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  1. Steven Adler is the drummer of GNR. Noone else, enuffznuff, get him back on stage and in studio.
  2. TSI is a wonderful album full of interesting covers and the sound quality is awesome. Chin Dem is a masterpiece. It's the only GNR kinda record among all the member's solo albums.
  3. Of course. I want him to sing everything.
  4. Me no care what anyone say or think, me want Izzy and Steven back. Me have only 1 life time, me want the best.
  5. Avenged Sevenfold is the shit. Been a fan for a long time, and saw them first time in Nottingham last month. Wish they toured with GNR, they suit more.
  6. Funny not hearing a shit and concluding this. yes we all know, there are yes men, gnr never had those, cuz they dont listen to anyone, even themselves
  7. It is A7X imo. FNM and Soungarden should open for GNR again, and also BODY COUNT, it's all 90's again
  8. i find it strange that juju is not like %90.
  9. Presidents of the US are behind this
  10. moved to UK for this I wrongfully got GA tickets, is there a way to upgrade them?
  11. James Reyne and Angels would be awesome
  12. A7X and FNM please.
  13. The prices are expensive but this is NITL. If they announce more british dates, I'll go for the standing, if not, Gold circle in London.
  14. golden circle 166 pounds. I'll go for that. Do u no if it's gonna be higher after the presale??
  15. actually the title is trump= TWAT.