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  1. Nah, Old Trafford is a historical cricket ground, they can't hurt the sport of cricket like that
  2. Mugwump is a Burroughs reference ain't it? Or a Roald Dahl thing? Or was that Mugglewump?
  3. To be fair Boris Johnson taking the mickey out of anyones looks ain't really a good idea
  4. And risk getting molested by a Uncle Horace whilst there.. Too far?
  5. Not a band but up yours, i just changed the rules!
  6. Sleaford Mods...end of conversation. Alright so they were about earlier but they've proper blown up in this era.
  7. Even if it was true you'd have a few years wait according to form anyway so no need to start wanking into your socks just yet.
  8. Yeah but i cant get off unless you're in pain and I have a tiny penis, hence the shit soundtrack, I cant imagine a more painful experience than listening to Billy Joel or Slaphead Reg.
  9. My brother and his mate nicked a scoreboard from some ground once for their own games they had somewhere or other
  10. I'm evil. I plan to rape you after and I'd like to know your choice of soundtrack. Then the sound of you enjoying it will be the soundtrack. See above
  11. Or whoever wrote Happy Birthday.
  12. Public Image Limited are a HUGE shout for any influence list, the range of their influence is ridiculous.
  13. They're pretty fuckin amazing, to my mind at least few people have done anything with synth that topped them. Mindblowing group really.
  14. Thats two words nobhead
  15. English Tapas - Sleaford Mods