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  1. agree. but on the other hand people said the same thing when Adler got his "closure" on the current tour.. People went nuts when he got to play and so happy for him to get closure.. then a second after people wanted more and started arguing about him not being part of the band/tour.
  2. then a discussion forum would be a big waste of time if people can't think/speak "what if" I do enjoy the moment. my life ain't hanging on wether afd 5 will perform together or not but it would be fun though =)
  3. What'll happen IF all the 5 play tonight.. will People get nuts and refuse to accept that it was just a one off show? People tend to want to have more. Edit: sorry this post was maybe a bit off topic. Just saw the new thread about izzy n steven
  4. It's my 30th birthday today. Woule be i nice surprize if afd 5 actually played together to celebrate one of the best albums ever made 🤘
  5. cocaine and early 90s. I've said this many times but i miss Sorum in the band Sooo much!
  6. they did the same thing in sweden. I got an email a week before the show.
  7. Well, Swedish "news"papers are usually crap. Like Aftonbladet and Expressen magazine. I had ha GREAT time. Rocked and was singing to every song despite the flue.. it was worth it. My body and throat's pretty sore today lol. Got to hold Axl mic for a couple of seconds, a dream came true.
  8. I have downed a couple of drinks now.. feel "better" lol. I told the reaper to back off 🤘
  9. My sisters are ready
  10. Im going! I die before missing this (pretty close already) drank a drink of vodka. Feels a bit better now 😉
  11. 39 degrees fever, pain in every cell/joint in my body. Yay! Well o hope everyone will enjoy the show and be safe when getting home 👍🤘 love to all GN'R brothers/sisters out there.
  12. just got a "man cold" and fever.. yay! only waited for this moment since forever... FFS couldn't the man up there have waited a couple of days to punish me! haven't been sick in ages! All miracle treatment/cure are welcome!