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  1. This is probably why they won't meet with fans or do interviews. Dodging the big questions.
  2. Dizzy deserves far more respect IMO. I don't think it's so much that people dislike Dizzy as much as the ancient "Keyboards in GNR" argument. It's the keyboardist on the opposite end of the stage that usually drives people nuts for towel flinging or being too "lit" or whatever. Dizzy has been around long enough to get some respect. Then, the RRHOF finally gives him a nod, and he bails... but that could have been a job security move. Idk. As someone who plays keys myself, I never liked how the pianist never gets much credit.
  3. Just checked this "Big Announcement" on my way to work. I want to flip a table over. It's bad that I can lower my expectations as much as possible and still this disappointed.
  4. GNR getting an announcement out is like Ricky Bobby trying to get in the car with the cougar. After Jimmy Kimmel/Coachella week, I'm like... if they announce Axl's popcorn burned in the microwave, I'll want to pat them on the back and be like, "You did it!"
  5. Here's the Part B of the bummer that could be Wednesday's announcement: If they announce an AFD show without Izzy and Steven, we're going to be speculating on here whether or not they'll show up until the concert is over. Troubadour 2.0, only without the new excitement. We know better, and yet we'll still be torturing ourselves if it's an AFD show. (And hey - if it IS an original 5 show, then we can just argue about Dizzy being involved to play on post-AFD songs that they'll probably include).
  6. Announcing flavor powders that you can add to Ashba water
  7. Hoping for AFD5 (plus Dizzy for some Illusions, etc. songs, but let's not start that side debate lol). At best, we'll get a new song. Official prediction: nothing about AFD 30, and the NITL tour is getting a few more dates. Point of optimism: They silenced Adler and tweeted Happy B-day to Izzy, and that's about it.
  8. Sadly, I'm mostly like Axl in the sense that I went through 21 guitarists before getting my album out. It was a band format, everybody quit, and it became my solo project. (Except my album took 5 years, not 14 or 9 LOL). Crap!! I'm a dictator!! LOL
  9. Definitely! I was raised country, but I bought a bass in 2011 after reading Duff's book. I practiced a ton of GNR songs to learn (I still can't play Rocket Queen to save my life), and I performed the bass, piano, and vocal parts for my country/rock album that was released a year ago last Saturday. I have a song called "We Go Hard," about the main bar strips of Texas and Louisiana, which was inspired by "It's So Easy." You can check out my music at @GarrettSmithTX on FB, TW, and IG, and my YouTube Channel is below. **EDIT** I sold my Silvertone at Christmas and bought a Les Paul... I mean, we all know who plays those...
  10. Steven and Izzy would sell to a big crowd of us die-hards lol.
  11. I don't expect it, but yes, I'll be bummed. But don't expect ONLY the five. Axl will at least get Dizzy in (which I'm fine with, though many will disagree), and Steven/Izzy would be idiots to turn down an AFD+Dizzy show. If anything, I bet we'd get AFD5 plus several guests.
  12. Dude... that footer pic is great! lol
  13. You realize, now every time someone you don't recognize posts on here, it'll be like, "Um... this person could be Izzy."