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  1. Wow. Time flies. I thought we were still in April. I was looking forward to the summer shows. I'm sorry I missed them.
  2. Dizzy. Because no one remembers Dizzy. (except @Sosso , you remembered him! it makes me happy)
  3. But new music is boring. We need to discuss the new enthralling topic of Slash's hair. Quit trying to distract us from what is important.
  4. I am not sure that it makes sense to stop in the middle of a tour to drop an album? I find it strange that so many fans think that action is logical. They are still playing new markets. Even when they come back to the US they'll be playing new markets with the possible exception of St. Louis.
  5. I love it even more than I thought I would. I did not realize periscoping was a thing until a year ago. Getting to watch the shows and get a tiny ittybitty taste... I love it. I know that it isn't anything at all like being at a show. The cell phone doesn't acurately pick up the acoustics. The image is often bad. Can't feel the music rumbling inside as much as hearing it. AND don't have other excited fans standing on all sides feeding the excitement higher. Periscope isn't even a pale imitation, but it makes me happy to watch and hang out on the forum when I can. Then watch the better videos that start coming out after. I am excited for all the people who are getting a chance to see them do their thing who hadn't had a chance to yet. I am happy for every one who has seen them and is going to get to see them again. I am going to be sad when this tour is over. Hopefully there is going to be new things on the horizon. I wouldn't count on it though, and will enjoy what I get while I have it.
  6. So be it. If that is what it means to you then that is what it means to you. That is not what it means to me. I agree more with Blackstar. However, it is kind of silly to argue over the meaning slang. Language is living and has different meanings to different people depending on where they grow up, live, and the people they communicate with. If it makes you happy replace biggest with hottest. It does not matter to me as that was not the point of my comment at all.
  7. Biggest/Hottest means the same thing to me.
  8. What do you think would happen when you've got someone who can't handle the stress of being a nobody suddenly have 100x the stress of being in the spotlight as part of the biggest band of the world (whose band and life is falling apart behind the scenes)? They get 100x worse. Is showing up hours late or skipping shows okay? My opinion is no. You should do what you say you are going to do. Is it understandable? Yes. I can understand it.
  9. I find the song to have no redeeming value. I must add, to be fair, that I have only listened to the song once and I cannot swear that I listened to it all the way to the end. I have no plans at this point to listen to it again. Maybe once I quit wincing at the thought of it. I am glad, however, that there are people out there who have some kind of appreciate for it.
  10. And of course these same statements show up in every thread that is based on a comment someone makes about Axl. I hate to tell you this, but the world does not revolve around Axl. People have opinions on other celebrities that have no or little relation to Guns n' Roses. When these celebrities are mentioned in a thread (or have a topic started about them) fans will share these opinions with others. I am not see very many people suddenly praising Nikki Sixx here. There are some comments that it was cool of him to say something nice. Many comments randomly talking about him. A few comments mentioning whether or not they like his music. And some mentioning they are not interested in what he has to say. Not exactly everyone falling over themselves to love him because he talked nice about Axl.
  11. I am pretty easy when it comes to music. I can put up with slightly less than enjoyable lyrics if the music is good and I can put up with slightly less than enjoyable music for good lyrics. However really bad or really repetitive lyrics are pretty much the one thing that can turn me off a song. Fall to Pieces starts great. The end really drags it down for me so I rarely listen to it all the way through if I have the option. I can get it if someone can completely tune out the words of a song and simply enjoy the music that carries it, I am not one of those people.
  12. I suppose it might depend on what the band see this as. Fans are wanting a happy story book ending and the band may not want an ending at all. They could be just moving on to the next stage of their life. Hit it until you fall over the cliff. If they are planning on this being the end then hopefully they give us the storybook ending. If they are just living the next day of their lives with no plans then hopefully a near future day will include Steven and Izzy.
  13. If my ticket said I was seeing the Rolling Stones then I would say I saw the Rolling Stones.
  14. Oh no! He is planning on taking over all the waterways and oceans too! He really has this world domination thing planned out.
  15. I haven't paid much attention to Sixx AM but I heard one of their songs today and it was a pretty weird experience. I felt like I could really like the song but it just fell short. It was just slightly lacking in ways I couldn't quite put a finger on. Music usually catches my attention and makes me listen or it doesn't. I never had a "this is an okay song, but could have been a really good one" before.