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  1. Nil By Mouth is fuckin' dirty. Mean Streets and Taxi Driver fit the ticket too really. That overall tone of unpleasantness.
  2. You mean in terms of being grim? The Panic in Needle Park probably exceeds it. In fact definitely exceeds it. Or for a more modern one Reqiuem for a Dream, you should check em out if you haven't already.
  3. Well it was the fuckin' upbeat zeitgeist movie of the 90s, it's hardly grimy as films about junkies go. It has grim aspects to it but it generally very upbeat at its heart and soul, begins with Lust for Life and a long rant about a rejection of the boring soul-destroying aspects of modern life and ends in extoling them, its a redemption tale overall and it did star a bunch of young fresh faced new kids on the block like Ewan and Johnny Lee Miller and them. I remember reading on the inside sleeve of some a Johnny Thunders CD that if they had used his Chinese Rocks instead of Lust for Life as the junkie rock n roll anthem to begin the film with its redemptive ending would've been harder to pull off. Films like Story of a Junkie and The Man With the Golden Arm and Requiem For A Dream and The Panic in Needle Park are a lot more grim as stories about junkies go.
  4. Why aren't ya posting, Len?

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      busy busy busy!  I'm about tho!

    2. janrichmond
  5. See Ginola i can understand, Cantona though? He looks like a bloke standing at a kiosk as you enter some sort of underground french S&M dungeon.
  6. Iron Maiden x 650 fuckin billion basically!
  7. Hate em, horrible things. I mean its one thing is you live somewhere with dodgy terrain but otherwise its like driving a king size bed. Perched up there like a fuckin parrot, its uncomfortable.
  8. What, Eric?!? Ugh!
  9. You got some fuckin' shit taste in music mate I still love you and everything but Christ, that is dire. The only thing I'd pay for out of that lot is The B-52s...and they ain't all that either. Actually I just saw Chili Peppers, I'd watch them. And AC/DC maybe. The Monkees, I'd go for that too. And Ringo and Paul McCartney...and Eric Clapton. Wow, I'm on the verge of taking my comment back Let me rephrase, 95% of your taste in music is fuckin' shit EDIT: Shit, Eminem, Buckethead, I'd probably see them too!
  10. Fuck knows Honestly, how do you remember shit like that?!?
  11. Do you not find Pep better in that regard? He has less of the constipated rodent look about him I find. And he dresses like a G too, which is always a plus.
  12. I dunno, perhaps Make Love Not War was sort of a bit cliched? Sounds fuckin' brilliant though when he does it, who knows, if he'd've put it out in 73 there'd probably be a great degree of the population that thought he came up with the slogan. I suppose it might limit its possibilities as a single too, you know what the Beeb were like in them days, the phrase 'Make Love' might've got the ol' Etonians clammy in the Y fronts.
  13. Theres a beautiful demo of Mind Games with different lyrics that i reckon sound better than the chorus that got released, check it out:
  14. Never thought I'd see the day United fans got a stiffie off of the Charity Sheild.