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  1. Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
  2. You'd be amazing what rimming the Warden will get you
  3. Keith Richards is starting to look like Freddy Kreuger.
  4. Calypso is Like So - Robert Mitchum Now as weird fuckin' albums go this is a corker Robert Mitchum singing Calypso songs in a faux West Indian accent, I mean you couldn't make it up. But y'know what, it's actually REALLY good. And musically pretty authentic, apparently he had the idea in the 1950s whilst filming out in Trinidad when the Calypso thing was really kicking off over there. I mean he sings in a faux west indian accent but the songs, the tunes are actually REALLY good and really catchy and really funny and kinda self deprecating, it certainly doesn't take itself very seriously, then again how could it? I like it though, in fact i more than like it, i think it's a gem. Alright the West Indian accent thing but lets face it, whys it any weirder than Mick Jagger or any number of English rockstars singing in an American accent. I think it's fabulous anyway. Dunno why I'm going on about it like someones gonna listen to it
  5. Jimi Hendrix Muddy Waters (that guys guitar playing sounds like witchcraft) Howlin Wolf Johnny Thunders Chuck Berry John Lennon Wayne Kramer Steve Jones BB King Robert Johnson Son House (that guy strummed, thumped tapped and rang all kindsa fuckin' weird sounds out of a guitar) Pete Townshend Ronnie Asheton Johnny Ramone Glen Branca I could go on all day really, it's just all random shit that like...i don't have the names all to hand accessible like that.
  6. Honestly, i leave Arsenal for 2 weeks, 2 fuckin' weeks n look what happens!
  7. When you're bastard rich with everything to lose on an album then I imagine its an easy trap to slip into.
  8. I wasnt trying to make a comment about GnR, just about the idea of the artistic or musical validity (whatever that means) of a band when the members are employees.
  9. some of the best musical combos in the world were employees, look at James Browns band, they'd out play ever fuckin' rock n roll outfit out there and had more artistic merit than you can shake a stick at. They were treated very much on a employee basis.
  10. You don't really explain why though. Havana Moon sounds the same as Johnny B Goode then? And as far as the majority of the general public this is 2017, you are over-estimating the majority of the general publics regard for pop music, the majority of the general public wouldn't recognise a lot of greats, from Elvis to The Beatles to The Stones, pop music fans read so many magazines and bios that they buy into this shit that each and every person on the street with half a head on his shoulders knows songs by 'x' artist but the majority of the general public don't give that much of a fuck about pop music. And anyway, when was that ever a barometer of quality? The majority of the general public ain't mourning Berry either. Who does rock n roll better than Chuck Berry? I could probably name you equals...but better? If it's out there i ain't heard it. He absolutely did it the best or up there with the very best, absolutely no doubt about that. And in terms of certain aspects of it, musically, he is absolutely the inventor. That blue print of the intro riff, lick laden playing, the solo etc etc, he laid that down, there were people doing it before yes, T Bone Walker or as yous all have lept back 30 years from there to Robert Johnson but they were blues musicians, different genre doing a different thing, they didn't co-join all those numerous aspects into one product like Berry did. Also that two string stuff he does on guitar with the trippin' pinkie, thats Berry basically replicating boogie woogie piano chords on a guitar, that is absolutely his doing and it is the heart and soul of rock n roll. And in terms of doing it the best, name me a guitar play, in rock n roll here, with his presicion, his cleaness of tone, his nuance of playing, if you think it's just some sloppy Keith Richards, Jimmy Page type crap watch Hail Hail Rock n Roll when he's putting Keith through the paces and tell me that shit is as easy as it looks, his timing on the guitar was like a fucking metronome, he weren't just slipping those licks in at roughly 'x' part of the song, they went right THERE, on THAT spot and he executed that shit to a T, he could switch up the time on those shits and doing it to a whole other beat and still now exactly where that shit went. Find me that guitar player, in rock n roll, name him that had that kinda game and that kinda accuracy with what he was doing, remember, Chuck made a life of that shit, to the uninitiated it looks easy and effortless but try doing it and tell me if it's as effortless, i seen Lick Library tutorial vids doing that shit wrong. all music is ridiculous but rock n roll? You could make a seriously convincing case for the lions share of credit belonging to Chuck. How exactly does one guage profundity of influence on other peoples behalf? I agree with this to a point but when you start going as far back as Robert Johnson you are framing the discussion outside of the parameters of rock n roll which is whats being discussed in terms of who or what invented it. I don't really go in for all that 'he is the creator' cobblers but, like i said, musically? You'd be hard pushed for a better answer to the 'who invented rock n roll' question. Elvis had the whole package, Little Richard had the whole package but in terms of where rock n roll went in terms of the guitar and song structure and even subject matter and songwriting, like i say, give me a better answer than Chuck Berry. Isn't that the ultimate hipster thing though, having a go at it for the sake of being reactionary? I totally agree though, all this bollocks about 'you can't slag off 'x' cuz they're dead' is a load of bollocks and I welcome your slagging off of Chuck if its how you feel, or any musician for that matter, i think it's healthy even, its just when i dont agree with some of the specifics you cite.
  11. Across the Universe - The Beatles
  12. Shitposters Consolidated, how many i help oooo?
  13. I'm not sure actually! And there ain't no sandy beaches where i'm goin' sadly
  14. I've been told before now that I'm a difficult man to shut up
  15. I'm goin' abroad tommorow so you won't be seein' me a while, heres your chance It's really not that hard y'know, i just post a lot more than anybody else