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  1. It seems to me he's either running on fumes and his voice is 95% fucked, or he doesn't want to give GN'R fans the good stuff. Neither scenario is good. I know a couple of guys who have paid a shit load to see them at Wembley, but I declined based on what I have seen of this tour so far.
  2. Amazing! DJ Ashba's tone sounds like a dog turd plugged into a potato. His playing is equal to the dog turd/potato tone.
  3. Any news on this one @Download?
  4. Always enjoy listening to your stuff, quite hard to make out the low end; I could only pick the mids in your bass (although quite usual for live gigs), I preferred the rocker, great riff and I love the split solo! The second track had an interesting time signature (I think), you should post some videos of your current band!
  5. Thanks @AxlsFavoriteRose! Glad you like it, I am pleased with the mix overall. On its way.... Thanks @Mendez, I would call a track final when I commit to that version and will make no more changes. Most of the music I have recorded over the last couple of years is just to get an idea out of my head and see if it works as a song. I gave also been teaching myself to produce music during this period, so it is only really now that I feel happy in calling something finished. The "mastering" process for this track was done with a linear phase EQ, multiband compressor and a limiter. Haha! It is still the same now! My wife says I need to stop putting wax in it....
  6. Hey everyone, This is the latest thing I have put together; it is a video for a song that I recorded with a couple of friends last year. The song itself is from all the way back in 2005, so it is fitting that we used footage recorded between 2004 and 2007 for the video. This is the first track that I have "finished" and not referred to as a demo, I hope to get more done this year - out of the demo phase I mean - I have recorded two covers, one on my own and one with a friend, so once they are out of the way, I will begin on original stuff. I haven't been around much recently (fucking work and responsibilities...), so I will have a look at all the other music in this forum over the weekend. Enjoy!
  7. Not really music gear, but I put a 1tb SSD in my laptop last week and now my music software is like lightening! And I got new music software just after Christmas.
  8. When he says "guess what I'm doing now", is he meant to be smoking dope or wanking? I never could tell. As for the song, it's a bit silly. It's like Axl vomited a medical dictionary over a synth loop.
  9. Sweet, I am working on a cover of a pop song which is in a style that is heavier than what I normally do. Only just finished the guitar scratch tracks, so mine is a while out yet.
  10. Any progress on Comamotive? Looking forward to hearing the Motive section!
  11. I think the OP has taken the video down. You can find the band on YouTube if you want to hear them, but I have heard better GNR tributes in the past. Their "Axl" does not sound right.
  12. To troll this forum? I always liked Of My God; the track is off its tits. Could Axl do Perfect Crime nowadays? It seemed a lot of work for him back in the 90s....
  13. If by rip off, you mean write a completely different song that shares a title with this one then yes, yes he did.
  14. Cool video, love the mic robot! I have never been that into the sound of the AFD 100 though; it always sounds too thin to me.