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  1. Hey Guys there´s going to be a Guns N Roses Pre Party at the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon the night Before. My Band is playing a tribute show as well and we'd like to welcome all you Gunners that will be in town to come down to the Hard Rock, have a few drinks and celebrate the most dangerous band in the world! Its gonna be June 1st / 10h30 PM / Hard Rock Cafe Av. Liberdade, Free Entrance. We did the same thing back in 2006 before the Guns Gig for Rock in Rio and it was pretty sweet! Hope to see you guys there.
  2. i´m trully thankful for bbf being part of gnr. I Remember in 2006 i liked his playing but he was thrown in on a tour with a band he didint know and you could tell live, because his stage presence was all over the place, the guitars he used werent a great fit and his solos werent that melodic nor faithful to the original songs. In 2009 he came to gnr as a fuckin beast! he literally nailed every single note, looked the part and was such a nice guy (he always was) but his rendition of dont cry is absolutely stellar, the way he can play any gnr song with the vocal melody and guitar melody at the same time is beyond be me. Im thankful i got to know him through gnr, im still a big fan, always will be and i keep watching the vegas dvd for his licks. And some of you should show some fuckin respect. he fought hard for us to hear estranged live and dont cry. Super class act, love him. BBF you fucking ROCK!!!
  3. we can start by watching this Slash Raised on sunset
  4. Well we all can agree that ron is a class act, the nicest person and as gifted as any musician can be. On top of that he has a heart of gold. Wish him nothing but the best and ill always be his fan. His intro to dont cry is still one of the best gnr moments in history for me. His arrangement is stellar so is his acoustic and electric arrangement for better. Actually just check out the guitar workshop he did in recife brazil, he also played civil war and sorry... damn, the way he plays is just far beyond me. so musical and to play two guitar lines at the same moment is killer!!! RON Rocks!
  5. I gotta say i enjoyed the whole band a lot more in 2006, specially cuz robin looked so damn cool and sounded amazing on that tour. But 2002 holds back good memories and even though it looks different from what were used to... its such a joy to listen to buckethead play.. and brain was sounding amazing! that rocket queen is off the hood. Richard fit right in from day one. Axls high register was something else at that age as well
  6. I Think he may of have felt that way about ron when he entered but not because of Ron, but because they werent expecting another guitar player. Ron eventually became good friends with robin, even after gnr and i think the same can be said about tommy But yeah, BH and Paul Huge must be on his shit list
  7. Amazing song. Love the lyrics, the melody, the solo. Everything just fits. Seems like the song with more of a "band" feel from all of the chinese songs we know. Love tommys work and what i assume is robins guitar parts as well
  8. I saw the who in Portugal in 2007, the same venue gnr played in 2010. The who drew around 3.000 people to a 20.000 seat arena. it was super sad. the stage was almost at the front of the arena. Guns played there in 2010 to 18000 people. Then i though people in Portugal just don't care much about rock music because the who were actually with Pino Palladino on Bass (one of the best bassists in the world! From john mayer to NIN) and Ringo Stars son on Drums! Later that year i went to Argentina and the who played the same tour there as well, and argentina really loves rock n roll. i remember discussing with a cab driver that i loved their show in europe but not that many people bought a ticket. Weird thing is, the same happened in BSAS according to him, the band played a huge open air field that just didn't have that many people there. The who are extremely popular and have the best catalog ever, but they just don't draw big numbers. Gnr really doesnt need anyone to sell out stadiums so, i guess they really like the who... I couldn't care less, their show was alright, but i wouldn't be to happy if i had to sit for a full the who show before guns. Id only be happy if guns played their full show before that so that id get to go home earlier. Still, i think gnr should just get a brand new rock band to tour with them, someone that actually kicks ass and sounds like they used to... and that band is from Finland and is called Santa Cruz. if you guys don't know them, check them out. they are mind blowing. http://santacruzbandofficial.com
  9. amazing interview. thank you for that. its ironic how scott said he would never touch heroin again, which he did. he said he wanted VR to be the last band he was known for and end his carrear with - almost true and how he completely changed his life for good and kicked the habit and ended up od.ing which is so sad and tragic. But yeah i guess we really cant see into the future and can only speak for today. Which makes slash and duffs comments on the gnr reunion more in context with what they were dealing with at the time. same can be said for axl's harsh words towards slash.
  10. You´re absolutely right, I put izzy up there with my favourite rock icons of all time, and not only for his work with gnr. Shuffle it down is also one of my all time fav songs. Being a songwriter is knowing how to make a song that will relate to lots of people, it isn't something that can be taught, either you have it or you don't. and im nor putting down richard, but richard is a world class touring guitarrist, as a songwriter i like what he did with the dead daisies, but its limited to the music, richard doesn't write lyrics, so even there that's half the work. As a guitar player alone, and i´m a guitar player myself, id take richard. But when it comes to writing a kick ass song izzy would be my first pick. However, get izzy and richard in the studio and BOOM! let the magic begin because they do speak the same language as far as music background is concerned and i think they are a perfect match.
  11. lol, you´re right. i knew i shouldn't´t of have said anything, but damn, sometimes its hard to stay away. and yes, there´s no argument there, izzy is the best songwriter in gnr aside from axl or at the same level, depends on what you like i suppose, but izzy is amazing on that level. Kurt cobain was also a great songwriter, but he was somewhat limited on the guitar, but it doesn't matter, when you re a songwriter you only have to be good enough to play your own songs.
  12. I know you think you´re funny, but ignorance isnt bliss. try reading a book once in a while, cultivate yourself. there´s nothing wrong with knowledge, i know it seems scary and im sure you have your limitations but dont give up just yet... you might surprise yourself and all of us as well, if you just try not to be a dumb ass all the time. cheers bro i still think there´s hope for you.
  13. yeah, my point exactly. recognising a good guitar player requires taste and knowing a little something about it, no wonder you dont get it, its just not for you. its like sex, some people get it, some dont. aint no shame in it. hate away my angry friend
  14. if you need to ask, then it would be very difficult to explain. If you'd play guitar you would easily understand how talented and how great his technique and all around approach is. To you this may only be some name calling or fancy words, which means to understand what im about to say ud actually need to do some research but Richard has a crazy hybrid fingerstyle picking and guitar picking technique that not many use, specially the way he does it, he plays around with a lot of harmonic notes and sweep picking and his influences and guitar amp styles really make him sound like a beast playing classic rock. because it sounds great but it isnt played the way most rock guitar players do. i guess thats because he has such a rich influence of musical styles and different instruments as well that its very difficult to put in a box, but to replicate what he does takes time, patience and know how. He def is a lot more capable than izzy on a 6 string, but izzy is izzy and he wrote or co wrote the music most of us are here for. So i suppose a guitar player would give richard a lot more praise because he would at least understand whats goin on and a casual music fan might go: meh, but at the end of the day, richard is a class act, nothing but respectful to any version of gnr and def way more than a rhythm guitar player People are always entitled to their opinion, but it would be great if their opinion was based on facts and not just what they particularly find cringe worthy, because i for one think his stage presence is what sets him apart from most in a great way. i like that, i like musicians that leave it all on stage and use their body to express that. more and more is gnr becoming a band that stays in one spot and plays a whole concert in a very quiet and mild way compared to the old days and even 2006. so its good to have someone that shows what he is feeling in every song. and you really should know something about playing a riff, being in the pocket before saying he cant strum a song. that just makes you look like donald trump when he says there were 1,5 million in attendance at his inaugural speech. Sad. Very Sad and def alternative facts.