with Axl is way more likely than a GNR one at this point... Live DVD coming too apparently...Hopefully soon
  13. Black is slimming and the angle really matters...He didn't suddenly drop 20 pounds ! Axl's doing fine but when you him from the side, you'll see the pork ! He looks like a park ranger here from Indiana
  14. After that recent Adler interview??? WAKE UP FOLKS !!! NO HOPE IN HELL OF THIS !
  15. Great stuff! What went wrong before? Was it related to only your GNR content or something else that triggered the copywrite strikes? Welcome back !