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  1. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    i load my pants evrytime i listen to otgm.
  2. GNR=AXL IZZY STEVEN DUFF / ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS: MATT DIZZY GILBY SOURCE: LIVE ERA LP 4tus is a hired gun, u cant compare him to Izzy. Axl can try to play 4tus' songs instead of Izzy's...hey wait a sec, he doesnt have any song, and Izzy has nearly half of the setlist
  3. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    we got a saying here in Fenerbahçe, miki siksin sizi. meaning stfu.
  4. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    and I'm moronized so much that I actually waited for Tastes good dont it feelin like in a time travel thing.
  5. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    GNR is back and playing like fuck and people are complainin millions of shit. Fuck Thank Axl Almighty, there's real world, and we're enjoying the shit outta this.
  6. 04/20/16 - Mexico City - Foro Sol

    This has nothing to do with the nostalgia, it's the band, it's the chemistry and the soul. Both Izzy and Steven are awesome musicians in this band. And just witnessing how the individuals has pushed the other individuals to a better level with this 3 man reunion, making it five will be perfect.
  7. hassitir lan emuagodumn gödvereni. lol pitman.
  8. 04/20/16 - Mexico City - Foro Sol

    totally agreed. this band needs izzy n steven btw
  9. maiden's songs are way too easy to sing.
  10. actually he's no.2 for me
  11. These comparisons are fun, but everyone has their own taste, Bruce for example, is not eventhe best vocalist of Maiden for me There mite be a lot of better vocalists than Axl, which I dont know , but he's easily the best frontman ever for me cuz he's GOD. Then comes a league of legends as Mercury, Plant, Patton, Daltrey andJagger.
  12. Axl Breaks A Bone In His Foot

    this is gettingstrange, remember the uyi warm up tour; 1 - axl fux with his foot during uyi starters, just like now. 2- izzy's replaced by a new guitarist , just like now. 3- there's a new drummer and a new keyboard player just like now. this can mean only one thing! UYI 3.
  13. Happy birthday Izzy !!

    Canımsın Izzy Reis!