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  1. What the hell, man? Where'd ya go?

  2. Where are you?

  3. The drummer in the UYI Era actually knew how to play the songs and contributed to 2 full studio albums.
  4. You know it will be a major plot twist if they show at the end that Orlando and Keira had twins and that boy and girl are brother and sisters, that will be some Star Wars shit
  5. 2017.11.02 - Tokyo, Japan (Makuhari Messe) 2017.11.04 - Tokyo, Japan (Makuhari Messe) 2017.11.05 - Tokyo, Japan (Makuhari Messe)
  6. I guess it will be just a small cameo, yeah its idiotic of them to spoil it.
  7. Well everyone knows Wasted is Charlie Sheen
  8. So its confirmed we will see Keira Knightley