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  1. just like his own huehuehue
  2. It certainly isn't bad. I did most of the EQing on Amplitube.
  3. Where's the video of Axl yelling at Frank off mic when he sucked at drumming?
  4. Thanks! I've been doing some homework now, I damn near maxed the mids while lowering the bass. They sounded good to me, but I'm not always the best judge on how things sound
  5. If I had a penny for everytime I said that one to a friend
  6. This is basically just me demoing all my new equipment, seeing how good I can make things sound before I move on to record Coma. All guitars are recorded from Amplitube 4, bass and drums are ripped from Guitar Pro. I tried recording bass with my guitar in Amplitube, and then moving the recording an octave down via FL Studios, but it didn't sound right at all. Mixed with Audacity, I'll see if I can manage to mix it with a more professional DAW soon.
  7. I can crank a better tone out of my Line 6 Mini Spider
  8. How was Slash live? God I hate all of you who've made it to the shows.
  9. FUCK YOU jk very happy for you
  10. Seeing all these videos are just making me even more depressed that I'm not making it to any shows
  11. You know how to reunite The Beatles? Two more bullets.
  12. Thank man, tell me anything I could improve on, it'll help a lot!
  13. It doesn't sound bad at all, there are certain things I think should be worked on more tone wise