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  1. 05/26/16 - Hamburg, Germany - Volksparkstadion

    just wtched it this must be lisboa
  2. 05/26/16 - Hamburg, Germany - Volksparkstadion
  3. Am I the only GNR fan that has zero interest in AC/DC?

    how ?they even are not the biggest band in australia
  4. 05/26/16 - Hamburg, Germany - Volksparkstadion

    a big fuck you to hamburg
  5. How much has CD sold as of 2015?

    Slightly over 3 million.
  6. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Nergal should murder these.
  7. 05/19/16 - Vienna, Austra - Happel Stadium

  8. 05/19/16 - Vienna, Austra - Happel Stadium

    he sounds betta or am I just bein a fanboy again?
  9. 05/19/16 - Vienna, Austra - Happel Stadium
  10. is there a station nearby the stadium? and will it work after the concert? couldnt see it High street kensington and Knightsbridge stations are very close to my hotel.
  11. Royal Garden at High Street. I also have the chance to stay at Canary Wharf and Seven Sisters, got friends there and can stay at them for the concert nite.
  12. Hell is UK, I live in heaven
  13. They asked my purpose of visit for the Visa. I said AXL/DC. I'll stay at Kensington, is it ok for transportation? Do I have to hire a car?