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  1. Good point. The smaller stages meant he was obliged to move energetically in a confined space, but on the huge UYI stage he was more running about etc
  2. I think his interest in hip-hop style influenced the post-1990 attire: leathers out, baseball hats and simple t-shirt in. Also I think he had a kilt a while before it emerged on stage, can't remember where i read that.. p.s. where's the yellow rain coat poll option? lol
  3. Incidentally, there's an interesting theory that Axl picked the dance up from... Davy Jones of the Monkees!
  4. yeah it's a bit more slow shuffley these days though, nothing like the proper thing in the leather trouser era of peak snake
  5. Just a light hearted thread while we wait for some actual news. A couple of questions for you. 1.) What is the ultimate, best snake-dance clip from all the LIVE footage we have of GnR era 85-93? - Personally I think we reached 'peak snake' around 87-89, when Axl was wearing those tight leather trousers all the time, lol. In the biker shorts UYI era he seemed to tone down the snaking a bit, maybe he became self conscious that it had become a trademark/gimmick? - Anyway there are lots of great snakey clips to choose from, I would put his guest spot with Jagger and the Stones 89 up there, the VMAs and Ritz 88 of course, but at the moment this little gem is my favourite... what's yours? 2.) Is the snake alive and well on the current NITL tour? I've seen him do a few shuffled side-to-sides, but can you post any proper good examples from 2016-2017, or the best we've had? Peace and snakes for all x
  6. Yes! I have always thought this too.. you can definitely imagine how the song would have started as an Izzy penned basic structure here, with him on vocals and less heavy / distorted guitar.. it's interesting..
  7. This video is awesome - reminds me of my reaction when I first pressed play on my older brother's cassette player... WOW, WHAT IS THIS?! And so began the education - hearing these heavy, punchy, yet melodic guitar driven tales of sleaze, drugs, and urban decay really opened my eyes and ears - we grew up with this as the background soundtrack to our lives - how did you react?
  8. Ok so I found this Axl quote, apparently from an 'unapproved CD booklet': - "Riad is the name my one time momentary brother-in-law of Erin Everly went by when I knew him. Of part Lebanese descent and a former student of Pepperdine University he claims to be an international arms dealer, billionaire with ambitions of being “King of the World”. He claims to fund several medical organizations and underground Nazi organizations around the world who says his heroes are Napoleon and Adolph Hitler. He claims his most prized asset is his anonymity. He also claims to be an expert in military strategy and was the inspiration for the Guns song Civil War which was written per his request for a song how “people were stupid and he could and he could sell them anything because people love to kill each other.” He also claims to be an expert in global finance and money laundering living tax free in Belair last I was aware and claiming to launder monies for wealthy individuals in several countries predominantly Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, with ties to the Bush/Reagan administrations and wherever there’s a war in the world at any given moment."
  9. Ok thanks, so I didn't imagine it ha. - Does anyone know any specifics such as who the relative was and what his dealings involved?
  10. I have previously read somewhere on this forum that part of the inspiration for 'Civil War' was derived from an interaction between Axl and a friend or relative of Erin Everly (I seem to recall) who was involved in the arms trade which was fuelling a war somewhere in the world at the time. Can anyone shed any light on this please? Sounds very interesting.
  11. I am all for her inclusion in the band. GnR have a long history of women on stage anyway, musicians or otherwise (for example think of the Illusions era backing singers Tracy and Roberta, plus the horns section Lisa Anne etc, or even the strippers that were all over the stage back in the Sunset Strip days!) Granted she is not a 'core' member by any means but she certainly provides important functions. Actually my theory is that one reason Axl is keen for her inclusion is that her harmonies on the opening of Paradise City serve to mask the fact that at that point in the concert his tired voice is severely at risk of sounding totally shit on the iconic intro choruses of what is one of the most focused on songs, likely to be televised etc.. seriously, listen to how it sounds on this tour with her supporting him and then imagine how it would be without her - much weaker. Hence her inclusion is vital for this reason alone. Happy Birthday Melissa!
  12. Funny you should mention this, because I was thinking today about a percussion sound on "Anything Goes" that I've always wondered about - during the opening riff you can hear a sort of scraping sound, which I am guessing is a 'Guiro'? It's a great addition I think, gives the song's intro that extra slidey scrapey sleazy sound!üiro
  13. As per the title, what's the quickest way to do this please?
  14. Was just listening to this and thought of this thread.. here's It's So Easy with Duff on vocals from an 88 show.
  15. No way is it the fastest song they ever did. It clocks in at about 212 bpm; compare that to some of the speedy punk stuff they were doing in mid 80s: the rare version of Nice Boys on the Family Tree album is almost 260 bpm. Shadow of Your Love is even faster, about 265 bpm. Say what you will about Adler, he could drum fuckin fast.