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  1. that is an epic response!
  2. yes he is very talented...a jerk from what i hear but quite talented!
  3. i dedicate this to....ME!
  4. Slash. i can't even stand to listen to those others...smh
  5. Yngvie is a guitar virtuoso!
  6. the video of Nightrain from this concert was when i became obsessed with this sexy sexy man
  7. those eyes....*sigh*
  8. omg that's from Welcome To The Jungle! he looks like he's a teenager here! i have that DVD! sooooo hot *swoon*
  9. the book is good too especially if you're into gory real life pics. your messenger not working J? or??
  10. you like songs about weed?? *faints* j/k good to have you back Master Rap ahhhh July cannot come fast enough!
  11. well said Len!
  12. this IS the Beatles singing...Beatles karaoke i guess?? anyway i have been lookong for this online for ages...
  13. i am so glad you're back! you make me laugh like no one else here oh wait. i'm supposed to whine. dang it Len why did you come back and make me laugh so much??