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  1. Just now catching up and am dragging this up from the past, but I have to comment. Blue is absolutely adorable. I think he is now my favorite of the whole extended GNR family/entourage (including the bandmembers).
  2. Considered and overruled. Yellow jacket was a rain jacket. Hideous, but has a purpose and is hideous as a side-effect. Weird mashup jacket- no purpose other than to be hideous. No contest.
  3. No streams. There isn't anything else to talk about.
  4. Munich and Fellow Hogan's Heroes enthusiasts please welcome from Hollywood Guns N' Roses At least that is what it sounded like to me. Not sure if it makes sense or not though.
  5. I am sorry. I don't normally care much about what Axl wears. BUT it looks like a UK flag, a US flag and a innocent jacket got into a mishap that included bling and could not be saved.
  6. I am more amused by the people who are in denial and refuse to accept that period of time as GNR. I never met anyone who claims the moon landing was faked but I imagine it wouldn't be much different than the nuGNR line up deniers.
  7. I was so horrified by the jacket that I didn't see the hat. The hat is even worse. I don't even know how that is possible.
  8. Oh my god. What is that jacket? It is horrifying.
  9. How do you run out of bands? Even if you don't want to create too many specific bands that you have a lot left over (in case not all that are sold show up) then have generic ones to hand out if pressed.
  10. Sounds like a drunken bar song. Kind of like Cornshucker. Though Cornshucker is more of the happy-go-lucky drunk song and You Aint the First is a mopey one.
  11. Alternatively, they've had their tiff and went their own ways musically for a while and now with years of experience and time apart they are in a better mood and position to collaborate again. (and Axl will still not share it with us)
  12. Maybe it is the heat talking (the thought of going outside in a black shirt anytime in the next 3 months or so makes me wince) but I'd like to have the bloody bullet logo on a white shirt.
  13. That is adorable. When I was a kid our black dogs often became spotted ones when my mom cooked. I found the solution to the problem. I acquired a dog who is spotted to begin with.
  14. I can't change the set list so there really is no point in lamenting over something I have no control over. I either like a song or I don't like a song and I like Seeker and I think it has fun energy so I see no reason to wish for another song. I like the song Better on the album. Not as fond of it live, but I am not going to complain about it and rail against it when it is played.
  15. I love the Seeker. It has a lot of fun energy.