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  1. Why does it have 4 of the tracks from TSI on it? Surely it should be "make one killer album out of two bloated ones"? Not spread the mediocrity out with some covers that no one holds in particularly high regard. (I do like TSI BTW, but more than one cover per album is bad form)
  2. Amp EQ is different to channel EQ, they are normally plugins that you insert or apply to a track and let you sculpt the sound of your recorded track. Normally when you mix, you will need to make space for every element of your mix so it is clear. Your kick drum and bass take up most of the frequency space from 50hz to around 150hz, I think the low E string on your guitar (if it is tuned to Eb with 440hz reference) is just under 80hz, so you can safely cut away anything below say 50-60hz as it is just rumble and will help clean up your mix. This dude waffles on about Audacity, so you should be able to use the EQ in this video. Look for something called a high pass or low cut filter, they are the same thing, use that on your clean guitar tracks and it will make them sparkle! One other thing; never solo a track and EQ it, always EQ in the context of the mix. Some of the guitar parts I have recorded sound like shit on their own, but are great in the mix.
  3. You Could Be Mine, a clip of the video on Top Of The Tops in 1991 and then more in the Terminator 2 movie!
  4. Does Audacity have a decent EQ? There are loads of good free ones, dirty tones sounded great, just the cleans that needed brightening.
  5. Nice job @AslatIE! Much nicer guitar tone on this. Clean guitars could do with a high pass to give them more definition; they sounded a little muddy, maybe a gentle and wide boost around 5-7khz to bring out the high end. Great stuff.
  6. I would agree with this, Sorum is a good drummer, it is difficult to have a clear picture of what UYI would have sounded like with Adler, he is one fifth of the magic though. That's what made AFD one of the finest records of all time, the magic of them being more than the sum of their parts. The reverb on UYI drums is way too present, but it was an album made in 90/91. TSI is a greal sounding album, they would have done well with an original album produced like that; leaner and more aggressive.
  7. Agree 100%, this was a waste of time for all involved. The attempt to "metal-ize" such an amazing song has sucked the heaviness and spirit right out of it! It just sounds like a mess. And then there's the naked dudes, it's like they went out of their way to deliver a huge runny turd of a cover in both the audio and visual departments.
  8. I have wondered this, probably the incredibly loud music and the 10s of thousands of people singing along to the music. Or Axl is a wizard and the people within his magical vicinity are treated to a best in class UYI vocal performance which the cameras can't pick up. Both theories have some weight....
  9. The hat looks like it belongs on a butcher's head. One who is proud of his locally sourced British meat.
  10. My friend is going tonight, looks like the crowd were into it yesterday (apart from those stuck outside).
  11. Anything is better than Infinite Warfare; the single player was effectively one long corridor and the multiplayer was unplayable. I am no COD hero, but I can normally get a few kills in each round. IW was 1 second of walking, die, repeat.
  12. It is a pretty good song, nice harmonies but nothing special IMO.
  13. Remembered the name of this band the other day, sleazy rock n roll!
  14. The Soundcloud link is now updated with a better quality version: