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  1. I have had the same thoughts on occasion and unfortunately been right once or twice....
  2. I have had the same thoughts on several occasions and unfortunately been right once or twice....
  3. I don't think I ever timed it! I remember the waiting around and that mushrooms always seemed to kick in quicker.
  4. I smoked weed until I didn't enjoy anymore; at about 27 it started making me pretty uneasy most of the time. Had a go on coke but it seemed pretty fucking soulless if you know what I mean. Didn't realise there was a secret LSD method for musicians; still don't think I could manage those two song where I'd be coming up though, I'd be off in a field somewhere discovering random nonsense.
  5. It is amazing that people get anything done on drugs, let alone play a gig. As a younger man I was convinced that I had to be high to write songs, which was fortunate as I smoked weed everyday. The only thing I could do on LSD was concentrate on keeping hold on my mind, the last time at least. Used to be my favourite tipple up until August Bank holiday 2000; we got hold of this weapons grade hippy shit and things have never been 100% the same since. I had been on the acid shandies up until that point. I'm still not completely convinced that another version of me came back from this desert and left the original out there to die. It sounds like something he would do.
  6. I used to work with some lads in a restaurant who regularly smoked opium, they were fucking shit at their jobs, but it's a miracle they could even stand up! I went to one of their opium parties as an observer and left after less than an hour, it was like sitting in a room full of corpses. I was never too big on opiates in general, but I did used to trade small amounts of weed for morphine tablets with this Irish hag who was on some arthritis scam and had repeat scrips falling out of her arsehole. All I did at the time was smoke and sell a bit of weed, so I used to take these tablets with my girlfriend at the time and lie on her bedroom floor feeling sick and happy. The old lady always warned against more than 4 of these pills and one night I had about 6, had some of the most horrific hallucinations ever, that was the last time I had anything in that drug damily. They were like M&Ms compared to what I saw those boys honking at that party though.
  7. Used to play through an original with a matching "B" 4x12, it was tasty as fuck.
  8. Count me in! Been looking forward to this for ages.
  9. *Raises hand* Lifelong Les Paul player and vocalist, my music is all over the Nice Boys section so let me know if you hear any influences!
  10. Gilby and Matt; as long as Gilby doesn't butcher the SCOM riff and Matt shuts the fuck up and plays drums.
  11. Great job with this @AslatIE!
  12. Waiting a month for the new Kerrang magazine to see if there was a Guns feature! I got a UYI tour magazine one month (I think Kerrang put it out), it was like my birthday! ₩
  13. The Use Your Illusion tour was going on when I first got into the band. Nearly got to see them at Milton Keynes, but my mum wouldn't allow it and as I was 13, I didn't get much of a say in the matter. They are the band that made me want to start writing songs when I got into them and the UYI tour and era will always be first place with me as IMO it was so good because it was about to explode. They managed to bottle the lightening for that tour and the end of it was really the end of my favourite band. This tour is cool but not anything close to the 90s run; it has a phoned in quality and is about as dangerous as a ham sandwich.
  14. Royal Blood are fucking great!