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  1. we'll see. if everyone was a shoe-in there'd be no surprises n'est–ce pas??
  2. swap Emma Stone and i'm with ya...
  3. indeed!! not sure ?
  4. udge
  5. Speechless .JJ & Kenneth first fight. adorbs! The Middle unless they bring Darren back and he and Sue together...i m so done!
  6. this is supposed to be the best Freestyle ever. and i dig it, hope some if y'all do too...
  7. messages are gone, Hallelujah! they had descended into such a harborer of mean spirited, vitriol spewing, attacks by weak little trolls. i went there to be supportive and to praise the actors writers, directors, producers and others only to be met by cruel, vicious keyboard villains! the classic movies were the last to go so since they got taken owner i split, never to return!
  8. hint hint @AFD5 Reunion. this song is extremely haunting...
  9. hear hear! he looks fine in that