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  1. Shotgun Blues, Get In The Ring, Bad Apples, Riad N' The Bedouins and most of The Spaghetti Incident.
  2. Right, I forgot about that!
  3. I wonder what GN'R would sound like with Bob Ezrin behind the board?
  4. We need to make that into a usable verb! "Man, it's sad that X Japan's new album got Chinese Democracyd"
  5. Nah it's just some counterfeit, I found that pic hilarious when I saw it because of that very reason!
  6. Fitz is amazing! He did a smoking job with SMKC.
  7. Setlist wise my pick is '91 by a long shot, performance wise I'd had to choose the Skin N' Bones Tour! Axl's voice was WAAAY to raspy on most of those '91 gigs but it was super powerful and controlled during the Skin N' Bones Tour. In my opinion the band sounded tighter during this period too!
  8. In my opinion Ghost have been Papa/Tobias solo project from the beginning, the Ghouls are (to me) the definition of backing musicians so this controversy doesn't bother me at all. I'm seeing them at Gröna Lund in Sweden on the 29th of September!
  9. Still looking for one golden circle ticket for Stockholm!
  10. Or maybe they just wanted to use their logo instead of a 30 year old bandpic?
  11. Oh I agree, It's very swedish!
  12. I'm also a swede but I have the normal Live Era version. Are you sure that you don't have the NuGN'R version on your harddrive titled "Paradise City - Live"? If you have a song on your harddrive with the same title and artist as a song on Spotify they usually play that song instead of streaming you the one from their service to save bandwidth.
  13. This was in my opinion your best episode yet!
  14. I wonder if any other GNR members will be there?