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  1. Actually, it was ISE with Duff on vocals
  2. Earlier this week I got really annoyed of the fact that every single GN'R album (including Live Era and GH) has a cassette release but Chinese Democracy doesn't. And it really isn't that odd considering when the album was released but it is how every very annoying to have every album release but CD in my cassette collection so I decided to make my own copy of Chinese Democracy on cassette complete with artwork and a really home made looking label. I even gave the cassette a catalog number (B0012356-03). I decided to add Going Down', Oh My God and Silworms at the end of side B as well since there was plenty of space left after recording the 71 minute long album on a 90 minute tape. Here are some pictures of how the final "product" looks!
  3. From the videos I've seen the show looked great! It's definitely seems to be on par if not better then the average US 2016 show, maybe not better than Huston etc. but better than most shows! I am so fucking excited for next Thursday!
  4. Exactly, the name is Guns N' Roses and thus Going Down, Oh My God, Sikworms and all of Chinese Democracy are Guns N' Roses songs. They may not sound or feel like it, but they are...
  5. It is though... It may not be the Guns N' Roses you love but it sure is GN'R. You (and many others, me included at times) being of the opinion that GN'R from 97-14 was Axl's solo band does not change the fact that Going Down is a recording from a band called Guns N' Roses thus making it a Guns N' Roses song. Does Going Down sound like a classic GN'R song? Hell no. Is Going Down a GN'R song? Yes indeed, and in my opinion it's quite a good one as well.
  6. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
  7. With or without Axl?
  8. Not strong at all! The only one I saw was that Slash posted something about popcorn (the snack) and that's really reaching for straws...
  9. Two weeks left guys! I can't fucking wait! Me and my friends will be in line long before lunch on show day to try and get as close to the stage as possible. Not that we really need to, more because we want to.
  10. Isn't he off by more than a month?
  11. I like it a lot! To me it sounds like 70s Alice with a modern touch, in other words, exactly what I want from Alice Cooper in 2017! I'm really looking forward to the album! The only complaints I have is that I think that the cover looks awful and I wish that the original Alice Cooper Group would have played on more than two bonus tracks... But overall it sounds like it's going to be a great album!
  12. That Jungle scream!
  13. What songs did they sound check?
  14. I spent last summer listening to every single 1991 bootleg (yes all 48 shows) and I'm trying to get through every '92 show this summer (got 43 to go). This little GN'R adventure of mine made me realize a couple of things: 1: Axl's vocals during most '91 shows were WAAAY to raspy, I almost prefer SCOM from a '16 bootleg over a '91 bootleg because of that. 2: They definitely had some pretty bad shows back in the days. 3: Even though they changed up the setlist order a lot during the first leg of the UYI Tour they didn't really switch up the songs THAT much. 4. Holy fuck they had a lot of energy in their prime! 5. Axl's rants are hilarious, while listening to all those bootlegs it was the rants that made me want to listen to the next show right away! 6. People threw a lot of shit at the stage. 7. Axl stopped a lot of shows, more than you would think, during the first UYI leg. 8. Fuck Matt's drum solo 9. I love this band. 10. I should probably get a life.