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  1. The Sign of Four - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, under duress
  2. The phrase 'thinly veiled' springs to mind
  3. I keep my mind on my money, money on my mind, finger on the trigger n!gga hand on my nine, ooooooooooooh!
  4. A stable performance against the mighty Sutton last night, those well known titans of international repute!
  5. Oh thats that fuckin Kardashian one, yeah I've heard of that, I just didnt know or remember what he looked like.
  6. I'd imagine that sort of thing to be a shoe-in, i mean by definition the biggest selling pop albums are going to be stuff that is sort of universal and soft and inoffensive.
  7. Giant Steps - John Coltrane
  8. Y'know the stupid part? I didn't even read that article and i ain't heard nothing about the case in hand, i literally got the picture just by the reaction of two posters on this forum, this is why i consider politics to be trivial, especially American politics, it's an open book that ain't worth reading, it's two sides just ITCHING to find any shit they can willfully misinterpret any old way possible just so they can get one up on the other side, it's tiresome. As far as the pedos thing, I dunno, it's a crazy thing. But shit, we treat people with an impulse to murder, to rape, we treat junkies etc...it's just another condition right? I'd be a lying bastard if i sat here and said i was on some right on slant here and totally cool with some guy with such impulses hanging around kids in my family or that I'd even be alright with them as a person...but I'm not a perfect man and certainly not anyones yardstick for how we should behave. The fact that this shit is so prevalent shows that it's something that requires dealing with, now the Colonel Kurtz approach does immediately spring to mind but when has that ever solved anything? Now the way i see it is there's two ways, you can either leave shit as it is, y'know, the whole 'EWWWWW NO!!!' thing, or 'fuck em, kill em all!' thing or you can be sensible, sit down, bang our fuckin' heads together and treat it like any other thing/issue that comes up in society, you work to fix it...preferably without resorting to genocide And I hope this isn't comin' off like I'mhaving a pop at you with the 'kill em all' thing because i totally get where you're coming from with that, the reason I keep addressing it isn't cuz you said it but cuz it's like the go to response.
  9. Fences (2016) - Denzel Washington
  10. Is it pro-pedophilia though? I mean is it saying go out and do it or claiming it to be a viable sexual orientation? Or is it just aknowledging the fact that some sick fuckers are attracted to children but also have enough moral compass to know they shouldnt and musn't do that shit?
  11. Hangin' out with all these greasers on here has got me on the turn
  12. Who the fuckin' hells that?!?! Thats definitely a geezer, look at them Boston Strangler hands and that big thick neck! He's got a fuckin' Adams apple and all, Jesus, he could squeeze the life out of a prize bull! Bergkamp, Bergkamp!!!!
  13. Filmore East
  14. No, its fag for everyone i know. Let me rephrase on J's behalf Len: J, why wouldnt you wear those socks? J: Cuz i dont have a cock growing out of my forehead
  15. Thats basically what metal is, people trying to play like Cream without the requisite talent. And thats not a diss, a lot of good music comes out of that sort of haphazard but earnest approach.