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  1. No specific order Slash Synyster Gates Keith Richards Joe Perry Tony Iommi Izzy Angus Young David Gilmour Eric Clapton Jimmy Page EVH Brian May
  2. Gotta love those nights where you're up till 4 AM and can't get to sleep no matter what you try. Looks like I'm getting an early start to the day
  3. Solid pickup. Now if we can just sign one more veteran corner, we'll be set on defense. We just need to be middle of the road defensively and our offense will do the rest.
  4. From Wikipedia: The title is an inside joke referring to a food fight between Axl Rose and Steven Adler. Much was made of this food fight during Adler's lawsuit against the band in 1993, in which Adler's attorney referred to it as "the Spaghetti Incident"
  5. I agree. I really like the realism (mostly) with TES V.
  6. Sorry to hear about that. How's she doing now?
  7. Yeah man. Just go for it. All you can really do at this point is ask her. If she says no, then she says no. But if you don't ask, you'll always be left wondering what could've been.
  8. Locomotive. It's right up there with Coma as far as lyrics and instrumentation go.
  9. I always feel like such an asshole for laughing at those commercials. It's just that the acting is so horrible it's funny.
  10. Maurice Gibb from the Bee Gees. Googled my birthday and that's the only name I recognize
  11. I have a lot of bands in rotation, but as for GN'R it's usually Nightrain, YCBM, DDM, Coma, and ISE.
  12. Hit the nail on the head with this. His mom didn't give a shit about him until he got famous with Guns.
  13. Finck by a long shot. When I heard Slash's take on it, it was cool at first but upon a second listen and several videos, he's pretty much noodling around. Still better than Ashba's version
  14. How long will this thread about Steven be? Taking all bets!
  15. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Honestly, he could've done like one or two experimental songs in '94/'95 and just let Slash/Duff/Matt handle the rest of the album.