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  1. Sadly, I'm mostly like Axl in the sense that I went through 21 guitarists before getting my album out. It was a band format, everybody quit, and it became my solo project. (Except my album took 5 years, not 14 or 9 LOL). Crap!! I'm a dictator!! LOL
  2. Definitely! I was raised country, but I bought a bass in 2011 after reading Duff's book. I practiced a ton of GNR songs to learn (I still can't play Rocket Queen to save my life), and I performed the bass, piano, and vocal parts for my country/rock album that was released a year ago last Saturday. I have a song called "We Go Hard," about the main bar strips of Texas and Louisiana, which was inspired by "It's So Easy." You can check out my music at @GarrettSmithTX on FB, TW, and IG, and my YouTube Channel is below. **EDIT** I sold my Silvertone at Christmas and bought a Les Paul... I mean, we all know who plays those...
  3. Steven and Izzy would sell to a big crowd of us die-hards lol.
  4. I don't expect it, but yes, I'll be bummed. But don't expect ONLY the five. Axl will at least get Dizzy in (which I'm fine with, though many will disagree), and Steven/Izzy would be idiots to turn down an AFD+Dizzy show. If anything, I bet we'd get AFD5 plus several guests.
  5. Dude... that footer pic is great! lol
  6. You realize, now every time someone you don't recognize posts on here, it'll be like, "Um... this person could be Izzy."
  7. Man this was better than the tone we heard with Lafon and Mohr. Less damaging.
  8. I've looked for these too!!
  9. I could barely get through Jay Mohr. First and last time I've ever heard his podcast. WAY out-interrupts Adler.
  10. Any links to this interview yet?
  11. But if you HAVE to choose one, and the mountain is a prettier view than the train...
  12. I joked earlier with the Izzy meme (because that money could have gone to the "loot" he demanded), but for real, I don't have an actual problem with her. I mean, who would you rather watch, her or Pittman?