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  1. make it a Poll instead? =)
  2. i hope for something good (afd5 show,new song) , but i don't expect something other than another show added.
  3. hmm.. depending on mood. But right now (In no particular order): 1. Don't damn me 2. My Michelle 3. WTTJ (live) 4. Paradise City 5. November Rain 6. Nightrain
  4. Voted Dust N' Bones
  5. All of them. GN'R is very difficult to put in just one folder (if that made any sense). That's what makes GN'R good, they have versatility. Voted Estranged,coma,Nov Rain etc.. AKA Axl Epics. But i love all their styles depending on mood. Recently i played alot of UYI I As for the "greatest cover band ever" IMO they do every cover justice or even better then the original.
  6. on the first page in this thread i posted a pic of inside the venue. you can see the front section there. My guess is that it will be something like that size wise. I'ts from a Bruce Springsteen Concert i Think.. it's wierd that Live Nation and friends Arena didn't put up a decent map of all the sections in the arena when the ticket got released.
  7. Sympathy for the devil-better then the original IMO. The Garden-GREAT song! One in a million You're crazy (acoustic) Ain't it fun Black leather Hair of the dog Dust n bones.
  8. why all this bitching and whining about Axl maybe release some Tequila brand? let him release a fuckin brand of Tequila if he want to. Don't buy it if you hate it. I Think it's fun when bands release they own brands of beer/whine/spirits whatever..
  9. Sorum. Good solid drummer. miss him in the band. I also liked Gilby. Good rythm guitarist that looked good on stage and didn't take too much or too little space. Besides that he seems like a good guy an has the "right" influences in music.
  10. wether they win or don't it's great to see GN'R even mentioned on this kind of events in 2017
  11. i will not be surprised if they don't get together on the 30th anniversary.. at the same time i wont be surprised if they do get together. everything can happen with this band =)
  12. I was talking about the terror attack in Sweden. Had another thread but the mod put it together with this one.
  13. Here's a summary of the Stockholm attack for those interested.
  14. nah, i would be VERY surprised if Sweden get military on the streets on daily basis, but i do hope the overall security gets better. I guess the right-wing politics get a few % for free after this