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  1. They are awesome, add it to your new project and let's hear the beast roar!
  2. I have a similar process for overlays/solos (although my solos are generally a bit of a hit and hope job!), get the mix in shape before you add the ear candy... It would be cool to see your tracking process, I am always interested in watching how others work. I have been experimenting with guitar recording recently, I am doing a cover of a track and have doubled my parts for the first time on this song. I normally dual mic with a 57 and condenser and use both channels, but find the 57 always does better than the condensers. Moving more and towards an Axe FX/Kemper set up though; I spend half my time setting up mics when I record guitars! Got to wade through six guitar tracks now for the edits, add some bass and drums (I use BFD3), then track the vocals before the mix. Then I can think about overlays!
  3. Don't worry, you've got the chops bro!
  4. I hope there is an epic guitar solo on this track!
  5. My opinion has stayed the same, but I always quite liked it for the most part.
  6. It is hard to fathom how guys who are professional musicians, with a crew of engineers to record, set up, mix and a producer(s) at the helm took so long to put 14 tracks out. Their whole job is to make music! This album was the result of nobody wanting to say "no" to any aspect of the project, you don't need 30 different snares, just one you really like and maybe a second for songs with a different flavour. I have seen this type of choice paralysis with re-amping guitars in the past. Just commit a sound to tape or disk and move on. Otherwise you'll be sat A/Bing your life away.
  7. I would like to see him have a go at using a different vocal style on a few of the ones that he struggles with. Robert Plant did a similar thing at the Led Zep concert in 2007, it still sounded pretty good. No shame I'm not being 29 anymore, he could give the songs a new lease of life with reworked vocals.
  8. Amazing song and a cool video. I wish they would retire it live though.
  9. I went to see them at Rock City in Nottingham back in 2007, I think they were touring their second album. My friend was really into them, I didn't know that many of their songs. Great live show though.
  10. It must have taken forever to complete on a phone. A real achievement!
  11. This is very cool, especially since it was all done in GarageBand, it seems like apple give away a pretty comprehensive tool with their PCs. Is everything MIDI on the track? The piano synth sounds spot on.
  12. Glad you like it! The drums are not real; I use a program called BFD3: It does sound great,I think they do some sort of demo if you want to check it out. I couldn't match up any of the "canned" grooves with what I wanted the drums to do in the chorus and solo, so I had to place each midi hit of the drum kit for certain sections, it took a long time as I was using a mouse for this but I think the manual placement added to the human feel.
  13. Thanks again! It is a time consuming, but very rewarding pass time! Thanks @AxlsFavoriteRose, new stuff is being worked on....
  14. I have been tempted by Skyrim on PS4, I did about 200 hours on it when it came out in 2011, so I'm not sure if it will be worth it a second time around. One thing I love in Bethesda games is that you can sit down; it was a real let down in the witcher 3 not being able to sit in a warm tavern after a day out in freezing Skellige! Breaks the immersion.... I tried again with Dragon Age Inquisition, but I just can't get into it, there's not even a day/night cycle.
  15. Thanks man! The music and the art were all a solo effort on this track, the music and vocals are my own work and as for the art; I've always liked Edward Hopper's work, particularly Nighthawks, but the bar always felt lonely, so I added various well known pop culture icons and wall decorations (apart from the yellow man, that was a photo I took). I do enjoy making the covers for the songs, the cover for the track High Hopes (shameless plug) was taken from the 36th floor of a building in Canary Wharf at sunset and is another favourite of mine: