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  1. moved to UK for this I wrongfully got GA tickets, is there a way to upgrade them?
  2. Aussie support acts announced

    James Reyne and Angels would be awesome
  3. Openers for Europe/NA 2017

    A7X and FNM please.
  4. Ticket Prices

    The prices are expensive but this is NITL. If they announce more british dates, I'll go for the standing, if not, Gold circle in London.
  5. Ticket Prices

    golden circle 166 pounds. I'll go for that. Do u no if it's gonna be higher after the presale??
  6. actually the title is trump= TWAT.
  7. vote for Axl- Rock Titan Of The Year-

    God led the biggest two bands in this planet this year. Titans are the best guitar and bass players. VIVA LA REVOLUCION, VIVA PISTOLAS Y ROSAS!!
  8. What other bands could Axl front?

    Queen, Sex Pistols, The Who, Stones, Nirvana, Zeppelin, Slayer, but most importantly Grand Funk Railroad (DIE FOR THIS ) Huge fan of Behemoth, and Nergal-Axl duet would be the sickest thing ever.
  9. Adolf was democratically elected.
  10. Guns N' Roses has just elevated their awesomeness to a new level. So proud to be a fan of this band for years, and this made me more proud.
  11. He spoke well, I cant understand all these insults. He's a nice guy, maybe a good guitarist, but aint our kind. Wish him all the best. GNR should only have two other guys, u all no who! Btw, I like Stars by Sixx AM a lot. He's in it
  12. The Damned is awesome. And yes, I like New Rose and TSI a lot.