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  1. Well these 15 hours turned fucking weird quickly, first the friend shagging her cuzzin and regretting it and wanting me instead, and now one of my new male friends is legitimately flirting with me I find this more hilarious than creepy or whine-worthy
  2. And to really really fucking make it worse, it sounded like she started crying and said that it would've felt more right if it was with me Be right back guys, gonna kill myself
  3. Plastic Ono Band
  4. Now I know what they mean by ignorance is bliss...
  5. One of my friends just called me and very carefully explained how she had sex with one of her (distant?) cousins... Somebody please shoot me
  6. Jesus dude ever tried relaxing? Take a break, you'll do yourself (and us, especially us) a big favor
  7. I'll sing that for Spunko when you guys amputate him
  8. I'll play a nursery rhyme for you if that means you'll stop whining and fall asleep
  9. Aaaawwwwwwww
  10. I don't know whether I should go support Arsenal or listen to Sex Pistols... Hmmm...
  11. I've made a few moneys from playing shows, and I don't really have another job, so you could call me a partially full time rocker
  12. Doesn't Soulmonster have that one cool job?
  13. Said Arnold to Miser