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  1. I used to really like Sorum and would have said him hands down. But as I've watched more interviews of him, I'm not sure. The UYI records are my fav and he was the drummer for them so I still lean towards picking him, but Gilby really seems chill and maybe easier to like. But besides "TSI?" (which were covers) he didn't get a chance to do anything with the band besides play Izzy's parts. The Nu-era has had so many interesting members who contributed in varying degrees to ChiDem. This is a hard question to answer
  2. One of the best songs on ChiDem. I love it.
  3. This sort of stuff is what I'm getting at. Axl made the right call
  4. I didn't realize Dizzy was inducted and Gilby wasn't. The totally uneventful Dizzy nod makes sense now and was a clever kind of jab at him but that just turns into another example of what I meant about the induction speech being not very good; the person giving the induction speech pokes fun at someone from the band getting inducted during the speech I see where Axl was coming from with this. We have the NITL tour. That induction wasn't handled well.
  5. I just watched the induction for the first time and it was really kind of lame. Green Day inducted the band with Billie Joe giving some remarks on certain members in the band. He gushed over Steven Adler but didn't seem to have nearly as much sincere praise for the complimentary things he said about Duff and found it worth mentioning that Duff used to play in a band called "The Farts". Matt Sorum got a mention but nothing for Gilby Clarke. Billie mentioned Dizzy Reed but all he said was "you do a good job on keyboards!" or something like that. Why even mention such a weird member of GN'R history if that is all you are going to say and you aren't going to mention anything about Gilby or any other members of the current lineup at that time? It was cool of Billie to stick up for Axl Rose when people started booing when he was alluding to him though. The introduction speech just felt sloppy overall and didn't seem to do the band justice. Sorum was kind of disrespectful to Steven when he spoke as well. The whole thing felt unorganized and kind of embarrassing Was Axl really being a spoil sport by not showing up? I don't think so. It was a lame thing. It was classic Axl to not attend. I hope he watched a Ninja Turtles movie as it was going on. I don't know if there is any truth to this but I read that Izzy told a story that he and Axl were going to meet at a hotel to talk about whether or not they should attend the induction. According to the story, Izzy showed up at the meeting place and waited a few hours for Axl. Axl never came, Izzy knew that meant he and Axl wouldn't be attending it.
  6. Steven has done some songs, Axl, Slash and Duff have reunited for a tour. Izzy did stuff with NuGuns. I'm just gonna count my blessings. I won't be bummed
  7. I would ask if he wants to make a new GN'R album
  8. It's such an amazing solo
  9. ChiDem. It has some weak/average tracks but I love to death most of the songs on there (Better, Twat, Catcher in particular)
  10. Seems like they've consistently been great friends since the 80s, with no fall outs
  11. Thank you for doing that, Duff! Look where we are today
  12. Axl would laugh and be totally cool with it