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  1. This can mean only one thing, IZZY IS BACK!
  2. yengemin taşakları olsaydı amcam olurdu.
  3. Rank: Top 5 GNR Songs?

    no order; niterain, breakdown, move to the city (live era), twat, rocket queen.
  4. 40 here, been a fan since 1988, this is not a boy band. I dont care how he looks like. I love Axl and GNR, and everything about them, because they're an awesome band. Seen them in 93, 06, 12 and enjoyed them all.
  5. Long live the glorious STEVEN "POPCORN" ADLER! Canımın içi mutlu yıllar, iyi ki doğdun!
  6. best opening act for gnr were fnm and sg at the same time. they should do this.
  7. I dont like ashba but comparing him to slash, is not fair. he did what he could Actually he fits well in SİXX AM. Which is a lower caliber band.
  8. wheneva I want to show or find something gnr related, I use this site for years
  9. people are writing here stuff that mite be possible and news sites are making those public, noting that they're rumor, insider info..etc.
  10. The official GNR store

    here in Istanbul, gnr tshirts are like 10-15 dollars, they're not bravado, but way better
  11. monumental promotion starts now.
  12. UYI 1998 CD question

    I got this one, always tought it was a promo for store play or something
  13. if the afd line up just sits and drink tea whole show, it's ok for me. every discussion is ridiculous for me
  14. Izzy and Steven should be in. Steven can play anything better than anyone if he's sober, nay sayers dont know a shit.