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  1. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because North Korea's long range missiles can't reach that far.
  2. One In A Million. Despite the use of the slurs, I really liked the song.
  3. I agree. They lost credibility with me when they called AFD "Appetite For Dysfunction"
  4. We'd all love new music, but nothing is 100% with this band until it's happening. Hope for the best and expect the worst. On a side note- Am I the only one who has no interest in seeing the CD II songs released with Slash playing on them? I'd prefer something from scratch
  5. Field
  6. Playlist means nothing guys. There's one of these for Metallica too. The promotion of the playlist this late is the band trying to keep a social media presence during the break.
  7. Just thought I'd update everyone on my depression/feeling lost from last month. I'm in a much better place now a month later. I'm starting to enjoy my job again, I've been going to the gym for almost two weeks straight now, and the only time in the last week where I spent all day in bed was Thursday and that was to play a video game that I just got. I'm also applying at my local community college for a Business Specialist degree and hope to be out within two years. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and support (you know who you are) when I came here to bitch about my situation.
  8. Nah you're not that bad. Alt nation comes in and takes our speculations and tries to pass it off as news.
  9. Misleading title bro Seriously, I'd like to see Mike Baskette. He did a really good job with WOF and the new Alter Bridge record.
  10. I try to stay optimistic, but If I know GN'R well enough, they're gonna finish out the NA leg, play RIR and Sao Paulo, and then go on a 5 month break without saying anything.
  11. Late '91/middle of '92. The set had a lot of variety and Axl sounded amazing in 1992.
  12. So my friend is kind of annoying the shit out of me. We were jamming and he has a bunch of pedals but he goes overkill with them. His newest thing is an effect that turns your guitar sound into orchestra sounding shit. It yields nothing as far as writing goes and sounds kinda boring.
  13. Basically a place to talk about golf and all golf related things. My drives are getting distance but no accuracy
  14. I'm a proud Les Paul player. When I had discovered GN'R and started watching their live videos I saw the way Slash really connected with the music and with his guitar and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. As for tone, I like to keep it similar to a late 60s/early to mid 70s tone. I like to play in the style of Slash but most of the time I try to have some individuality in my playing style