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  1. 1. It's So Easy 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Welcome to the Jungle 4. You Could Be Mine 5. Don't Cry 6. Think About You 7. Rocket Queen 8. Sweet Child 9. Out ta Get Me 10. November Rain 11. Dust N' Bones 12. 14 Years 13. Nightrain 14. Civil War 15. My Michelle 16. Coma 17. Don't Damn Me 19. Estranged 20. Perfect Crime Encore 21. Patience 22. Knocking of Heavens Door (short version) 23. You're Crazy (electric) 24. Paradise City
  2. ....the most dangerous band in the world. Oh can she please go away
  3. I agree, but they shared it on their biggest or second biggest social media platform, Instagram. It means something. The GN'R team isn't dumb.
  4. Sorry if this was posted already. Does anyone know when Izzy was with Cheap Trick?
  5. How does that video relate to Izzy at all? What do you know!?!?!?!?
  6. I think you need a more recent one of Slash. With a lot of the CD stuff, he's seemed to change the solos as the tour has gone on. He kind of had a general idea but improved them a lot.
  7. I just wish Izzy would get out there and play with or without GN'R. It'd be great if Izzy and Adler did a tour kinda like Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony did after VH. I've always wondered if Izzy is out there gigging at random bars and coffee shops in Indiana going by his birth name. Can't imagine a guy like that not playing out for years.
  8. Dude do you know anything about Adler? He's 100% capable of playing UYI material, he wrote half the damn tracks. I encourage you to listen to some of the UYI demo's with Adler drumming. He's on You Could Be Mine, Don't Damn Me, Heaven's Door, Don't Cry, 14 Years. And of course, he actually plays on Civil War. I'm sure he played along to Novemeber Rain around '87 but I can't remember if there is a demo. Also, after the Argentina show, he went to a venue called the Roxy in Agentina and played a ton of GN'R songs with a killer band. AFD, LIES, and UYI. 15 years ago is a different world. That was 2002. Slash & Duff both hadn't cleaned up, and they both had relapses during VR. I'm not saying having a backup for Adler is a bad idea, but he's been clean a number of years now, probably just under Slash's number, and he would know better then to screw up an AFD reunion. Here is a link to Adler playing YCBM after the Argentina gig
  9. its alternative nation but that's come up a few times. nobody knows what happened in rehearsals
  10. Here's my two cents. Sorum was originally gonna take a role like Adler did, right? I mean we don't know for sure, but that rumor came up more than a few times. Maybe they were planning on doing Slither with Matt? Here's my thoughts as to why Slash and Duff are playing all the CD material. CD is Axl's solo album (or lets just say Axl's album). Guns N' Roses is the only band Axl is currently a part of (AC/DC is a guest thing technically isn't it? far). Slash and Duff did not fold SMKC and Loaded when rejoining GN'R. Slash could very well do a SMKC tour next year and play all of World on Fire or VR, whatever. Duff can do the same thing with Loaded and the 10 other bands he's in. Axl doesn't have another band to play CD material with. If he doesn't play them with GN'R, who is he gonna play them with? Do you really think he's gonna start the Axl Roses solo band now?
  11. No barrier at Metlife
  12. All you Myles haters can now shut up
  13. I'm not sure about that. I mean the 3 of them could never write together without Izzy....I mean we got a cover album once he left lol
  14. Quick write up of my thoughts. Last night, I was lucky enough to have pit tickets. Me and my friend showed up around 6:30, and they let us in at 7. After like 4 ticket checks it was a mad rush to the stage. We easily got a spot on the rail on Slash's side right in front of one of his wahs. Anyway, we sat down and held our spot until Lenny came on and he totally kicked ass. I was surprised he did Always on the Run without Slash but his set was great. Anyway, guns came on not long after and throughout the show I saw Meegan come out and start taking pictures of Slash right in front of us. Later on I believe Beta walked right by me but I wasn't really sure who she was. She was walking with some guy (not Fernando) and saw me and said hi (no idea why. I guess she was just happy I was enjoying the show!). Anyway, I didn't realize it was her until she left, and then I was like oh shit! Finally, during SCOM Lenny Kravtiz came out and stood right underneath Slash to watch the solo. He had a private guard with him, and then the head security came and asked him to leave. I was hoping he was gonna be like "do you know who I am?", but I could hear him say no problem and he went back. Overall awesome show! I was in Philly too and Axl sounded way better!
  15. Instagram page just posted and said to make sure you watch the facebook page tonight....