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  1. Latest news: people on this board who are Izzy or Steven fans should not be speaking lol you can't support GNR and at the same time have them as your favourite
  2. If Adler is there he must play all AFD songs...there is no need of Frank
  3. Dear Lord. Worst AFD 30th anniversary if that is the case.
  4. This warms my heart. To know how much they mean to each other despite the hatred and the wasted years.
  5. Have Steven and Izzy been seen in NY yet ?
  6. The poster says appettite 30th so it's the anniversary
  7. No it's because this is a special occasion, the celebration of the AFD album and Steven and Izzy deserve to be included and be considered as important as the others who wrote the songs
  8. If they play the AFD album and celebrate the 30th anniversary of it without Izzy and Steven they are big assholes.
  9. Reaaaaally difficult but I choose Rocket Queen then Nightrain PC , Out to get me
  10. you're underrating Izzy's importance to the band here, his contribution is essential
  11. AFD5. NuGNR sucks and it's incapable of writing good music
  12. What a disgrace if they're doing an AFD 30 celebration without the original band. It will be a total shame
  13. One of the best songs ever written