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  1. Easy to see why others might have had some difficulty with Steven. He can't keep his mouth shut.
  2. Alan Niven: "It's Izzy's band. He was the first to move to L.A."
  3. Steven and Izzy should play at the Roxy in Argentina. That would be fun.
  4. He shouldn't have done it, but I get why he did. The sad part is that he had been practising AFD and UYI for "two years", he devoted a lot of time in preparing for this and got some closure for himself.
  5. How can you substantiate any of that? How do you know Slash only wants to make money? You are talking about their relationships which most of us are not privy to.
  6. Please do everything to get Izzy on the show. Seems to me that Axl will not forgive Steven. Axl paid Steven, was it a million plus more to end Steven's interest in the band? and wants nothing to do with him. Duff made Steven sign an non-disclosure agreement before they could talk? Yikes. Understandable, but that must have hurt Steven.
  7. I agree. It's too complicated for a Appetite reunion to happen. I don't blame any individual, everyone sees it from their POV and have their own reasons for what went down.
  8. How many times did Slash play the Tokyo 92 version of Double Talkin' during the UYI tour? Has he played it during this tour? It's my fave interpretation of that song - love that solo to bits. It drives me nuts.
  9. When AFD came out, nothing sounded like it, no other rock group before or after sounded like them. I was only 12/13 at the time, suffering through the likes of Kylie Minogue... and the utter dross of meaningless music at the end of the 80s from SAW. GNR was the incendiary device that I was waiting for to kickstart my rebellion years, they were explosive motherfuckers, supplementing my anger.
  10. Did I read someone say that Robin is better than Slash in GNR? LOL I thought I saw a puddy cat... I did, I did.
  11. No Izzy, no GNR, like Alan Niven said, "It's Izzy's band, he's the one who went out there first". Out of all the guys, Izzy is the most versatile judging by what's been released, which makes it even more sadder that he and Slash didn't agree on things to make their own records together. That would have been something. I like the fact that all three players, Izzy, Duff and Slash have different musical personalities, yet combined they are explosive.
  12. Is it highly possible that more tickets will be released nearer the time and where can I find them?
  13. Tony Gilroy was called in to save the film - apparently it was too serious and glum. He rewrote the script and supervised the reshoots during the spring and summer. While Gareth was relegated to press duty, Tony was still locking the film down until December. You can tell how much of the film was compromised right from the beginning, too many introductions on various planets, plus they cut Felicity's part down considerably. The first half was not good, but the second half was fun, much better than TFA.
  14. I knew the show was a mess from the pilot episode - it was all over the place, character introductions were vague, didn't know who we were supposed to be invested in and why? But I like the idea and stuck with it to the end and lo and behold my suspicions were confirmed: it has too many ideas. The premise of the show is simple, yet John Nolan Rube Goldbergs it so it appears to be something more than it really is and needs to be. I'm not sure what purpose the memory timeline served, in the end didn't reveal anything that affects the story, nothing is discovered. When the show spends so much time EXPLAINING stuff, then I tune out. In the series finale, none of the characters DISCOVER, they are told stuff, usually huge blocks of exposition. I do love that the revolt is led by the hooker and her story is fascinating, simple and on point. It kept me watching.
  15. I, for one, is looking forward to Slash/Myles doing some more stuff together. I'm also intrigued by Slash/Axl combo too. Both can bands can co-exist.