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  1. 72
  2. Maybe Abbott and Costello could bring some clarity regarding the 'Melissa intro'
  3. Cant play that one loud enough
  4. 56
  5. In the zone starting at 1:44
  6. Here Come The Mummies 6x Guns 5x
  7. I agree with @J Dog about the quality of You're Crazy (Lies). I feel similarly about OIAM and wish it didn't have to be a guilty pleasure.
  8. That post-show depression kept me going to 'one more show' until budget was shot.
  9. Glad to see they kept their Dublin tradition
  10. Surely better than vomiting actual vomit though. See just have to look for the positive
  11. Outlaw
  12. Ranch is probably most common condiment but sausage gravy is probably signature topping.