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  1. I'm a bit late to this whole "Axl's voice on recordings-party" but this is how I see it! When you're there in person, there's so much going on, the excitement is huge, one of your favorite band is up there playing some of your favorite songs and you just enjoy it, you don't analyze it in the same way as you do when watching a periscope stream. A personal example of this was when I saw Slash with Myles in 2015 I thought that the SCOM solo was the best live performance of that solo ever, in fact I updated YouTube like every 5 minutes on the train ride home just to hear it again but when a video of the song from my gig finally got uploaded it was on par if not even worse than most other SCOM solos Slash has played over the years. And I am also of the opinion that you don't really notice Axl's vocals as much in person since it isn't THAT bad (take Paul Stanley for example, you'll probably notice his bad vocals a lot more in person since it is in many cases a lot worse than Axl's), you might notice it on YCBM for example but overall you most likely will not do that on most songs. What you however will notice is the things that is really good, the LALD and WTTJ screams etc. and that will then color ones opinion on the over all performance. But as I said that's just my take on it, the theory that phones don't pick up his actual voice is just stupid. What phones don't record is the experience and the excitement, but they do record Axl's voice.
  2. So Axl was at soundcheck then? I definitely hear some Axl vocals on Estranged there!
  3. Yeah the bass sound in that recording is utter shit, it was a lot better there through the speakers, I promise! I will do that if I find some on my computer
  4. I don't know if anyone would be interested in this, but I found an old live video from a year or so ago and since i got such good feedback on the single over here I thought that I might as well share it with you guys! This is from a music competition we comepeted in over here in Sweden with our old drummer and without proper stage outfits but none the less a fairly good representation of our sound (the drums aside) in my opinion. Enjoy! //Johan, bass in Citadelle.
  5. What's the deal with that song? I just thought it was something he came up with on the spot during the nuGN'R days but if he played it more than once over a span of a couple of years it can't be very improvised, right? Is it a cover or some inside joke?
  6. Is it okay to give this guy some sort of award for worst poster of the year even though it's only February?
  7. That bass line is just soooo damn good!
  8. I think that they will but they'll probably skip OTGM and Michelle since they played Nice Boys
  9. As much as I loved that they played Nice Boys I wish that they'd played the song a bit faster to get that really raw Rock N' Roll sound! But great performance none the less!
  10. Duff's solo spot is honestly one of my favourite parts of each show! It's just balls through the walls rock n' roll and I love it! NICE BOOOOOYS!
  11. Thanks @vloors!
  12. It's So Easy Brownstone The band and Duff are streaming on Instagram
  13. They're on!
  14. Well, let's not jump top conclusions but it certainly seems likely!