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  1. Why don't black people go on cruise ships? They're not falling for that one again
  2. I think The Blues is about Slash to an extent. I always looked at it as Axl feeling really lost without Slash or how he felt that Slash abandoned him
  3. I think it should be back in the set. Madagascar needs to come back too. SOD needs a Slash solo over it and I know it didn't work amazingly for TIL, but I really think SOD would be great with Slash on lead. That's what they said about Sorry
  4. Was that Axl speaking German?
  5. This forum is definitive proof that some people are never satisfied
  6. Yep. They've been off stage for an hour now
  7. I just checked the radar for Germany and it looks really bad. There's a lot of hail in the area right now Edit: No hail in Hannover, but in surrounding areas
  8. That's an average thunderstorm here in Iowa Ok maybe not average but it happens enough that nobody bats an eye when it does
  9. Did they go on and then have to stop because of the storm?
  10. Good on them for acknowledging the issue. But is 15 minutes enough? They have to go on at a reasonable time and finish before curfew, but 15 minutes doesn't seem like very long to move 20k people
  11. I have an orange practice amp that could get better tone than that video
  12. Do you get all the channels with a trial? I've been meaning to get Sirius for a while but not sure how much I'll use it
  13. I don't think so. Looks like general pre show discussion to me