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  1. When You Touch Me - The Guess Who
  2. The Needle And The Spoon
  3. We Trying to Stay Alive - Wyclef Jean
  4. Wild Weekend by The Rebels
  5. No... I think he would at a minimum need to keep around keyboard player too. Let's be reasonable.
  6. Burnin Alive - AC/DC Had not listened to that one in a long time. Forgot how much I liked it.
  7. A few random back to back this afternoon The Cult - Sonic Temple Michael Jackson - Thriller Heart - Little Queen AC/DC - Blow Up Your Video
  8. I always liked it and would like it live. I wish they would have a proper recorded version minus rant, and then they could just improvise a current topic rant whenever played (if they must have the rant).
  9. That picture does own hard, so to speak. Did I use that right?
  10. I can agree about Freddie being at the top, but I think a young/prime Burton Cummings keeps him from being alone.
  11. Sometimes I feel like this is all I read around here.
  12. As far as just the singing aspect I'm surprised I don't see Burton Cummings mentioned more / at all.
  13. Possibly you've heard Metallica cover their song Breadfan?