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  1. "IZZY AND STEVEN ARE BACK" is big, other than this is rat piss.
  2. A friend o mine sent HTH clip to me from whatsapp late at night, I couldnt understand where it was
  3. Axl sings like he does not know the song actually
  4. lol I actually liked Retro minus the awful vocals
  5. They should tour with FNM, SG like it's 92 again. I also want A7X all the time
  6. Izzy has Indian blood. Duff had some black relatives if I my memory does not fuk with me.
  7. 2 jews, 1 black, 1 indian and yes it's a white trash band
  8. floor seating is funny as fuck
  9. Gilby, Robin, Bucket. Slash,Izzy and Bucket on the same stage is my wet dream.
  10. Steven Adler is the drummer of GNR. Noone else, enuffznuff, get him back on stage and in studio.
  11. TSI is a wonderful album full of interesting covers and the sound quality is awesome. Chin Dem is a masterpiece. It's the only GNR kinda record among all the member's solo albums.
  12. Of course. I want him to sing everything.
  13. Me no care what anyone say or think, me want Izzy and Steven back. Me have only 1 life time, me want the best.
  14. Avenged Sevenfold is the shit. Been a fan for a long time, and saw them first time in Nottingham last month. Wish they toured with GNR, they suit more.