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  1. If by rip off, you mean write a completely different song that shares a title with this onethen yes, yes he did.
  2. Cool video, love the mic robot! I have never been that into the sound of the AFD 100 though; it always sounds too thin to me.
  3. ComaMotive [Metal]

    Sounds rougher than Comamotive (to be expected), but it is a cool song. I like that breathless style of singing you have going on and the guitar riff in the verse is tasty. Have you got a soundcloud or bandcamp page?
  4. ComaMotive [Metal]

    I think it sounds good, the production sounds polished, even on that video. Coma and Locomotive are two of my favourites as well, I am looking forward to hearing the finished results! Do you have any original stuff?
  5. ComaMotive [Metal]

    Sounds cool, I could only make out Coma lyrics though, how does Locomotive come into play? And are you going to post the full track?
  6. Favorite Video Game?

    Favourite games that I can think of and in no order: The Last Ninja Super Mario 3 Street fighter 2 Mortal Kombat 3 Resident Evil 2 Tekken 2 Gran Turismo 2 Metal Gear Solid GTA: San Andreas Fallout 3 Red Dead Redemption Witcher 3
  7. Did you do the backing vocals as well? Nice job on leaving out the "hey hey yeeaahayeah" parts! Sounds brilliant, does your band do any GNR covers?
  8. • Dead Horse Vocal Cover •

    Looking forward to it man!
  9. New Year's Resolutions

    Sounds like my first resolution may also fit your needs!
  10. New Year's Resolutions

    Maybe she wanted to learn how to convertmetric and imperial. Or she was a dealer.
  11. New Year's Resolutions

    And you're also learning imperial to metric conversion! Drugs are great!
  12. New Year's Resolutions

    My new years resolution is to accept that cunts are cunts and there is fuck all you can do, or should feel obligated to do, to change that.And to also conpletesome more music that I can call finished and not a demo.
  13. • Dead Horse Vocal Cover •

    Fucking awesome! I knew I'd be right How were your gigs? Do you have any recordings?
  14. • Dead Horse Vocal Cover •

    @JDGNR93:Dude, I am just off out, will listen as soon as I get back. I am sure it will fucking rock though!!
  15. For UK Users; Why isn't the Daily Mail banned?

    My Dad offers the same reason for reading this disgraceful publication. He can never give a straight answer as to why he looks at the rest of thepaper though. I think deep down he enjoys reading about how going for a shit on a Wednesday may give you colon cancer or that Romania joining the EU will lead to an overflow of Muslim paedophiles stealing jobs and kids in the UK.