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  1. Chester had an unbelievable voice. this is so very sad. you will be missed in peace.
  2. wow great list except i have never heard of The Stones! have to check them out mine have to be : 1. GN'R 2. The Beatles 3. AC/DC 4. Aerosmith ( the early years ) 5. Led Zepplin and a million more! ( special shout out to The White Stripes..heck anything Jack White does *swoon*
  3. DAY 16 P cheat 1
  4. O- cheat
  5. great song!
  6. well of course Axl and the outfit are great ! the song just has a kind of anthem like sound to me which i don't care that much for. funny thing is i don't hear that song as much as Sweet Child O'Mine, which is the most GN'R song over played here.
  7. Paradise City is the weakest song for me ( yes i know, it's an AFD treasure for most ) but i do i have a great memory of it playing on vacation in Mendocino. but yeah that whole album is great.
  8. You're Crazy is great IMO!
  9. yes, ship them off to Australia please!
  10. sounds good....thanks for the recipe!