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  1. Thanks for some new updates I didn't know. OMH so bad Cooper did another evil thing. Not surprised. I remember the doc thinking Cooper was walking around the hospital to see Audrey, but then he was gone. I wonder if Lynch will talk about what the characters have been doing for the past 25 years, but I guess the more we see the more we'll learn. Yeah, I saw Nadine had the drape shop. Good for her. Yeah, that Richard is an evil bastard too. Want him to die a very horrible death. Has anyone heard if Lynch will continue the show beyond this year? SHO should stick with it as long as Lynch is willing to do it. I remember the Road House being used more in the original seasons. I'm not a fan of most female singers and she just annoyed me. I was waiting for something to happen and felt it was a waste of time. There's so many stories that need to be finished before the season finale. I'm actually glad I never watched TP years ago nor did my mom because it would have so killed me to have it end the way it did. Now at least I was able to watch Season 1 and 2 and continue with the new season without missing a beat. Also watched Twin Peaks Fire walk with me. I'm also wondering where is Donna? Will she be back? Her character was played by two different actresses. I know Lara Flynn Boyle did the series but not the movie. She hasn't been seen lately either. Also is doc's wife dead or alive. I would have liked to see Donna and Audrey get to know each other as sisters, but not to be. Yeah, good Cooper was so funny. I do hope he gets his whole memory back. I want him back in Twin Peaks. I don't like the different locals and everyone separated. They need to be together as a team again. It was magic.
  2. Yeah, I mean Ava's burns should have been way worse than they are. Also if her body was burned a lot why is she wearing clothes and I don't see any other bandages. GH dropped the ball on that one too. If Valentin did take Spencer, he's a real bastard. Is someone framing him? Who cares? Someone needs to find Spencer asap. I guess once Julian goes to trial that will be the end of his character, which will suck. Good to see Monica again. Where the hell is Lucas and Brad? GH always does this to their gay characters. I'm surprised that there are many more African American actors on the show who have major storylines. GH has been behind in hiring minorities and having gay characters have important storylines. Also give Dr. Griffin a storyline or he'll be the next actor to go. He's a waste of talent.
  3. soap opera digest and ABC soaps magazine said the renewal talks between GH and William (Julian) have met an impasse, so William has been let go. How much does this suck? The scenes between Julian and Alexis today were killer. I wanted them to get back together. When a major character leaves a show it also leaves many other characters in a lousy situation. Now who will Alexis be paired with? There's no one else on the show who she can be paired with. She's hardly ever with Sam or her grandkids or Kristina or Molly. Now that Spencer is gone for the whole year, will we find out who has him and if he'll ever be let go? Now that Finn has been given his job back, hayden will be leaving, so he'll have no one either. This is beginning to suck. also I'm pretty sure Steve Burton will be Jason and Billy Miller will become another character and probably leave after awhile. Where is Franco? I guess his talks took awhile to come to a new deal. Will he be back? GH should not continue to let amazing actors and characters continue to get away. The powers that be seem to never learn from their mistakes. Damn I'm getting really pissed off now.
  4. Animal Kingdom Face Off Ink Master Sleepwalking in the Suburbs Love Bites
  5. Wow! NYC going all out for GNR! So great to see it!
  6. okay. I will have to check it out. Anyway, I'm still not liking The Mist. I'm honestly watching to see who gets killed because so far I'm not crazy about any of these characters. lol
  7. Wish they would bring back Nick so Spencer can have some peace. He really wants Valentin to pay for his dad's death, but no one found Nick's body, so you never know? The doctors better find out what's wrong with Sam and get her hallutionations under control. She's becoming annoying. She must have a brain tumor or something. Seeing Sonny trying to hurt her and Jason will not end well if they don't diagnois her soon. Yeah, I like Kevin and Laura too. Anna and Andre make a cute couple too. Poor Ava has to go home and get out treatments. I don't know how you can send a burn victim home alone? Weird. Sonny and Carly at Morgan's grave was very sad, but I don't think he's really dead either.
  8. Martin Landau has died. He was 99. He has been acting since the 60's. He was in the original Mission Impossible show back in the 60's. He also played in many movies over the years. My sympathies got out to his family and friends and his many fans.
  9. So sorry to hear about George's death. He always would come to the Texas Frightmare convention and always had the longest line. Everyone loved him. He opened the door for all the zombie movies to come after his. My mom told me she saw the original Night of the Living Dead when she was 16 and she couldn't eat meat for a week. lol She said it really freaked her out. Later on at a horror convention, we met the man who played the zombie who killed the brother in the cemetery and the little girl grown up. It was way cool. The man actually came dressed in costume like he wore in the movie. Romero made this movie for so little money back in the day, but it became a classic among horror fans all over the world. I hope he finds peace. My sympathies go out to his family, friends and all his fans.
  10. Yeah, last night's episode was okay. The last 7 minutes of that woman singing was horrible. I had to change the channel to watch something else and then when I get back, the show was showing the credits. I was pissed that the last minutes were of this woman singing and not telling more story. So if that crazy bastard who ran over the kid and killed that woman is Ben's grandson, does that mean Audrey was pregnant? I really hate that guy and want him to die a horrible death. So Diane might be with Bad Cooper after that text message. I really want to see the White Lodge that the Major talked about. I also want to smack good Cooper in the back of his head in hopes it will make him remember his life. I like it better when everyone is in Twin Peaks working together. This all over the place is annoying. The doctor rants are super funny. Shelley's daughter is very stupid to let that guy hit her and tell her off. I wonder who her dad is? Anyway, I'm just going with it because it seems David Lynch might not give us all the answers we are seeking and likes to keep us guessing. It's entertaining for the most part.
  11. Guy's Grocery Games Twin Peaks: The Return Claws The Strain American Monster 20/20 Dateline No one Lives
  12. Two Nights by Kathy Reichs
  13. Yeah, I wish Joss would leave, but I guess we will have to have her teen angst for the summer. Well, because Spencer is such a good actor, he's in high demand. I mean even though GH has aged some kids, Spencer is still the same actor. he's just amazing. Yeah, it seems like Finn will be in limbo once Hayden leaves or dies or whatever? it seems Dr. O is going to go after her now to get even with Finn. I do hope we see more of Ned and Olivia. I love the Q's and now is the time to bring them to the front burner. Also Lucas, brad and Felix too.
  14. This movie was made in 1939, so it was a different time. I tried to watch it once. I hated the main character. He was a real pig. He didn't join up to fight for the south and only had the hots for Scarlett. The black actors and actresses were just terrible, but the woman won an Oscar. I guess that was something for that time. Having always lived in the north and learning about the Civil war in school, it always seemed the north was right. But then I realized while the south had black slaves, the north had white slaves. Most of the Irish that came to America worked in factories and were not welcomed here. This can be said for most imigrants who came to America. Also some earlier Presidents like Washington had slaves too. I can see wanting all men equal and free, but to fight a war over it. It seems just so stupid now. I mean the whole world was watching the US tear itself apart and so many men lost their lives. And it still took black men and woman many many years before anyone gave them a fair chance in the world. And some days it seems like it's still hard.
  15. Blair Witch 2016 Yet again more morons go into those woods and never come out. It's like the morons who continue to go to Crystal Lake even though there's a change Jason is still there.