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  1. I have some cool vinyl. I know the people at the record stores I go to, and the consensus is GNR vinyl is HOT, very in demand, and hard to keep in stock.
  2. I believe that the hook MAKES the song. OMG, it's legendary. Slash as a composer, man, that's what sets him apart. I felt it was an injustice that Axl did not give him writing credit, just a special thanks. That song simply would not be what it is without what Slash contributed. Sweet Child or November Rain would not be as memorable without those solos, either, IMO
  3. Okay I'm going to be admittedly speculative, remember that by 1990 GNR were bigger than ever and the lack of activity made the public even hungrier. So an Axl interview would make perfect sense to air witn the MTV Awards, because it was an exclusive band update. It would certainly be a ratings boost, and fill the void of not having the world's most popular rock group featured in any other capacity.
  4. Yes, she was correct about it being 1990. I should know this, but I can't confirm, but I believe the famous last words interview was aired before the "90 MTV Awards.
  5. It was a speedball, a combination of coke and heroin. Deanna has taken Axl's announcement out of context. She makes it sound like Axl announced to the world live on the MTV Awards that Steven was fired, when in fact it was a feature interview with Axl and his backyard that was aired during the awards ceremony, it's easy to find, it's called 'famous last words', he said some negative things but I don't recall if he actually said Steve was out of the band officially on it.
  6. Yes, that's me. But my partner bailed out after only 4 episodes
  7. Oh man, I hope it isn't as bad as those clowns over at gnrtruth. I've been enjoying this forum lately. Over there, you have the typical hierarchy of pretentious fans who believe their word gospel. I was debating a point with a member who happened to be a woman and one of the admins attacked me and called me a misogynist. Okay, psycho pants. Thankfully, her hypocritical nature allows her to give a pass to the band for some of their blatantly misogynistic lyrics. Of course here today had the same issues, but they're not very active anymore, are they? Oh but the point I was making is if you are so up in a bands shit that you are BRUTALLY criticizing them or associated persons, it's just not healthy.
  8. Yes, you're the first person I've seen that has read it. I was curious if there wss anything about the politics regarding Stevens book in it?
  9. That's a cool-ass collectible.
  10. It's the same backing track on both. I recall from the don't cry home video Axl saying that he was suddenly inspired with new lyrics while in the studio, and said something like "just let it roll, I got to go with this"
  11. I always preferred the original demo version. It was released on the Don't Cry CD single. I like it because it's just a straight vocal, no doubling or harmonies. As much as I think it's cool that Shannon Hoon sang on the two album versions, I think the production takes away from the strength of Axl's vocal on that song as featured in the demo.
  12. I did detect some humor. But it wasn't just you, I'm sensitive about my small penis.
  13. I haven't downloaded any video, and the one in question is an actual video cassette. I don't even know how to go about ripping it or whatever, I don't have the equipment or the technology. I'm not obligated to anybody, and honestly I'm put off by the aggressive language.
  14. Oh shoot, sorry. I only brought it up because someone said it wasn't recorded. And I thought you'd appreciate the screenshots. But that's all it is, them sitting there talking. It's long, & I don't have time to do all that. Besides, I don't want to be concerned about pissing somebody off or the legality of it all. Peace
  15. I don't want to do that, but here's a couple screenshots...