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  1. I was a bit disappointed - I'm not complaining, that's just how I felt after watching it. As a Lynch feature it's awesome and I can't wait to see where it goes but I wish it was a bit less Lynch and a bit more Twin Peaks. I've only watched the first two episodes, will check out part 3 and 4 tonight. I do like the evil Cooper segments, I hope there's a lot of focus on them going forwards....preferably in Twin Peaks, although the NYC camera work and story was a highlight too.
  2. Again, thank you for this thread. Now 24 hours till my son goes to bed and my wife goes to yoga.... I can't wait, this will be an awesome Monday night! By the premier reviews it doesn't disappoint.
  3. I checked it, it was the 4th show on the 30th. I agree, even with Axl's low vocals it's still an awesome bootleg, considering it was probably recorded on a cassette originally!
  4. This is the 3rd show yes? I have a couple of versions of this all pretty similar. The sound is good for the instruments but Axl's mic is a bit low on most songs. I think @gibbo said on an old thread the double cd Bad boys, Great Noize and Noizemakers was the best version. I think he posted it as well if you search in downloads. If not I'll post it if you want it.
  5. Have you tried downloading them from the app to your phone and then following suggestions above? (Unzip and play through FLAC box). Might be worth a shot.
  6. Thanks for this Gibbo
  7. I like the teasers but I'd like a trailer, it would be interesting to see what we're in store for. I think we will get one as Lynch must be used to putting them together for his movies, I'm just impatient and would like it sooner rather than later!
  8. If you want to try it for free and have an Android phone, download an app called Kodi from the Play store and Google instructions on how to set up the add ins. If it works for you then I'd assume the Amazon stick with Kodi installed would work too, can't guarantee it though but this way it won't cost you anything to try.
  9. Nice fucking view! Have fun.
  10. It looked like Angus soundchecking it. Slash now doing Rocket queen - sounds fucking awesome!
  11. Thanks mate, I won't waste my time downloading it. I thought it might be a quick way to get my wife up to speed before the new series.
  12. I downloaded the Q2 fan edit, just need to find time to watch it. When I was looking for the fan edit of FWWM I noticed Q2 had another fan edit of the series,5 hours long called Northwest Passage which shows just the Laura Palmer mystery in chronological order - have you seen this one by any chance?
  13. Have fun mate!