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  1. Day 43 a no brainer. and prayers that Randy keep up his recovery....
  2. i don't see anything wrong with it. i didn't see your post, thought it was about people saying one lineup was better because they made more records than other lineups...
  3. and now you play Nightrain? ok let's dance!
  4. they really have
  5. do you look like Bon Scott??
  6. you're an angel now Gregg...
  7. excellent song! been meaning to post it myself my first bf and i used to kiss in his parent's car in his garage and this cassette was in it...ahhhh to be 14 and innocent again
  8. this is so sad. just horrible. rest well Mr. Gregg Allman. you will be missed but never forgotten. thanks for sharing your talent with the world...
  9. thanks!!!
  10. 6'4 is a nice height i have ton of shoes i never wear. they all look so pretty i can't resist but they kill my feet. i wear boots mostly, my fave pair is fuzzy black with pom poms and the boots are actually more comfy than most shoes. when it gets warmer i wear these cute sandals, they are dirt cheap and come in all colors so i have several pairs. when i'm home it's bare feet all they way. i feel a weird need to have my feet "breathe", at night i can't stand having them under the overs unless it's absolutely freezing. oh in the winter around the house i wear those cute really soft socks, i have them in tons of colors. i only wear dresses or skirts so no need for tennies
  11. precisely.
  12. Jonathan Jackson as Lucky was one of my favorite characters ever, and i now watch him on Nashville. he's good there but he will always be Lucky to me. i am pretty sure Jason will get the chimera away from Jake and i agree, he is annoying. Jake is like the only kid out of Elizabeth's 3 kids with 3 different fathers they really show anymore cos Cameron and Aiden should have been there along wit Rocco. summer usually showcases a lot of the younger actors so i am sure we will be seeing a lot of Kiki and Dillon, Jocelyn who i think in her new pissy teen age phase will probably find a way to get in trouble, maybe meet a guy who.s older and a bad guy type. i wonder who Lucy's date was with? i am surprised since she is back they haven't brought Serena on. and and Alexis's daughters may have storylines too. Spoilers for next week: A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of May 29, 2017. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out. Jake makes an important decision Anna doesn't trust Valentin's intentions Nina is rattled to the core Dante shows up before things get out of hand Dante doesn't take things at face value Sonny reflects on his choices Sonny refuses to surrender Nathan catches Amy off guard Amy's past returns to haunt her Alexis has reason to be hopeful Kiki wants answers Michael's spirits are high as he and Nelle reach a new understanding Finn is determined to move forward and rebuild his life Carly is remorseful when she talks to Andre Lulu has the wool pulled over her eyes General Hospital will rebroadcast Jane Elliot's fina; episode on Monday, May 29 A sneak peek at next week Valentin does the unexpected Julian makes a life-changing decision Finn hits a stumbling block Carly reaches out for help Monica cautions Kiki Down the road previews Spinelli makes an appearance A curse must be broken A marriage is tested Alexis faces new challenges as she tries to rebuild her life
  13. yes yes yes!