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  1. not to sound crude but i can't say im shocked. His line of questioning in the Comey testimony was a sign that something was amiss.
  2. It wasn't even a demo. Slash supposedly only played little snippets of it.
  3. i just knew this was gonna be him banging his head on that thing
  4. Reality: we don't get either.
  5. hes doing for the g's with 40's and chicks with beepers
  6. Found a copy of the OOP Blade Runner Digibook at Best Buy.
  7. Sorry isn't about Slash its bout the media/critics.
  8. AC/DC would have passed probably.
  9. these memes are getting insane
  10. Slash was falling to pieces and couldn't get out bed because Axl was promised to a wealthy man?
  11. Don Jr looks like a serial killer.
  12. Girl.
  13. love Axl but Slash, Izzy, Duff, Steven
  14. This is why Trump keeps winning against the media. They can't just say hes a childish dumbass, they have to go all the way to 10.
  15. VR's sound was much more in-line with Classic GNR than CD. I agree that people been more open to CD had Slash/Duff been on it but i also think it would be more Raw/Heavy.